Transcript of Interview With Alexandra Meadors and Rob Potter

Alexandra Meadors
Interview No. 1
November 6, 2012

A: Good afternoon everybody. Today is November 6, 2012 and I will be interviewing Rob Potter. Rob and I were drawn together by our mutual contact Cobra. We will be working together on Cobra’s Laguna Beach conference this November 23-25, knowing it will be life changing. We will be embarking on a whole new way of celebrating Thanksgiving, that is for sure!

So, Rob is an avid researcher of anything to do with consciousness for over 40 years. A healer, massage therapist, and contactee, Rob brings many intriguing stories about his own UFO contact experiences. He has been blessed to be mentored by such prominent scientists and contactees such as Dr. Fred Bell and Dr. Frank Stranges, as well as created friendships with Gabriel Green, Hal Wilcox, Howard Menger and Col Wendell Stevens, even Alex Collier, Norm Paulsen to name a few more.

A major proponent for UFO/Alien Disclosure, Rob has dedicated much of his focus in educating others on the profound aspects of Interplanetary Cultural Exchange.

There is so much to cover, that we will be breaking this interview up into segments, but we hope to also cover his love and extensive knowledge of crystals and Pyramidology. So with that said, let’s get started!

Hey, Rob! How are you doing up there on the sacred mountain?

Robert Potter

R: Wonderful! Mt. Shasta is beautiful these days. Looking forward to seeing you shortly in Southern California

A: I know. I ‘m looking forward to it. I am so excited that I’m kind of not having a good time sleeping. (ha ha) I just know it is going to be so major, so much of a life changing experience for everybody.

R: Yeah, it’s going to be really good. We are really coming forward with some great information, and I think one of the things in our prior conversation that we have really come together on is the 2012 event. The coming open extraterrestrial contact with humanity is of a positive nature. It really reinforces that we as a people and as a planet have the power to bring peace to our world and to grow in harmony with Mother Nature and with each other. Tremendous amounts of knowledge, information, and learning will be coming through on an intellectual level that will help calm people and at the same time, we will be moving forward in a wonderful way.

A: I know. I look forward to it. I think we have all been triggered knowing that this is just right around the corner. It just feels like it is so close.

R: Yeah, absolutely. And as I said in my paper, if people want to check it out, you could maybe post it on your site, the thing I wrote, it’s not going to be like a light bulb from dark to light with the 2012 event.

A: Yeah it will be more progressive.

R: Yes, it signifies like the sun hitting the earth where we are, and it is a gradual warming. Our bodies will climatize to a new vibrational change. It is kind of like warmth of the sun is going to create a whole lot of changes, like the daylight dries up the dew, kills all of the mold and bacteria. We are going to expose any dark ignorance, superstition, and fear. We are going to move forward into a birth of new beginnings and remake this planet into the garden it was intended to be.

A: I know! What an honor to be alive at this time! Well I tell you what! Rather than go down that path right away, I would like to go ahead and step back in time with you. I thought we would begin with where you grew up and when you began searching for a higher state of consciousness.

R: I tell you, for me…I didn’t really ah….it is an interesting thing. I grew up in Laguna Beach California; I was born in San Francisco in Mount Zion hospital. My father, who was an airline executive, moved there. My parents divorced. My mother came to Laguna Beach and I grew up since about the age of 4 years old in Laguna Beach. It has been my main hometown, although I have lived in Palm Springs for massage work and so forth. At a certain point in time, we moved to Pasadena, and I remember I asked my Mom…”Mom, what’s out there?” I was thinking about the horrible conditions of the world, and I said “what is out there in the universe and why are we here” type of thing. I was 8 years old. My mom said, “you know Rob, it goes on forever.” I said, “it can’t go on forever. That is impossible.” I was a little kid. She said, “what do you think is out there? A wall or a fence?” “I don’t know, maybe”…she goes, “what’s on the other side?”

A: Perfect! She really got you to contemplate these sorts of things.

R: Absolutely. My mom is a real seeker, and she is really looking for the answers and the truths in the universe. She read scientific American, and she is into that kind of stuff. So, we both have that kind of seeking nature. I went downstairs that night and I lived in the basement there. I had a room in the basement and I remember looking outside the window. It came to me later that it was my first contact. I saw the light move and it settled right in the middle of the window. I got all of these images and pictures that there’s other beings. I was contemplating that there were other beings in the universe. I was kind of having a conversation asking why is the world so bad. What are all the problems? Why will people hate each other? All of this stuff… I kind of got this image, like you know it’s all okay in the end, once again, everything is ok, and the earth is going to be fine.

And now we fast-forward to when I was 16 years old. And I’m reading psychic discoveries behind the Iron Curtain.

A: Seriously? How did you get your hands on those?

R: I don’t know, it just came before me. I’ve just always been interested in the metaphysical and the occult things. I was also heavily into Carlos Castaneda.

A: Yes. I have a couple of his books too.

R: yYeah the shaman expansion consciousness experience…I was laying on the bed because it said you could levitate. So I lay down on the couch because I was really trying to levitate myself. I was trying to get all of these things… One of the things that fascinated me was pyramids. I was talking to this girl in high school. I was telling her that I really wanted to learn how to build pyramids. She goes,” oh my God I know the pyramid man!” I said “really?” She told he lived right next door. “Come on up.” He lived at the top of the hill.

Fred Bell

His name was Fred Bell. He has an interesting history. I will go briefly into it here. His great uncle invented the telephone. One of his ancient forefathers was Ethan Allen of the Green Mountain Boys. He was one of the first guys who fired on the British. They came out and took some of the food or something. The Green Mountain Boys got together and fired on Fort Sumter, so they kind of kicked off the Revolutionary war there. And his father invented the automatic transmission and the alternator for Henry Ford. So Fred Bell used to run in the fields of Henry Ford, who was creating an ethanol engine, which they eventually kind of suppressed that. That is the reason that hemp is illegal and all that kind of stuff. It’s all about energy.

A: Yeah I don’t know if I told you, but I went to a conference of his right after my horrific car accident, and I could barely walk. And I just remember walking in the door thinking this guy is such a trip. He was wearing a gold pyramid on his head and he was handing out pyramids to everyone in the room. And at that point it was through the Learning Annex. There were only seven people in this room. Little did I know the genius that was going to come out of this guy’s mouth? He was amazing!

R: Yeah, he was amazing. He told me many stories. Bob Johnson of Johnson Motors and Bob McCulloch of McCulloch Engines were very good friends. So he was to be bounced on the laps of these great engineers. His father was a great engineer. He brought over the London Bridge from London to Lake Havasu.

A: Yeah, I saw that. That is amazing.

R: So, Fred at a very young age with understanding, was fixing radio sets or television sets at the age of nine because his family understood electronics. That was kind of like hoodoo voodoo back then.

A: It was in his genetics, Rob?

R: It seems so.

R: Any way, to make a long story short, at the age of 15 he was invited to study the shockwave of the atomic bomb at the University of Michigan under Dr. Katz. So, at an early age he realized a horrible destructive power of nuclear weapons, and vowed to fight this insidious weapon. He received a PhD at the age of 17 at the University of Santa Barbara.

A: Isn’t that amazing?

R: Yeah. The reason he was in Santa Barbara is because the military had inducted him and took him there. When he was 16 ½, he was inducted and scripted by the US Army because they wanted his brain. He stayed there. Then he went to work for the Scope 6 and 38 radar sets which he was helping to design and build. He was stationed at Point Reyes, California, which is the farthest western-most point on the Continental United States. And he was observing the UFOs coming in at 15,000 miles an hour during the Cuban missile crisis.

A: Yeah I remember when I went to this, I think one of the things that blew me away the most, is he revealed to the classroom how many UFOs there were. At that time, we are talking in the early 2000’s, he was saying that we were already being surrounded; I think he was saying that 10,000 UFOs were around the planet at that point.

R: At least, at least.

A: Now they are saying something like millions are, right?

R: Well I think if we took every little scout craft, it could easily reach that. There are certainly millions of beings. The motherships are out there. Commander Valiant Thor of the Phoenician Contingents is another group.

A: Yeah, I was going to get to him in a minute.

R: Yeah, let’s go back to Fred. So Fred’s story was he said to them quote “you can’t burn these reports.” They said quote “son we’ve been doing that for years. It is standard operating procedure. Do you have a problem?” He said, “yeah I do.” They go “ are you going to tell people that you saw a UFO?” He said “yeah, I am seeing them.” They called him into a mental hospital. They took him to a mental hospital to shut him up. He said “look, give me an honorable discharge and we’re good. “

A: Oh My God! I didn’t know that part. And I know that is standard operating procedure for those that have developed patents and things for free energy. I know that that is SOP to drop them off in these mental institutions.

R: Or they will buy them out. You have scientists, and they will say “hey, you want $40 million?” If he takes it, the project is buried.

A: Unreal.

R: If they are upstarts, they demoralize, debunk, and discredit them. If you get too uppity, they will knock you off. Some of those things have changed now.

A: Right! Thank God. Hey, you said something about having your first big alien experience in 1975? What was that like?

R: Yeah I had several around that time. But I like to go back so we can get Fred here. So Fred has his experiences here. So he went to work for NASA JPL and he studied under an Eastern teacher named Cringiva Roy who had an ashram in San Francisco on the corner of Haight and Waller, which is half a block away from Haight Ashbury. So, the Indian guru was like a love guru who was kind of the focus of the spiritual movement in San Francisco of the flower children of the 60s.He was a very powerful person. Fred studied under him, learned, and went through many initiations. Learned how to telepathically communicate with matters of the spiritual hierarchy. One of the teachers that he had was Dwajl Kuhl. He was the Tibetan.

He told Fred to make a pyramid. So when I met Fred, he had made his first gold pyramid. I came on board and he was just fascinating. He gave me the Autobiography of a Yogi, Initiation, Human and Solar, and basically my learning went from there. He was a very high-level physicist but really cool and spiritual. It was a little before I met him Semjase, the UFO cosmonaut, who was very famous with the Billy Meier contacts, had contacted him. Most people don’t know but Laguna Beach is an artificial time warp zone. We have a Hare Krishna movement there. We had the Rajneesh. Timothy Leary started the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, The Beatles use to hang out there, so you are going to meet some people who paint or airbrush John Lennon’s Rolls Royce. It was a little mini spiritual vortex back in the late 60’s and 70’s. Most people don’t know that George Adamski lived on Nestall Road in Laguna.

A: You can feel it when you are in Laguna Beach. I grew up in Orange County as well, and hung out in Laguna Beach a lot. It’s just got a really nice vibe.

R: Yeah and I hope people will come and join us and experience the really nice sunshine and the good feelings we are going to generate.

A: Absolutely.

R: Anyway, Fred was living and George Adamski’s house. This was before I met him. He said that Semjase appeared and waved from the window. He thought so who are you? And she was telepathically communicating with him. Quote “you will hear my name from a foreign land.” And about the time I met him, he had some experiences with her. It is interesting to note, that Billy Meier told that he was the only contact. There is an interesting note there. She said “but except for spurious scientific contacts.” He had many telepathic communications and we both had interdimensional experiences. I as well did have several physical contacts.

R: Didn’t she show up on a regular basis in his home? He said something about how they would come into the living room daily?

A: Right. Yes, the ships will settle into the building and I am sure she was projecting into the building. There were times when I definitely felt like… I was working on his air purifier or one of our laser pyramid systems he had developed downstairs and I would come up with a question. And there were times when he was a little more aggravated than normal because I was disturbing him. And I had a feeling like she would be hiding in the bathroom, just like she would beam into Bill Meier’s building. So, it was possible. But many times he would walk out and down the hill and the ship would come down. He would have late-night encounters.

A: Now did you see the ship?

R: Oh yeah.

A: Can you describe the ship and how large it was?

R: My first experiences were kind of out of body. Kind of like the systems we create with vortexes that I will be sharing at the conference. We have these pyramids that we developed with lasers and crystals and we conjoin them with music and the Tesla coil Violet flame generators. We would create this tremendous field. Like Carlos Castaneda, I would be doing yoga, and he would be pushing on my back. The next thing I know, the earth was disappearing from beneath me, and I would be having astral journeys.

A: How cool!

R: So, these are really out there things. I wasn’t really sure what was happening. I felt it was a UFO experience. I would come home between three and four in the morning because I live just below the hill from him. These lights would follow me home. I would get out of my car and I would ask “is that Semjase? I just want to know.” There were times when I would cry. I felt very emotional about these experiences.

A: Sure.

R: Fred really didn’t explain it to me, so that would tell you about my first big contact.

A: Well, it sounds like you went from zero to 1000 mph in the blink of an eye with Fred.

R: Well, yeah definitely we had tremendous experiences. We traveled the National Health Federation, the Home Life Expo. We were disseminating the information and technology that the Pleiadians had given. Fred was mostly focusing on the technology. Whereas I was mostly focusing in my telepathic exchanges, in the interplanetary cultural exchange. How people can assimilate and begin the identification process with the extraterrestrials. That is what Billy Meier, Fred, and all of us are; open-minded, knocking at the door, seeking answers and truths. They have to answer. Many are asking how it’s going to go down. Why don’t they land themselves? There are many, many questions. From a personal level, from the level of an impatient viewpoint, someone is only looking at the material level and not the deeper level with all of the complexities, like the quarantine of the earth which is another story. Why they can’t land. There is a good reason. It would endanger us, and then it has to do with the government and some naughty individuals and hostile forces better aligned against truth. It’s sad to say that, but that is the way it is.

A: You know Rob, going back to one of your comments, tell us how you make sure that you are aligned when you make the call. Let’s say you make the call and say “hey I want to make contact with my galactic brothers and sisters.” There’s a lot of information out there that’s very, very scary and can create a lot of fear within people because a lot of people want to contact, but they are afraid to do so because it’s not going directly through Mother Father God and The Ascended Masters or that sort of thing. What is your recommendation on making sure that that contact is being pure, clean, and clear.

R: Well I would say like Alex Collier had been told by The Andromedans, it is your intent. If you are seeking peace, love, truth, and light, declare that. In your meditation say, “I am seeking the answers to the truth, the purpose of why I am here, I wish to aid in bringing world peace, I ask that I would be communicated with, and I want to know the answers. I’m seeking the truth of love and light.” You can do any number of invocations, but clearly stating that, any being that is not aligned with peace, peaceful intelligent communication, cannot contact you. I tell you this. You can’t just ask for contact. Otherwise, we would all want it. It is a very, very rare thing- a physical contact thing. However, many people have sightings. And many people are contacted in their sleep. Much of the work of the extraterrestrials is done during what we call the dreamtime, where we are taken out of our bodies and we are not supposed to remember. This is for a purpose. Because it would interfere with our personal daily lives. Some of our experiences are kept from us but will be allowed to come forward after the event, when certain things change on the astral, mental, intuitional, mudic, and mental, in particular physical planes. When certain things change as we move forward, and literally cramp Galactic genetically altering criminals that are in charge of this planet, who have usurped the will of the people, violated their oath of trust, and their responsibilities, and have lied unbelievably and created this suffering. When they are removed. We can’t do it on our own. We are going to have to have galactic help. Cobra and I are helping to disseminate with other people like Drake Ben Fulford, David Wilcock and many others. We are not alone. We never have been. And we never will be. We have been in contact since ancient times. We’ve been in quarantine where we have not had open contact with those civilizations of the earth who went underground after the Atlantean Scalar Wars.

A: Such as the Agarthans and Telosians?

R: Yes. As well as select contactees. Now there are lineages of light and spiritual teachings that have remained on the surface and fortunately, they all come from the same apparent source of light and universal, omnipresent source creator principle. But they have been misconstrued. As you get further away from the center of the teaching or after the teacher, the messenger, or the avatar has passed on, sometimes, almost all of the time, their lineages of truth are fragmented, the words are changed, certain teachings are removed, and you get a really watered-down confusing version that leads to literally conflict. People argue between the Muslims, Christians, the Jews, the Buddhas, the Hindus. Everyone is arguing about the messenger and who is right. I want to know does anyone get the message? Its peace, truth, love, nonviolence, understanding. All of this is going to be cleared up. All the world religions will be bolstered. All of the world’s races, faiths, and various explanations of the various ET groups will come forward. Rest assured that this is close in our future now.

A: Well there was a purpose for all of these fragmented religions. They are all different pathways to Source and to finding your higher connection in the first place.

A: I wanted to ask you regarding the quarantine. I have read myself, different perspectives. I have read that we were actually quarantined by the Galactic Federation and the Guardian Alliance because we were so warlike, considering the puppeteers who run the planet. Or I have read the opposite where there is an 8 mile wide electronic fence between the Earth, the moon and the sun or something like that, that has prevented our galactic brothers and sisters from coming into our realm without some sort of permit from them (the puppeteers). What is your take on that?

A: There is a little bit of truth to all of those. What happened is we invited them here, they infiltrated here about 30,000 years ago. At that time, there were many extraterrestrial groups and there was a native human race here, something along the lines of a Cro-Magnon type of being was here. So what happened was as we were naturally evolving, these different extraterrestrial groups were interacting with them. And what happened is some of the beings, I don’t want to get too biblical here. All beings of Scripture have some aspects of truth. Many of them are speaking about the same type of situation. There are many extraterrestrial groups and contacts over thousands and thousands of years. So the Scriptures are not just one story. There are multiple stories and timelines. Many of these beings come from multiple dimensions, so it makes it very confusing. But, imagine there were these edens. They are artificial domes where these beings from other worlds could come to earth and set up evens or a big dome of energy which has their own environment of oxygen or nitrogen or extra methane. Whatever their type of oxygen is. They would create their own specific type of gravity. They could basically study the earth and use it as a trading station. And there were many different groups interacting with humans at that time. What happened was a totally nasty group came here and decided to take over the earth. And what happened was the forces of light, and what we call a battle, a galactic war. It was reference in the Mahabharata , in caves, it’s in ancient churches. There are pictures. There is tremendous history throughout the earth of this ancient battle. The bible talks about it.

A: I think the Nag Hammadi and Vedas talk about it.

R: Absolutely. All of these references. It’s a long history of what happened. They brought in an asteroid and intended to crash it down on a civilization. But what happened was it destroyed and hit the earth, and it caused the volcanoes to erupt. So these volcanoes were spewing all of the magma. Now where the magma used to be, they called archeon gas chambers, they collapsed. In one night, where the Pacific Ocean is, Lemuria sank. 64 million souls were lost in the night. All the Easter Island statues with the tears in the eyes, and the Mayan statues with tears in the eyes, always face the Pacific Ocean, where Lemuria was. That was a great loss.

A: What a huge atrocity!

R: So to avoid that, the Galactic Federation fled. there used to be like an ice layer and at a certain point after this destruction, flooding took place.

A: What timeframe are you talking about Rob, right now? Are you talking about the flood that was 9500 to 10,000 years ago or are you talking about way before then?

R: The events of the Lemurian destruction were about 26,000-30,000 years ago. A lot of the Galactic Federation left. They did not want to become tainted by the negative thinking that this very advanced group had begun to inculcate through radionics mind entrainment.

A: Is this the Orions you are referring to?

R: I am really not sure…but according to Semjase, there are different groups here that are involved. The Orions, The Reptilians…

A: The Draconians.

R: Yes, and the Zeta Reptilians. According to Alex Collier, there has been basically a learning process on the higher dimensions and even on the physical plane. Most of the conflict has arisen between the hydrogen-based life forms which are your reptilians and the oxygen-based beings. But it is not exclusive. There are Tall White Pleiadians and Sirians have also been involved in what they call the renegade group. They are seeking to take over and have taken over planets where they were involved in the takeover like this. According to Alex Collier, the reptilian do not want to engage with Galactic Federation in a full battle because there was tremendous loss of life on both sides. So they put little front men in front. They have small contingents where they work behind the scenes. As you said, they work behind electronic fences. One of my favorites is Hurtak, one of my favorite writers, who wrote the Keys of Enoch. He details that technology and the fallen masters, and the portals they control very well.

A: Do you agree that some of these portals they control are actually becoming defunct? Like the old grid system around the planet. There has been a lot of information floating around that that is being brought down as we speak.

R: Absolutely. 26,000 years ago, it was decided. Because the loss of life was taken place, to no longer engage and let the innocent life on the surface struggle through the situation. Most of the higher civilizations that were able to maintain the integrity of the teachings of The Law of One went underground into the Agatha Network. They were called the Ras. And they were a pyramid temple priest’s society called The Order of Melchizadek. There were pyramids around the surface of the planet. The teachings of life in The Law of One were available to everyone. People could meditate in front of these flames. They have these alters with a living presence of silence of the living flame of divine energy. You would go in and you would sit before this flame and you would experience silence within yourself because you are a holographic projection of the divine. You are divine. You would connect to your I AM presence, Your Christ Presence, The Krishna Consciousness, or the Buddha Nature. Whatever you want to call it. We all have it within us and we can all connect to this. So they went underground. In Egypt, it is called Ra. There is a civilization under Luxor in the trans-Himalayan mountain range, civilization is called Ra Ma., underneath the Bermuda triangle. There are a series of domed cities called Ra Yolo and under Mount Shasta, it’s called Ra Mu.

A: Interesting. So those domes are still there, are they not? Around the Bermuda Triangle?

R: There is a civilization down there. Some of them may have already moved to other planets because of other things. But I want to get back to your question there. So they went underground. So what happened was they decided to wait and make the plan long-term for the next time that the light of the central sun would hit the earth. As we move through the circle of the galaxy, not only do we go around in a circle but we kind of snake up and down. So right now, we’re in the exact middle of the galactic plane. So that is what the super wave is all about. The light is coming from the central son which allows portals of travel from other worlds and higher dimensions to come here. On a cyclic level, the guardians of the physical creation which are higher dimensional beings which we would call angels or Elohim, birds of flame, these various higher dimensional beings, which minister to the light of the lower worlds.

A: I had also read in the Gnosis and The Law that the Element of Fire, or the Element of Water are actual magnificent beings that created these elements on this planet.

R: Absolutely. There is wonderful stuff in The Unveiled Mysteries, in the magic presence about the Ascended Masters, which is the planetary spiritual hierarchy. So as we get to this point here, many civilizations have been watching us. And we had a very, very, very high avatar, not that he’s the only one, because there are other avatars, that is, but he is one of the highest, and that is, Christ the King.

A: Yeah.

R: They call him the Creator Son. So many beings came here to observe his incarnation and what happened. There’s lots of interest with what is going to take place because this is a major battleground of these renegade forces. They have actually recently defeated them on many worlds. We have tremendous help here as Cobra has talked about and they are essentially defeated. Yes, I wanted to get to that main question but I wanted to preface it with why they didn’t come before. We have been in semi-quarantine. It is basically because we were being held hostage and we still are. They have tremendous biological nuclear weapons and they are the real suicide people. They will blow up the planet like they did the Asteroid Belt previously. There was a battle between Mars and the Asteroid Belt in the previous cycle and they did the same thing. So, this is not a new situation, and in order to preserve life, the Galactic forces are hiding, because if they were to come out, there will be more battles going on. It would precipitate biological, nuclear weapons being released by what we call the Cabal, which is a combination of Earth and alien forces. It is like a movie, and really very hard for a lot of people to grasp.

A: I know. Isn’t it amazing? Here we are nonchalantly discussing but anyone else who had never been exposed to this we think we are not.

R: Absolutely! But the evidence is out there, and I’m really good at presenting that stuff.

A: It’s time. It’s time to get this information out. Of course, in pieces. In a pace that the masses can handle. You have to start with the different… What I mean is, you can’t just throw out the entire galactic history to these guys.

R: That will come later. It is unfortunate, because the media has been bought. We have to wait till these people are arrested and then the real education can begin. In the meantime, we are promoting enlightened contacts with extraterrestrial intelligences and disseminating the message of peace, truth, love, and hope. And the promise…it is called the promise of the return of the light and the remembering of humanity into the Galactic Family. One of the things that happened is that we were genetically dumbed down a bit.

A: Yeah we were altered.

R: Interference is kind of blocking our left and right brain from communicating with each other.

A: Yeah, but not just that. Out of the 12 strands, this is the old group that were born here, 10 of them have been disconnected.

R: Absolutely. I am sure all of that stuff is going on. They actually have major technology which I’m sure many of your listeners are aware of designed to jam our frequency of our physical vehicle. You are a soul inhabiting a physical vehicle trying to have a spiritual experience, and your frequency is being clogged by vaccinations, chemtrails, GM of foods, aspartame,

A: Fluoride in the water.

R: HAARP, mind control, television… it is a very orchestrated thing that uses humanities weaknesses to a T. They know us and they are influencing us through the financial system. Oh, it’s crazy. Who says you have to pay to live on a planet? How come you can’t just have a house? Why are you harassed? Why are there taxes? It is all just designed to create dissension, which acts as food.

A: Yeah it is ectoplasm.

R: Some of these beings feed off of the psychic energy. We’ve seen these movies where they suck the life force out of people? Well that is what’s happening on the planet.

A: A lot of those movies are actually real. They are exaggerated, but they are real as to what is going on. Back to what you said, I often say to people, if they truly knew where their taxes are going they would never pay another dime.

R: Yeah the taxes, they don’t hardly use those. Those don’t cover hardly anything. We really don’t need taxes. They just print money for drug dealing.

A: Exactly. It is from drug dealing and war making. That is how they generate it. Or they just go to the printing press and print it. We’ve been dependent on the Federal Reserve which is over 80% foreign owned. Why are we going to a foreign institution which has nothing to do with federal ANYTHING and having them print our money, when we can print our own money?

R: It’s the biggest scam and when those guys go down, get ready for prosperity and freedom. They are going to blow their minds. They aren’t going to have to work as much. We are looking for individuals to step forward with alternative solutions. Our Constitution is pretty darn good but we didn’t button-down the financial thing. They got in through there by controlling Congress through bribes, blackmail, intimidation, or creating true believers.

A: I prefer the Declaration of Independence, but that is just my opinion.

R: Exactly. The same thing. Well they are hand in hand there.

R: So there are definitely changes taking place. According to Cobra, there were some battles in 1995. They were attempting to take over the Inner Earth. Many of the Inner Earth civilization that I’ve mentioned before were unable to defend themselves, fled, and some of their motherships will return.

A: Thank God! Thank God, they were protected. I’m glad to hear that.

R: Yeah some were taken elsewhere. Then they were defeated. There is another planet which a lot of people talk about. I talked to Cobra about that for you.

A: Oh you did? Good.

R: It is called planet X. It never comes within our solar system. It does not disrupt. Nibiru. Zecharia Sitchin was a brilliant scholar but I took him to Egypt in 1991 and he basically was just an old man. He didn’t believe in modern UFO’s He didn’t have any spiritual consciousness about him. He basically was a translator of ancient text.

A: I was going to say, how could he have written the books he has written and not believe in modern UFO’s?

R: Yeah, well I asked him that. I don’t know what his deal was or if he was a shield for the Zionists hiding the Nag Hammadi.

A: I was told that.

R: They are holding all of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

A: 250 translators were working on them. They quit in mass because they weren’t revealing that in the ancient biblical times with Christ and prior were having open contact with extraterrestrials. So were spaceships coming down and rejoicing in having communication with earth people. So they weren’t recording it. The translators said they quit, and they said fine. Dr. Stranges was given some of these translations by Valiant Thor, whose life was threatened by the Jewish rabbis. They called him up and said “you cannot release those. You will die.” He said “I am going to release them anyways.” The guy hung up on him and called him back later and said “you cannot release this information. The people are not supposed to have it. It is only for us.”

A: Yeah, according to whom, right?

R: According to the priesthoods. It’s just ignorance. It has nothing to do with Jewish, black or white. It was just ignorance and stupidity in all races and in all religions and in all creeds. It is just ignorance. We have to open up to the inner light and when we start to feel the sacredness and inner connection with Earth, this natural healing will take place. But we are so distracted in the modern world, which is planned, that we don’t have time to do anything but sit down in front of the boob tube and get more programming for the next day’s work.

A: And there is such genetic….I am talking generational belief system programming. I mean it is so embedded in our cells that we are unworthy, or we are sinners, or we need a master. That is one of the goals of the project is to assist humanity with this master slave mentality and eliminate it once and for all.

R: Absolutely. There are elder brothers that are further along the path than us. They are no better than us to be worshipped.

A: Right! And it is a different kind of thing Rob. They still honor and maintain your own autonomy, your own brilliance, your own beauty, your own talents, what you bring to the table. All have something incredible to bring forth.

R: Yeah. It’s like spices in a meal. Every essence has its nuance of flavor. Like every note in the symphony is important.

A: Exactly.

R: It’s like the ocean wouldn’t be there without every drop.

A: Right.

R: You take water out of the ocean, put it in a jar. Smell it two weeks later and it becomes foul. So we must reconnect with our Source.

A: Good parallelism. I like that!

R: Yeah. And we will retain our sweetness as we connect to our Source. One of the divine principles that must be enacted within humanity to develop is based on the astrological signs. Would you like to hear them?

A: Yeah! That’s really interesting. I would love to hear that.

R: OK. Aries is loyalty.

A: So that would be you. Mr. quintuple Aries.

R: Mr. quadruple Aries. With Capricorn Rising. Taurus escapes me right now. Gemini is honesty. Cancer is perseverance. Leo is compassion. Strangely enough, Virgo the Virgin is continence. Equanimity is Libra. That is remaining in the eye of the storm in your life, no matter what happens, you remain connected with your inner source.

A: Oh my gosh. That is so accurate for Libras.

R: Eight is Scorpio and that is courage. Nine is Sagittarius and that is humility. Ten is temperance and that is Capricorn. Eleven is charity and that is Aquarius. Pisces is faith. Taurus is….oh my goodness….

A: Is it love? integrity? I have heard those before. That has always fascinated me.

R: Those are the keys to Christ Consciousness. It is actually part of a physical process of invoking light into your being. In your being, you have seven dimensions, 7 levels of consciousness. You have seven endocrine gland, 7 notes to the musical scale. Seven colors to the rainbow, and you have seven chakras which are actually the four centers of etheric levels which direct prana or life force into your physical body. The hormones of the endocrine gland are the first unit of biochemistry that possesses consciousness. So whatever you are feeling is due to the fluctuations of your seven endocrine glands. By becoming aware of yourself as a lower personality physical vehicle, through yoga, you understand the feeling of bringing blood to these glands and normalizing their function, you can reach higher states of consciousness. The hormones of the endocrine gland are the first unit of biochemistry that possesses consciousness. So whatever you are feeling is due to the fluctuations of your seven endocrine glands. By becoming aware of yourself as a lower personality physical vehicle, through yoga, you understand the feeling of bringing blood to these endocrine glands and normalizing their function. You can reach higher states of consciousness as your awareness raises and your intention of your auric field moves into what’s called the Alta Major Center or the upper triad of consciousness, which is the pineal, pituitary, and thyroid glands. So, meditation is actually a physical exercise of bringing your lighted awareness to your head centers. These hormones will release feelings of bliss and communication consciousness. It works a lot through the serotonin levels and the pituitary gland. What is known as the Vegas Nerve or the psychic aerial super conscious nervous system of the body, is located in the 3rd ventricle of the brain and also at the base of the spine. The Hindus would call it kundalini.

R: So what is happening now is we are marrying science and religion.

A: I was going to say that there is a lot of information coming out in the last say 10 years through quantum nutrition where they are already determining that one of the main reasons for hypothyroidism, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, everything ultimately always connects back to a deficient Vegas Nerve signal..

R: Interesting. I hadn’t heard that but it makes sense. And a lot of that is from being jammed from technology. But, we have a very wonderful series of technology. That is a lot of what the Pleiadians and other ET’s are providing…health aid. For instance, Dr. Bell and I wore pyramids on our head and we create pyramid systems. In a completely healthy whole world, you don’t need that. It is like the magical herbs in the Hindu, the mythology. A lot of these teachings get lost in the myths and different stories ,and different gods all appear. There is a lot of misunderstanding. There is one true God. One true ineffable, unknowable, mighty, mystery, Elohim, El Elyon, The Most High, whatever it has been called. Adanoi, The Infinite Creative Source. Any word you can use limits it. Most people want to think of it as an anthropomorphic being. Pretend it is a white man. Really, it is Mother Father God. It is a universal balance principle. It is a divine masculine and divine feminine vortexes of light, which are the essences throughout all of creation.

A: Yeah one aspect provides the framework and foundation. The other provides the dynamic or activation aspect. Right?

R: Yes. Absolutely

A: So what is your opinion of how did the universe begin. How did Mother Father God begin?

R: Well, it is actually that people want to think that the Big Bang and creationism are at odds with each other. They are not. God created the Big Bang. So, there is material reality to the physical expansion and contraction that goes on within the Universe. And, at the same time there is Spirit moving through all of creation. That unknowable divine essence is a mystery of how life is actually created. In my journeys, in my astral journeys in the early days, my experiences were very similar to what Hurtak speaks of in the beginning of the Keys of Enoch. In the beginning Keys, my experience was I went out and had a beautiful…was taken to the center of some galaxy. It was unbelievable and I just glorified God.. It was like I was hanging out in outer space. I was watching this magical beautiful cyclical planetary system’s movement around this central thing. There are so many worlds. So much life! If you can imagine every brain of every world, how infinite! There are billions upon billions of galaxies and each one containing hundreds of millions of suns. You can just imagine! That is just the physical plane. On each planet, there are multiple dimensions. For instance, there is life on Venus but you cannot see it because they are not physical. They already exist on a higher dimension.

A: True. Isn’t that the case of all of the planets?

R: Not all of them are physical planets. For example the Pleiadians. They are physical beings but they are primarily etherical physical beings. As I said, we have 7 levels of consciousness. On the physical plane, there are 7 levels; sold, liquid, gas, ionic, and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ethers. The Pleiadian body is composed of primarily the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ethers. Their bodies aren’t as dense. They don’t fall into desires as much. They aren’t as easily swayed by their lower personality vehicle. But they are humans like us. They are not to be worshipped. Eventually you may see a 10’ or 12’ tall Sirians with beautiful blue skin. You are going to look at him and see he is humanoid. He is completely different in many ways. You will sense a great spiritual energy of love and light. You will feel like a child in his presence. At the same time, you will see he is human. He is not perfect. You should not worship him. He is a brother from another mother

A: Right. Very true.

R: So it is the whole family… a lot of this process is going to take place. I am certainly not going to state a time, but it is certainly being divinely orchestrated. The usurpation of the truth (its exposure) that is coming. Not one of us teachers or contactees have the whole experience. And it is designed that way because of security purposes, as well as to maintain our limited ego expansion of individuals who think that they are all that.

A: Well, on top of that, increase the level of growth, curiosity, challenge. I mean we’d get bored pretty fast if everybody had all of the answers.

R: Absolutely. And, I think you have many different people from many different cultures with different perspectives. They are only able to relate to their own experiences with their own people, with their own backgrounds, and their own histories in a better way. I think I am pretty good at that because I am able to bring together world religions, different teachings, different extraterrestrials groups. I let them know it is all the same message.

We shouldn’t be arguing and be confused. We should be listening to the teachings and trying to actually seek alternative solutions, instead of fighting the Cabal and all these things. Let’s just not go to work in Monsanto!

A: Absolutely!

R: Let’s just no respond to the call to war.

A: If people would take the time to look into these banks and just withdraw their funds and go to the local smaller banks or credit unions, which give them just as many opportunities. That would send a huge message across the world.

R: That’s very good. It’s a wonderful idea. People could really get behind that.

A: Support the small businessman or woman, ya’ know.

R: Well here’s the deal. They did that. The savings and loan scandal. Remember when they all collapsed?

A: Yes.

R: That was engineered. That was designed to put all the wealth back into the big boys hands. They let the money out. They give you credit. They inflate the value. They suck it back in. And they create all the tension and get richer and richer each time.

So they are done. I am declaring that those criminals and the government be on watch! I am not a violent person. I am not going to take you over, but you’re done. You are history. Your lies and deceit, your agenda 21 depopulation program, chemtrails…all of that is going to be ended. And, you better turn to the light now and you’d better recognize that money is not a god. You can’t worship it because this planet is very sacred. It’s over. We are not going to allow it to happen. Luckily, we have spiritual divine forces that are very shortly to impose themselves in a galactic enforcement of removing not only hostile alien forces that they have, but there are some remnants of these forces left. There are still some reptilians and different renegade whites, tall whites they call Pleiadians or Plejarans, or whatever, as well as supposedly some Sirians. These groups go by different names. One calls themselves Omegans. If you will notice on the chemtrail tanker planes, the famous picture of aircraft at Point Mugu, the tail feather had the symbol of Omega. The government, neo-Nazi P2Lodge and their underground bases, the Vatican , the Jesuits, the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations. Many of those are built with lower earthly minions that are simply greedy individuals with low moral character who have been implementing, unbeknownst to many of them, plans of total enslavement.

A: Yes

R: Well they are going along with the call. They are done. Those plans are being dismantled as we speak behind the glare of the world’s media. They are pushing forward the propaganda machine and maintaining. If they want to create a war, they can’t. Submarines have been snatched. Illuminati members who were doing their little rituals in underground bunkers, sacrificing children… How sick! They have been arrested, some of them, in action, by the Resistance Movement.

A: There’s been some phenomenal breakthroughs in the last month in particular. It’s mind blowing how much progress I see. When I blog, I am blogging with the filter of ok, wow, here is another step towards freedom. And there’s just an awful lot of that going on.

Rob, my question to you is how would you define this grand experiment? Supposedly, we are in a grand experiment. How do you see that?

R: Well I don’t think I can get any better than James Hurtak who said “the earth is a biochemical testing zone using fallen and divine thought forms to determine which type of incarnation and free itself of the countless rounds of existence imposed by the fallen masters inhabiting imperfect light bodies from the regions of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, Polaris, and Subban.

A: Wow, can you say that one again?

R: I can

A: Just kidding.

R: I read the Keys of Enoch and committed it to memory. I’m really good at that kind of thing.

A: I’m impressed Rob.

R: It’s really cool. He’s described a lot of stuff that is going forward now. His stuff is kind of technical and hard to get, but if you just kind of hang with it, it filters in. You really get an understanding. Some of the UFO’s that are appearing now, the pyramid shaped ones, these are whole light beings and they are doing some major stuff. They are going to really be coming forward with allowing humanity to sense it easier, the divinity within us. We will be able to have a little peace and it is real simple. Most of humanity is non-violent and cannot wrap their heads around the fact that there are people that have built FEMA camps, ovens next to trains. The Nazi thing is not dead. Hitler did not die. A book called the Veil of Invisibility. People will look that up on the internet and look at the pictures. The Bushes are actually Nazis. George Bush Sr.’s father’s name was George Bush Sir (Prescott Sheldon) and he was a Nazi spy.

A: Yeah, he made quite a bit of money off of exterminating a lot of lives in WWII.

R: Yeah, the kids are going along. Actually, George Bush Jr. is a reptilian soul in an earth body. It was prophesized by Nostradamus when they stole the election. It is a kind of interesting prophesy that I will repeat to you because I know it by heart.

”In the home of greatest power (which would be America),a millennium year, the village idiot is acclaimed the leader (not voted because they stole the election).”

Anyone who is voting knows that the electronic voting machines can claim they don’t have executable programs, but they are all connected and then they are changed by satellite. This was documented in the documentary called Hacking Democracy. The people in Florida took them through this thing and brought in computer experts. They changed the votes right in front of them. It was so real that these beautiful women, The League of Women Voters, all of these people who volunteered to support the voting process were crying. They thought that the voting process was real. Here it was exposed to them that electronic voting machines are corrupt.

A: You know what? Those are the moments when you finally say “OK, I need to go back to square one and reeducate myself, and really start realizing what’s truly going on around me, not what someone told me is going on around me.

R: Absolutely, and I think that is why your work is so tremendous Alexandra. You have a wonderful website. I think more and more people will start to tune into it. You have many other interesting aspects to your website. Not only the great links, but so much wonderful information. I think you are doing a tremendous job.

A: Well thank you Rob. This is the end of our first hour. I just want everyone to know that we are going to be covering so many different topics. Rob and I agreed that there is just too much to cover in just one hour. But, we will come back same channel, same time, same space, right Rob?

R: Absolutely. Let’s do it again. I will tell you about my first contact experience. I couldn’t get into that. It’s a long drawn out one. But, we will be hearing about meeting a military resistance member who was in an underground abduction base and who refused to cooperate and was rescued by the Pleiadians. His name is Jim and I owe him a great debt of gratitude. He showed me many things about the dark and the light back in 1982, when I went into the desert when Semjase first came out and talked to me. So, we will talk about that on the next show.

A: Yeah, we have a lot to cover. I just want everyone to know that Rob and I will be working together at the Cobra conference. We’ve decided we are going to probably put a video up on for those of you who can’t be there physically, but we know you will be there in spirit. That way you can get a little bit of a feel of what happens and what we experienced. I am going to interview the group of people there individually just to see what they felt, what they experienced, and what they walked away with. Now Rob, you may want to remind them and tell them about the conference in Egypt.

R: Yeah, I also wanted to tell people that if you want to go to, on the right hand side of the page it says Conferences Around the World. You can click on that and it will take you to various conferences. You might want to sign up for my event in Laguna Beach that is going to take place Friday November 23rd from 7 to 10. That is free. If you want to just come and test the waters in Laguna Beach at the Aliso Creek Inn from 7 to 10 pm. If you decide that you like it, then you can sign up. Saturday and Sunday, we are having an all-day mostly with Cobra, but I will be sharing some pyramid portal crystal laser vortex information, which is how we contacted the Pleiadians. We will be sharing some of the uplifting healing technologies coming forward which helps us balance our light body. Also, we just confirmed that we are doing Egypt. I bought my ticket yesterday.

A: Yeah! Good for you! I want to go so badly.

R: It’s only $1000 round trip from LAX to Egypt. The hotels are $80 a night. Literally your hotel costs would be $100 total. There will be entrance fees going inside The Great Pyramid. We will be there in spirit. If you can’t make it, wherever you are on December 21st, 2012 from 4 to 7 pm Egyptian time, the Cobra group will have a special entry inside The Great Pyramid. We will be doing an activation meditation. And, you are welcome to join us. There is a small fee on the website with the group. Basically, everyone gets their own plane ticket, your own hotel room, your own meals. We are going to meet every day and do some talking, sharing and activations. So, anyone who wants to come, go to

A: There is also the information up on Don’t forget.

R: Oh wonderful! Ok.

A: So you can go to Cobra’s site or you can go to and they will have all the details that they have provided me.

R: Wow! That’s great. So, look forward to talking to you again Alexandra.

A: You too, Rob. I think we have big things to do together on this planet. Rob’s and my connection was almost like destiny.

R: It was magical.

A: Yeah, it was magical. When we sat down and started discussing what our vision is, why we are here, what we feel our mission is, what we are here to do, I just literally couldn’t believe the correlation and the similarities. They were so right on. Including Fred Bell’s technology and the creating of healing chambers, etc. So, we will be talking a little more about that also. So, stay tuned everybody. We will be putting this up shortly. I know I have to get the transcript together. But, we do appreciate your time. Also, any donation you can give, even if it is a dollar, because I am doing all of this on my own (would be greatly appreciated). Rob do you have anything last minute you want to say to everyone?

R: Yeah, I just want to say have no fear, Great Spirit is here. There is hope. Continue in your meditations ad intentions. Have patience with your fellow beings. There is a lot of frustration and misunderstanding. And, continue to invoke the light into yourself. I like to look at everyone and imagine above their head a violet flame coming out of the center of their head. Above them is this radiant sun presence. If you can address that presence and look beyond their lower personality problems, and keep focusing on their Infinite Godself, in your interactions and reactions. Follow the 4 agreements; don’t take things personally, be impeccable in your word, always do your best, the Don Juan, use death as an advisor, erase personal history, gather personal karma for yourself and move forward in a positive way and be the solution. Light a candle instead of complaining in the darkness.

A: And I’d like to add to that, what if we wake up each day and we realize that if we would just change our thoughts that it is now time for those thoughts to turn into a manifestation. We have so much less interference now, guys. We have a lot less that we are up against so to speak, that if we just change the way we are thinking, the way we are programmed, if we can just step back and observe ourselves and just make that one small step, you will start to see a lot of things beginning to unfold in your life.

R: Absolutely. The Universe will meet you now in a big way.

A: In a big big way! Things are really starting to open up for all of us. So, I bid you all adieu. I love you all. I thank you all for your support to and we will be talking to you again. Thank you so much Rob for your time.

R: My pleasure Alexandra.

A: I appreciate it. Bye everybody.

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