I am, in many cases against psychotherapy. Here I represent general opinion that many therapists themselves need treatment, and therefore they don't mean help, but a considerable risk to their patients.

Therapists which I talk about are not settled neither with the feelings nor with the head. They haven't developed love, nor they live up to the positive, reliable ideals. So it would be the best to go themselves to treatment, because I know how they are unhappy deep in their hearts.

However, there are therapists whose work I welcome, helping, and sending them people who need their help. These therapists assist during my mission.

Why am I talking about it? Because many followers have misconceptions. They live according to that, "God will take care of it somehow!" This is sometimes true, because I am really helping wherever I can. But you gotta do something. You have to work on your development. That's why I say: There are three types of devotes. Some are doing too little. They waste their time, and therefore their life, waiting for their beloved father to do everything for them. They don't progress much.

The others do too much. They rush everywhere, where there is something interesting. They try out more or less every method they meet, study this or that theory. In a word: they are constantly in a "state of readiness", hardly find peace and they spent all their energy on looking, but not finding.

Third are dearest to me. They are looking seriously. They examine, reflect, reveal, pray for the right decision and behave according it.
Thereby they are in company with good people.

If they opt for something, they stick to it. If they get in trouble, they are not confused but pray and trust in God's help. These are the followers, which specifically work on themselves when it is needed. Which ask professional help to resolve some of the knots.

They don't believe that God must do everything for them and that He will do it. Thereby I help them and they just find the help they need on their way.

part of the book "Sai Baba speaks to the West", message from June 20.