Lend-Lease, Albert Kahn, Baku: American capitalists for Soviet Russia

Although Stalin intended to fight together with Hitler against the capitalist countries, in the end the capitalists helped him in four ways not to lose the war. If only one of those four was missing, he would have lost.

The great Winston Churchill declared that no one hates the Communists more than he does, but that now the Russian people are defending their children, their parents, their homes, and that the British people are marching along with them.


In 1941, the Germans conquer 3/4 of the Soviet factories. By agreeing to a Leand-Lease loan, the Soviet Union received from the United States and Britain:

400,000 jeeps and trucks
13,000 tanks
14,000 airplanes
8,000 tractors
2,000 locomotives and 10,000 wagons
4.5 million tons of canned food
1 million tons of machinery
6 million tons of raw materials
The US and British Commonwealth provided 55% of aluminum and 80% of copper to the Soviet Union during the war
2.6 million tons of diesel and kerosene
1.5 million km of cables
15 million pairs of boots
107,000 tons of cotton
1.5 million blankets
35,000 motorcycles
35,000 radio stations
machine guns, radars, ammunition, medicines and medical equipment

A total of 60% of Soviet weapons and equipment during the war were American and British. At the end of the war, in May 1945. 50%.

At a dinner toast with Allied leaders during the Tehran Conference in December 1943, Stalin added: “The United States … is a country of machines. Without the use of those machines through Lend-Lease, we would lose this war.”

Nikita Khrushchev, who led the Soviet Union from 1953 to 1964, agreed with Stalin’s assessment. In his memoirs, Khrushchev described how Stalin stressed the value of Lend-Lease aid: “He stated bluntly that if the United States had not helped us, we would not have won the war.”

“Dear friends, we never divided the victory into ours and someone else’s,” Putin said. “We will always remember the assistance from the Allies: the United States of America, Great Britain, France and other nations of the anti-Hitler coalition, [plus] German and Italian anti-fascists.”

"Roosevelt", Churchill said, “devised the extraordinary measure of assistance called Lend-Lease, which will stand forth as the most unselfish and unsordid financial act of any country in all history.”

Lend-Lease Studebaker US6 trucks in Mozhaisk, Moscow, during World War II. (© TASS/Getty Images)


Albert Kahn

Albert Kahn, a German Jew raised in America, is known as the architect of Detroit.

1929, through an agreement signed with Kahn by Saul G. Bron, President of Amtorg, the Soviet government contracted Albert Kahn Associates to help design the Stalingrad Tractor Plant, the first tractor plant in the USSR.

1930, a second contract with Kahn was signed for his firm to become consulting architects for all industrial construction in the Soviet Union.

Is it too bold to claim that without Albert Kahn, the Allies wouldn’t have won World War II?
Yes. But his contributions, cultivated through his work with the USSR, were critical in helping both countries achieve unprecedented military-industrial capacities.


They trained more than 4,000 Soviet architects and engineers; and designed 521 plants and factories under the nation's first five-year plan.




Before the First World War, Baku (and Maikop) were produced 50% of the world's oil. Two Nobel brothers, Robert and Ludwig, Alfred's brothers, ran the production. The workers loved them because they lived well, and so the Bolsheviks did not execute them, but allowed them to leave. After the revolution the educated leave, production drops to 13% pre-war.

In general, in the USSR, production fell to 10% pre-war. Stalin turns to Shell, Vickers and Standard Oil for help. Production is recovering.

From 1941 to 1945, Soviet army units received 75 million tons of oil and 22 million tons of gasoline from Azerbaijan.


The fourth thing important for the Allied victory: America and Britain destroyed the Luftwaffe and severely damaged German industrial capacity. Not to mention Japan, which undertook to attack Russia by agreement with Hitler, and had a million soldiers in Manchuria. And North Africa, and Italy, and Normandy.

Still, 80% of German divisions were in the East, 4 out of 5 German soldiers killed in the war died on the Eastern Front, with an incredible sacrifice by the Russian people. 25 million dead. Russia still does not have a pre-war population.

In this message New Order Sai Baba talks about communism and capitalism. In another message, he stated that Lenin, Hitler, Stalin and Brezhnev were the greatest demons of the 20th century.

He also said that Karl Marx was not a good man nor well-read man, and these are two necessary conditions for someone’s idea to come to life.

Another mystic stated that Mao Ze-dong was a predominantly demonic polarization of character, while Chiang Kai-shek was predominantly human. After the dictator's death, Deng Xiaoping negotiated US investments with Jimi Carter. From the poorest country, China is slowly becoming one of the richest.

Urban leftists

Extreme coronation is wet dream for one specific group of people ... let’s call them “Urban leftists”.
These are those who think for themselves that on the basis of their education, intelligence, worship of Science, moral superiority, and supposedly sophisticated taste, they deserve to be considered a special caste that stands out above the rest of the "scum."

On the surface, it seems paradoxical that such people are constantly protesting for various "oppressed" groups and their mouths are full of human rights, but in this situation they are often actively on the side of discrimination. But this is quite consistent with their usual elitism and hypocrisy.

As well, when such people talk about tolerance, they only mean tolerance within their hermetically sealed group, towards those who dress, think and vote like them. When they talk about human rights, they are talking about the right of their "progressives" to impose their vision of "human rights" on the rest of the ignorant, backward scum.

That is why such people, most of all, support the introduction of ausweis. They are very pleased with the idea that their superiority is finally beginning to be reflected in concrete social privileges, and they long to have as little contact with scum as possible, if they cannot already forcibly retrain it.

- Silvia Vidovic