Teal Swan - What Should I Do When I Am Sick?


Teal discuses illness as an energetic toxicity crisis, and shares suggestions that you can use to consciously enable your body to get well quickly.

From an energetic perspective, illness is a toxicity crisis. It occurs when a person has been focused negatively, and that negative focus causes the energy flow through the body to become restricted. The buildup of that largely low vibrational energy causes a cascade of events to manifest physically, such as a shrinking thymus gland, which leads to an impaired immune system. This buildup of low vibrational energy that is not flowing causes the body to not being able to rid itself of the toxins that are normally filtered out through the body.

Because this in turn causes the cells in the body to weaken and start to die, this environment becomes the perfect environment for bacteria and viruses to thrive. They are opportunists. And thus, infection occurs. Once the body's tolerance level for toxicity is reached, you start to see symptoms crop up like pain and mucous build up, sneezing and vomiting and fevers.

These symptoms are the result of the body stimulating the organs of elimination and the immune system to move into defense mode. Unless you eliminate the factors that led up to this buildup of toxicity in the first place, they will accumulate again and you will experience another toxicity crisis (in other words, you will get sick again).

Healing requires that you:

1. Trust in your body and in yourself.
2. That you have profound conviction that you deserve to be healthy.

And remember don't go back to doing what you were doing before you got sick. Sickness always means there needs to be a change in the way you were thinking and the things you were doing before you reached the healing crisis that we call "illness". The faster you can change or eliminate those underlying factors, the faster you will heal and not suffer a recurrence.

In this video, Teal Swan shares some suggestions for what to do when you get sick so that you can consciously enable your body to get well quickly.

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