Sai Baba speaks to the West

Don't make yourself small. One who depreciate himself, is lazy. And one who is lazy, sooner or later will be embittered.

Don't curse yourself if you have problems - it would be the worst that you can do. Respect and love yourself in the right way. Arrogance, for example, is nothing more than the lack of self-esteem.

There is no greater treasure than pleasure. Never compare yourself with those who have more than you. Instead, look at those who have much less than you, and see how many of them are there!

Your task is to be happy and satisfied. If you are not, you don't fill up your mission as a man. How will you become happy? By opening your heart. The first and decisive step in that way is to recognize that your heart is closed.

What you really need in your life is feeling of self-worth. It is the key to many doors of your soul. Through self-worth or self-esteem you get the inner strength, which enables you to act decisively and permanently, and that you can withstand that.
Using determination and persistence you will become successful. Your self-esteem will help you that your success doesn't swells your ego.

Don't make yourself small. Don't make anyone responsible for your destiny except yourself. Nobody but you can't change your destiny. This is that divine in man, that he holds his destiny in his hands.

You are making yourself infinitely small. To fix a bad image of yourself, on the other side you emphasize yourself in front of the others. All together is so absurd, as some elephant would thought that he's a mouse, and especially enjoyed to present himself in front of the others as a small kitten.

God is not responsible for your destiny, he just continually softens it.

Don't think: "Basically I imagined it differently." Rather say: "That's it. I imagined it myself differently, but obviously God just fulfilled me a wish that had not yet come to my mind. How incredibly friendly and carefully of him! "
There are no failures in life, only alternative whether you can get useful conclusions from your experiences or not. Your mind is your destiny. Reason estimates. Reason distinguishes between good and bad, useful and harmful. Therefore focus it on God in order to derive real benefit out of what you encounters.

Pessimism is directed against the life. God is absolute optimist. Trust that He always wants only your own good, and you will experience His blessing from up close.

Every man must feel responsible for the misery of the society in which he lives. No one shouldn't shift responsibility to others. Everyone is guilty who are not actively engaged.
Service to others is the best way not to waste your time.

Pay attention how richly talented you are. Only then you can give from the heart. Only then you can openly treat others. Only then you can smile even in the most difficult situations. Only then your happiness is permanent. If you make yourself small, you necessarily get in the struggles over power and in the strifes.

Don't try to shine with the result. The result rises but doesn't connect. Evaluation of everything by the results will end in coolness and envy.

Love that what you do. Do what you have to do with devotion. Your mightiness will grow day by day.

One who can not love is not free - regardless of how he feel or claim the opposite. Love is the breath of God. Love is God. God is love. The love you feel for the others, love that magically attracts you to your partner, it's just a reflection of God's love.

Patience and waiting are salt of life. Practice in patience. Learn how to wait. Impatience is root of all negativity.

Patience is your teacher, time is your weapon. There are no quick solutions.

Impatience is one of the main reasons for your worries and problems.
And from what emerges your impatience? From the lack of faith and trust.

Don't cheat yourself. Don't go through what seems to be the simpliest way, because it is certainly not the easiest way. Don't try to avoid any work or effort, but watch on both as a gift from God, thru which you can achieve self-realization.

Beware of the simple solutions.

The more evolved man is, the more modest he is. It doesn't mean that he can't use the power and influence. He, on the contrary, who praises himself, shows that he is far from knowing his true value - his divinity.

God has absolutely no desire. If He had one, it would be that you become desireless. Desirelessness is not only the key to happiness, it is the embranchment of bliss with both hands.

Activity that comes from the heart is not spectacular. Quite the contrary, it is very humble. The so-called scientific knowledge loves spectacle and uses every possible opportunity to praises itself.

Always be aware that you are embodiment of bliss. By dismissal of desires you find yourself, because it is you what you're looking for.

Pride brings you exactly the opposite of what do you expect from it: pride doesn't make you strong, but it weakens you in many areas. Pride rises you above the others and makes you inaccessible. Therefore love can not flow between you and others.

Fear is a warning signal that should be taken seriously. If you have fears, you should ask yourself what are you doing wrong.

Desires cause fear and worry. Reduce your desires and your fears will also decrease.

Love is the best protection against all imaginable fears.

Don't let your fears guide you. Connect with your higher self. Ask God for guidance.

Depression is a widely spread disease, which should be treated very carefully, or treated as quickly as possible. And what is the best treatment for this situation? You'll hardly believe it: unless you find a good man who will get you out of it, the best antidote is acute suffering.
Suffering makes you conscious. Depression is a state of unconsciousness.

Addictions are widespread. Addictions are the sign that individual is on the way to disaster. First you smoke one cigarette, then 10, 20, etc. At first, you are looking at a quarter-hour news, then 1, 2, 3 films ..

Understand this well: without attachment, not without relationship!

Don't let yourself to get into deep feelings before you take time to think deeply about it. Don't let passion to be your goal, but strive for love and inner peace. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't have deep feelings.

What is the most important and also the most dangerous in your life?
The most important and also the most dangerous is your will. The will is infinitely strong power which you can't never overestimate, and you should never underestimate - although you often do this.
Why is the will so powerful? Because your will comes from God's Will.

Thinking is really horrible power. It can destroy your life, or it can get you to Heaven. If you don't control your thinking, it will eventually more and more controls you. So nourish only good thoughts. If you can't, at least don't think anything bad. Try to observe your thoughts and don't identify yourself with those.

All the feelings are in you. Nothing new comes in and goes out. What you are experiencing, it just triggers the feelings that are already in you. You are experiencing the joy and suffering, because what is experienced on the outside, wake these feelings in you. So always purifies your feelings.

With too many speech people lose very much of their internal energy and spiritual power. One who loses inner strength, loses its value. He who loses his value, thinks that he must compensate it with an activity. One of these activities is when you speak too much.

Don't look for the negative, because you will eventually discover it everywhere. Rather enjoy in nice and positive. It's not useful to criticize others. Whoever criticize, he reduces himself.

Ego and mind make you a big favor on your path of self-realization. Your ego, just like your thinking, gives you the ability to develop strength, and to carry out your acts in your mind, before you start acting – by which you can avoid many mistakes. All together brings you strength. So you're addicted to both, and you would never relinquish it. Ego, however, has a feature to grab the power for himself, and to rule arrogantly. He is doing it so skillfully that you don't perceive that the ego more and more force you to satisfy his need for power and glory. It is part of God's love and care related to it, to protect you from your ego and his officiousness.

Why you have your ego? To find your Self. And what are you doing? You are letting the ego to leads you wherever he wants, like a dog on a chain.

Gratefully accept every difficulty, because it is there to make you stronger, to be able to endure more and more, and to make you more ingrown in your primordial size.

The whole purpose of life is to learn how to love. Love is life, and life is love. Suffering is a midwife who brings you to life. But keep in mind: these words should help you to understand your suffering, not to judge others because of their suffering. Because, one who judge does not love, therefore, does not live.

Beware of the condemnation, they are almost always prejudice. Rather admit to yourself that you know nothing. It makes you free. One sign that you have reached your Self is the fact that you no longer judge, but only observe. The more one is ignorant, the faster and more categorical his judgment is.

No calamity, no matter how large it is, on the end doesn't remain calamity, if you are therefore freed of your terrible enemy - ignorance.


In this world there is no greater sacrifice than the inner strength, there is no greater happiness than satisfaction, there is no more sacred act than mercifulness, there is no more effective weapon than patience.

Man is basically, essentially, immortal. He is embodiment of immortality, and yet he is afraid to die! He is embodiment of bliss, yet he complains that he is wretch. The embodiment of peace, but full of anxiety. This absurdly tragedy is the root of self-deception for which the world now suffers.

The education must include training of the human mind, his urge to hate, to gather treasure, to fight and slander. It is not merely the acquisition of skills with whom matter can be transformed into useful products, not just the acquisition of information about the laws of nature. Education must facilitate the process by which the man is using his internal resources, his inner awareness, to realize himself. Education should open his internal eye more than external, and internal eye must discover God in himself.










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