It is time to criticize some of the parents. In fact, some parents have moved from one extreme to another. If so-called Prussian education system consisted of, so to say, that child was haunted by hatred, and that was getting everything that goes along with hatred, such as beating, intimidation, humiliation, bodily injury and wounds of the soul, now often happens just opposite. Kids today have almost everything - sometimes even without the "almost." They then completely determine the life of their parents or their environment. Thus children become unlimited rulers, who can do what they want.

What are those parents who let children grow up in such a way, who don't set them any limits? These are parents with very little responsibility, that mix freedom with licentiousness, and the development with laisser-faire. Children need to be guided. Children need a lot, a lot of love. But love consists in the fact that we set clear limits to them. Children must have respect for their parents and for all adults. Respect has nothing to do with fear or blind obedience. Respect is piety that young people are required to have towards the elderly. That respect comes by itself, if children were raised in close connection with God.

At the same time older should respect the young, and shouldn't treat them as fools. As an adult, have in mind that you don't know what soul is in the child's body in front of you - it could be the soul of a saint or a great master. Children should consider adults like a wise teachers. Adult should consider children as developing souls, who just came from God and strongly radiate their energy. Live with great respect, live in mutual respect. Feel the love that connects you all. All together, keep the love and respect for God. This is the best remedy for all the problems that could create difficulties in your personal relationships.

part of the book "Sai Baba speaks to the West", message from July 29.