Teal Swan - If We Create Our Own Reality, How Do You Explain Suffering?

Suffering is the biggest issue for those of us who are trying to align with the spiritual truth of "you create your own reality" and "the purpose of your life is joy". And who blames us? Who the hell could say that the child who was kidnapped and raped created their own reality and live with themselves? How could we say that life is about joy when people are loosing their loved ones to cancer or war?

Our entire reality is being arranged around us like a 360 degree mirror reflection of our thoughts. Our senses perceive this reflection and translate it into a physical experience for us. And so, you can think of it like a learning hologram.

When we are born, we know we create our own reality by virtue of what we are paying attention to. This is why it is so easy for babies to ignore you. But pretty soon, we get more flack for ignoring things we do not want to pay attention to, thenn we do for paying attention to them, and the minute we pay attention to them, they begin to manifest in our reality. And we feel like victims. We forget that we create our own reality.

Suffering is not inevitable. Contrast is inevitable. To know what is wanted, you must know what is unwanted, so this experience is going to contain elements that are unwanted. If this were not the case, no expansion would occur. There would be no purpose to life. The purpose of life is to let that contrast (that which is unwanted) inspire within you what is wanted and then going in the direction of that. The purpose of your life is to follow your joy.

Suffering is the result of not focusing on and following your joy when what is wanted is inspired within you. It is the result of focus on what is unwanted even after the idea of what is wanted instead is birthed within you. Suffering is the byproduct of focus. It is always the result of continuing to focus on what is unwanted on what evokes negative emotion within you. And so, it is always in your control whether or not you suffer.

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