Sex and Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll

Part from book "Sai Baba speaks about relationships":


"Many false prophets, rulers and other powerful people used the sexual morality for centuries to imposition authority over the people. Over the centuries, the sovereigns, especially the Church, were on the one hand Puritans, and on the other unbridled, thus providing an miserable example for the people whose interests they should serve. Moreover, they convinced people that sex is something bad, something that comes from the devil. They are consciously or unconsciously aware that the man, whose sexuality is repressed, wrong leaders a lot easier can mislead or lead (and that in a double sense!). But with one who is free and thus self-confident man, it is not so easy.
Instead they usurped for themselves sexuality and womens, ie vassals, the sovereigns are supposed to live positively with their sexuality, that is, with joy and ethical. They had to live in one relationship and thereby provide a positive example to the people.
Because the rulers betrayed them, the people had to free themselves. This was good, and this led to loosening feverishness in this field. It was also necessarily because of the oppression in past centuries in many areas was immensely and depressing.
Today the problem is that you go too far and you still pay the price of previous oppression. That price is your heavy, not to say broken, attitude toward sexuality."




Drugs are chemicals that open and alter consciousness. Itself they are not evil, just as meditation is not bad, although there are evil people, like Alister Crowley who practiced meditation and used drugs. But the crucial difference is that meditation is basically harmless, while the most drugs are dangerous. Yogis do not advise the use of any drug. Everything that can be acquired by drugs, it can be better and more natural acquired by meditation. The danger of abuse is that it opens our conscience to the influence of evil entities from lower astral (depending on the strength of the soul). Heavy drugs increases the number of transmitters in the brain and the body defends itself by reducing the number of receptors, and soon one has to take drugs just to get into the state he was in before he began taking the drugs.



Rock music is a magnificent art with which the West has ennobled the world. She is more responsible for the fall of the 'Iron Curtain' than both politicians and the church.
Woodstock great importance was excellently described by David Wilcock . . .
"... Of the mountains I am Himalayas, of the istruments I am drum ..." Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita, when he recite the glory of God.

Rhythmic chanting of bhajans can cure most difficult mental illnesses within 6 months, says Dr Goel.

According to the interpretation of the Cassiopaeans, a common rhythmic songs and dances create a positive vibration that destroys the connections between the Illuminati and their reptilian hiperdimensional astral masters:

A: Keep in mind that in order for the techno-spiritual techniques to work, the people of the "blood" must be purified and their chakras must be "connected". If this is done, there are even more important functions. For example: mental blocking of 4D STS attacks. Do you realize that 200 or so people assembled this way, and a block against the marauders could be put in place? Furthermore the wave is coming, the "dancers" could very well determine how it affects your planet and reality. Can you imagine what would happen if the "elite" of your world were cut off from their 4D STS power supply? What if their mind control techniques and frequency fences just "fizzled"?
Q: (L) Well that's crazy. (Ark) How can it happen that they are cut off from their power supply? I don't understand.
A: Mental blocking.
Q: (DD) Do they block themselves? (Review of previous answer) (A***) So they're talking about the dance, and people together doing this dance would create some sort of block?
A: Exactly.


Of course, if it's somewhere more light, that darkness rather enters, so we have also dark in rock music, just as everywhere else.