The Russians allow the abolition of the demarcation line between East and West Germany and dissolve the "Warsaw Pact", withdraw their troops from Eastern Europe and believe in the verbal promise of Hans-Dietrich Genscher (former Vice Chancellor of FR Germany) and James Baker (former US Secretary of State). in February 1990, that the former members of the "Warsaw Pact" will not join NATO, thus *NO expansion of the NATO alliance to the east even by a centimeter*.
American troops continue to remain stationed in Germany.
By *2004*, almost all members of the "Warsaw Pact" joined NATO.
*_The Russians remain calm._*

Putin makes an offer to the West in the German Bundestag (in fluent German) for a close partnership, in order to overcome the divisions of the past.
All members of the Bundestag enthusiastically applaud...but
*The Americans forbid it.*
With Belarus, Ukraine and 3 Baltic states, there is a buffer zone between NATO and Russia. And because of that...
*_The Russians remain calm._*

The Baltic states become members of the NATO alliance.
The first buffer zone violation occurs. Even so...
*_The Russians remain calm._*

The West overthrows Ukraine's pro-Russian government and installs a pro-American government.
(Even the Americans have now openly admitted their participation in that, as they invested 5 billion dollars in that colored revolution).
At the same moment, the USA, led by Hunter Biden (son of the old and semi-senile US President Joe Biden), Monsanto, Black Water and US military advisers, begin to infiltrate Ukraine and fuel Ukraine's prospects for NATO membership.
At the same time, Hunter Biden enters the Ukrainian gas business...and receives $50,000 a month for his "professional" work in the oil concern of Ukraine.
A second (now open) breach of the buffer zone by the Empire occurs. Still...
_*The Russians remain calm.*_

Caused by the American coup d'état in Ukraine (the Russians stationed their entire Black Sea fleet in Sevastopol in Crimea), there was a peaceful occupation of Crimea.
Contrary to all other stories, not a single shot was fired and no one was hurt.
Apart from a few Crimean Tatars, 90 percent of the population of Crimea agreed to join the Russian Federation.

*2014. - 2022*
Ukraine is systematically shelling Lugansk and Donetsk with units of the Azov battalion (in other words, swastika worshipers).
Many Russians were killed in the eight-year shelling, about 14,000, including a large number of Russian children.
Since 2014, Ukraine has stopped paying pensions to these areas, and started delivering grenades by air.
Any money circulation by Ukraine is excluded, and the food supply of these areas is exclusively taken over by Russia.
*None of this* is mentioned in the western MS-media.

Following the example of Ukraine in 2014, the West tries to overthrow the government in Belarus, which fails, but it was the *third attack* on the buffer zone between NATO and Russia. Despite everything.....
_*The Russians remain calm.*_

Putin demands *_for the last time_* a guarantee that Ukraine will *not* become a member of the NATO alliance and that Donetsk and Lugansk will be largely locally autonomous on Ukrainian territory.
*US refuses.*

Croatian president Milanovic: "President Tudjman was ready to sign the Z4 plan, which was far less favorable for Croatia than the Minsk agreement for Ukraine, just to avoid war."

The Russians are invading Ukraine.
To end the war, Putin asks:

- guarantee of neutrality i
- demilitarization of Ukraine,
- recognition of Donetsk and Luhansk as people's republics
- recognition of Crimea as Russian territory and
- denazification of Ukraine

*US refuses.*

This should give food for thought to all those who thoughtlessly repeat the lies or half-truths of the European and American media...
Just for comparison:
United States of America in the period 1989 - 2017:
they caused 10 wars,
and caused 11 million deaths.

Did someone mention the word: SANCTIONS? .....NO!
Hypocrisy knows no bounds!

In May 2022, Petro Poroshenko stated in an interview with the Financial Time, "Our goal was to first stop the threat or at least postpone the war - to provide eight years for the restoration of economic growth and the creation of powerful armed forces".

In November 2022, Angela Merkel stated in an interview with Der Spiegel that the Minsk Agreement was intended to buy time for Ukraine to arm itself better.



The West hoped that the sanctions would bring down Putin. Or that he will be brought down by heavy military losses. It didn't happen. Now they only had to capitulate or a direct conflict between NATO and the Russian Federation.

The people of the West sympathize with Ukraine, the leadership of the West despises Russians and Ukrainians equally.


Unseen Force...