ISAAC TIGRETT – founder and ex owner of HARD ROCK CAFFE

About Sai super-speciality hospital

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Mr Tigrett speaks:
It was a fabulous conference . It went on for about a week . There were two thousand delegates from around the world .. these were all the spiritual leaders from around the world .... . all of the parliamentarians from around the world .... Senator Albert Gore spoke there .... the prime minister of Norway .... . the .... all kinds of wonderful wonderful speakers.
.... and Sai Baba in fact told me .... he said " Now I don ' t want you running around doing what you usually do , trying to organise everybody .... so I want you to stay in your room and be ready to speak ". The only way I could interpret this is that I would probably meet someone there at the conference .... .
.... and this is very important because I think this is the way Sai wants us to speak to everyone .... to wait and look and be available to let him speak through you to someone .... so I went to my room and I was .... just sort of meditated and I didn't go out and scurry about like I usually do ....
The conference went on for a week . It was dynamic .... some of the greatest speakers in the world and at the closing ceremonies .. the head of the organisation came up to me and said, " We want you to speak , Isaac". .... so .... I was terrified , like I am now .... and .... except for few little notes .... I just stood up in front of this massive group with a global audience .... it was being transmitted by satellite .... and asked Swami to speak through me .... and He gave a miraculous speech .... all about love
It was really funny …. about a year later I was blessed to be in His presence .... and there was some other gentleman there .... . and He spoke about the conference .... . and told everybody about the conference and how He gave this discourse on love through me and how nervous I was at the beginning , but better towards the end .... so hopefully I would do the same today.
I want to thank Michael Hollander . I have to tell you , I've never been more terrified than the first time I met Michael Hollander . I was wearing black and I do wear black on occasion , obviously this was the wrong occasion . he came right up to me and scared the daylights out of me .... and that was back in 1975 .... I guess .... something like that . he is a very wonderful man . he's a great Sai devotee .... as we all knew .... . who worked with him .... and I feel blessed to know him.
Ceilings of desires is sort of funny because I've got all of them and there's no ceiling at all! .... . I guess .... what I thought I would do today .... is to talk about .... I guess ..the only subject I know fairly well .... which is myself and sort of tell you my story.
I'm from Jackson Tennessee , which is a small country town between Nashville and Memphis Tennessee . I was raised there till about the age of fifteen and then I went to England . my mother and father were separated .... he went to England .... he had businesses there and I was blessed to go there.
I started a business when I was nineteen which I called the Hard Rock Cafe . I was a devout devotee of Jimmy Hendrix and ???? and Zed Zeppelin and several other fellows .... . which I still am actually .... I think they are fantastic .... and I started this businesses . The Lord blessed me with phenomenal success .... beyond my wildest dreams ....
.... In fact there are many people who .... later as I became a Sai devotee .. I worried constantly .... I wasn't very popular in groups such as this .... mainly because people felt like that .... you .... know .... a bunch of rock and roll .... and drugs .... and crazy stuff .... and it was .... but you know .... Sai is not going to be in a place like that (? and he's not going to be using someone like that) .... and I worried about it a great deal for many many years . I can only tell you that subsequent to Sai being so wonderful and calling me in and now spending so much time with me .... which I am blessed to be able to do .... .... he's told me that the Hard Rock Cafe was his .... which I knew .... . which I knew. you may know that there is a picture of Sai Baba in every Hard Rock Cafe and it's very interesting , he said that it was an "oasis of light in a sea of darkness" .... and I feel that that is really what all of us are .... and should be .... in this Kali Yuga .... . a beacon for him .
It was a fabulous time for me .
.... Eventually I was blessed to buy the rights to a book . I've been receiving metaphysical sort of visitations since I was about thirteen years old and I got one of these visitations which said , " Buy the Secret Life of Plants." I didn't know what this was . I was about 23 years old .... . I think .... at the time. Newsweek magazine, at about two three weeks later, here in the book section ,which I avidly read , there was a book that had come out about parapsychology and psychic phenomenon , whose name was the "Secret Life of Plants" by Christopher Bird and Peter Tompkins . This was 1973. I immediately called up the authors and said , "I would like to buy the theatrical rights to your book because it's a subject that's very near and dear to me."
I had been receiving sort of psychic experiences from about thirteen years old .... . and was terrified at the beginning .... didn't understand it .... it was actually a preacher named Norman Vincent P ???? of New York City, who's a friend of my family's , who put me on the path originally and explained to my parents (and to me ) that I wasn't insane , because I certainly felt that I was going insane at that time when things not of your own making come into your consciousness .... it's difficult . Now I know that that's exactly where we all should really be !
It was very interesting . I bought the rights to this book (Secret Life of Plants). I called these authors and the guys said , "Oh Mr. Tigrett .... I can't believe that you want this .... this is a complete failure." this book .... Harpers and Row had published this .... it had been their big Christmas book .... it had been received very poorly .... in fact the article that I had read was very down on the whole subject of phenomenon ..and I said , " I don't care .... I know I am supposed to buy that theatrical rights from you." .... and I did for practically no money whatsoever .... over the telephone. six weeks later it hit the New York Times bestseller list. it stayed there for fifty seven weeks .... and the next thing I knew, I was one of the most popular guys in Hollywood for a very short period of time .... and a .... it was really quite fantastic .... it took me to California ..and Warner Brothers .... I made a distribution deal with .... and I was blessed to then go out with .... Steve Wonder became my partner ..and production of it .... he is a very spiritual gentleman and ..was very blessed .... he did the sound track to the .... film which is an album .... relatively unknown album that he did called the "Secret Life of Plants" .... and we went on a journey around the world for about a year nine months .... as we were writing the screenplay .... to research all the phenomenon on the planet which this book had been written about .... we went to places like the ????? institute , Virginia Beach .... we went the University of California, in Southern California .... where they had parapsychology department .... John Hopkins .... Duke .... I remember going down to Mexico, they had a gentleman there who actually was an indigent street gentleman who could take Polaroid film and put it up on his forehead and make any type of photograph appear . If you wanted a picture of the New York City skyline with J.F.K. silhouette over the top ..he would do it for you .... in fact he would do it primarily for alcohol ..and I remember distinctly that later on in the day , the buildings would start to slant a little bit .... he was pretty exciting ....
But this journey eventually took me to the mother ship of phenomenon, our beloved India , the most fantastic land on this planet . I mean it's rich with everything to do with spiritualism . It is a people who are .... have kept the spiritual train running . It's wondrous that this fabulous land , which many of us have been blessed to go to , is still there in the midst of this Kali Yuga to protect and proclaim that God is everything and everywhere .... and it was on this trip that I was, in fact, in a hotel in a place called Aurangabhad .... which is in the North .... and something started coming into my consciousness .... and said " I've been waiting for you ... you come !" .... I am looking around this hotel lobby .... and there was no one there except people scurrying about .... I heard this voice again .... I realised that it was my inner voice speaking to me quite loudly and I looked up and there was a photograph of Shri Sathya Sai Baba . I asked someone who this was .... he 'd not even been on my list of masters to visit in India , of course .... and they told me that his was their national treasure . I knew that that was the master that I had been searching for .... for many many years .... or suspected it .... and got onto a plane and went down to .... Whitefield actually .
There were .... it was a Sunday .... there were probably the usual thousand or so people there and I sat back on the wall ..... if I didn't sit , I stood .... dressed in black of course and Sai Baba came out and he parted the crowd and walked right up to the wall where I was standing .... and I had seen him move his hand for a few people ..and they put their hands out .... so I thought that that was what I was supposed to do . He made vibhuthi for me and that began my association with Sathya Sai Baba .... that was 1973 fact, he said to me ,"eat it ... very good " so I did ....
.... . And I didn't speak to him again from 1973, although I went there every year . I would spend a couple of weeks .... sometimes a month .... sometimes longer .... between 1973 and 1989 .... in fact , it's sort of interesting. I became sort of the ashram joke .... to a degree .... it's so funny, you go there .... and those of you who've been there know ..that everyone is totally preoccupied with getting an interview .... their egos .... I mean .... as they say it's like doing your dirty laundry being at Puttaparthi .... and it certainly is .... people are certainly regurgitating all ceilings of desires .... if there's such a thing there .... and it was quite phenomenal whenever someone was going through a traumatic state ..which seems to be a regular thing there .... they would wheel me out because I was the guy who that hadn't had an interview .... or a glance .... or a look ..or a word … for 5 years .... 8 years .... 12 years .... and eventually 15 years that I spent going there without a glance from Shri Sathya Sai Baba .... but I knew who he was and that was all that was necessary . I still , to this day, am mystified .... why it's even necessary to talk to him .... or why he really wants me to be there for him to talk to .... it's totally unnecessary because he is not what he appears to be at all . He is much more dynamic than a little man with furry hair running around building hospitals and universities .... and I mean that quite seriously .... it's a .... I'll never forget those years .... it was so fantastic .... I guess .... it was in fact my dear friend Michael Hollander , who kept saying ," Hang in there Isaac! hang in there! hang in there !" .... and it was always a great comfort to see him there , as I did , many many times over the years ....
I was really sort of in a state of shock when he did call me .... I think .... the reason being is that I had a number of fabulous experiences over that fifteen year period where he would .... I guess he was forced to reassure me who he was .... I had a very wild life .... to say the least .... I remember one time leaving the road terribly intoxicated at about five o'clock in the morning in a Porsche doing about ninety miles an hour .... in California ..down a canyon .... this car flew off into the air .... about a three to four hundred foot drop .... and I had actually fallen asleep while driving home .... ( a little) inebriated .... and Sai Baba suddenly appeared next to me in the car .... this was 1975 maybe or 1976 .... put his arm around me .... and I just noticed him as the car started to spin in mid air went over probably about ten times .... there was nothing left of the car .... there was no windshield .... there was no roll bar ..there were no doors .... there was no engine .... there was nothing .... it was totally and completely destroyed .... yet I got up and out .... I mean the pressure of this arm around me .... I guess .... protected me completely and I got up and walked out of this car without even a bruise .... much less a scratch . I got on a plane immediately and went to India to thank him .... and of course he ignored me the whole time ....
Again, in 1977, I had an epileptic fit due to an intense drug overdose in a hotel room in Denver , Colorado about one o'clock in the morning . I went into epilepsy . I lost all motor response . I fell to the floor. I swallowed my tongue . I choked to death .... just like you read about , my spirit came out of the top of my head .... I was in a different state of consciousness and I was looking down at my body .... something in that state of consciousness ..which was one of total peace and wondrous .... I will never forget it .... said to me,
"your time is not now .... call your gurus name " .... I called Sai Baba's name and he appeared instantly in this room .... he picked me up and put me on a bed ..he pulled my tongue out ..I am watching this from above .... he places his hand on my chest and pushes on my chest and the spirit went right back into my body .... I was back into the state of epilepsy at that point in time .... and I don't know how much time passed .... surely a number of minutes .... and shortly afterwards I was released from hospital because it was drug related .... not an actual mental malady. I left for India the next day to thank Sai Baba and he ignored for several months on that occasion as well ....
I have to tell you , that fifteen years later, while we are working on the hospital .... he's so wonderful .... timing of course is everything with him .... it was quite wonderful that while we were .... I guess I've been blessed to be with him for a number of hours with a number of distinguished surgeons who had been gathered together at Whitefield in his home there to discuss the hospital .... and he got everyone's attention several hours into this meeting .... and I was sitting next to him ..and he said , " I saved this mans life two times .... didn't I?" This is fifteen years later. I must also add that I said ,"Yes of course. " He leaned over and whispered in my ear, " And many other times too ." As you all know, Sai Baba is hilarious .... absolutely .... he is quite a miracle to us all .... but his humour is really something else.
I have to tell you a little bit about something that's important to me . I told some folks about this and they seemed to think that it was important to them , so I thought I would repeat it today .
I had a very unusual childhood and .... that .... not unlike many other people .... have suffered greatly in this life, probably due to things in a past life . but I really had a wonderful childhood until I was about thirteen years old . at that time, I was playing with a little brother .... and we got into a little fight ..and part of this bank collapsed ..and he was suffocated .... I dug him out and he died in my arms . my parents blamed me for this death and they also blamed each other .... at the same time my parent never spoke again .
My older brother who had an extreme IQ was affected by this . I blamed myself for this actually at the time, and the next thing I knew .... he had become mentally ill . He flipped out completely and I spent a number of years in mental institutions with him . he wouldn't talk to anyone else but me . these were tortuous years for me because I was locked wars with many other people . He eventually took his own life .
My mother and father never spoke again … and again, I blamed myself for this … as well as my second brothers death .
My father sort of committed social and business suicide .... and then he allowed his business , which employed everyone in our town of Jackson , Tennessee , to fail on purpose to punish himself . I also believed that this was my fault . he eventually left Jackson Tennessee ..and left my mother and ran off with a young lady to England.
It took me many many years to deal with this extreme sadness . It went on for so long. It was so painful . Not anything different that many of you have experienced, I am sure .... and I was preoccupied with all of these tragedies for many many years .... and thought, "Oh ! what I terrible life I had surely had." .... and on one occasion not long ago with Sai Baba .... and I must say that this occasion changed my life .... I asked him .... or rather during a situation together .... he turned to me and said ," Tigrett , do you have any questions about anything which you would like to know about .... I'll answer any question ?". And I said , "Yes .... I would like to know why I was born into a family with so much tragedy and death and insanity and violence and .... and all these things that went on for so many years .... went on and on and on .... why was I born into a family like this ?". And he smiled and looked at me and he said ,"To soften your heart " .... and I can tell you now that suddenly I realised that I had been blessed to be born into that family .... and to have experienced those experiences, because what little I am today …. it has made me …. and God knows I have an massive ego .... and if I hadn't had those experiences ????? what I would be doing . It's important for each of us to realise that cards that we are dealt .... are given with great love and compassion .... and it's simply your karma .... we are Baba has said so many many times before , Past is past .... the future is uncertain .... NOW is the time .... you are making your future now .... whatever you put out .... comes back to you .... it's a very simple simple formula in the spiritual world just as it's in the laws of physics .
I have to tell you about my first interview with Sathya Sai Baba because it was quite fantastic . I think it was in 1974, the first time I went to Puttaparthi, that on leaving the canteen .... and by the way, I think the food there is fantastic despite rumours that it's not so good, I noticed a little sign over the door .... a little wooden sign .... in fact that sign is still there .... it says " love all , serve all. " So I thought .... well .... he's got me in this amazing crazy world , in this crazy business , and it struck me so strongly, that I said, "This surely is the only thing that's important in life and I am going to put this into my business ." So I went back . This one little message changed my whole life . I went back and I started preaching to my staff , it was in my heart anyway , I had always felt it , that "love all , serve all " was the most .... it's why we're born .... it's why we are here .... there is no other thing to think about .... and I adopted this expression for my business. In fact, in every Hard Rock Cafe throughout the world, you will find a sign that says "love all , serve all." In fact, we put it on millions of T-shirts …. twenty million matches .... and buttons and this and that .... and everything else .... and I would give a speech about it to my staff once a month at some Hard Rock in the world .... and this is how I ran my business . I knew that I had to bring in my spiritual life into my business ..that it was the only way to really survive successfully in creating what he wants .... because that's what he does want .... he wants us all to be puppets for him .... if we can say the word puppets .... hard to deal for the egos a little bit .... but that's really what it's all about. He wants us to be instruments , and I tried to become this instrument for him . I am still obviously trying very hard . I have to say that “love all, serve all” became the motto of my staff and of all the people who admire what we were doing.
Again, I always had this fear that I was doing something wrong ..I mean , it seemed so crazy to be in such a crazy world ….that I was living in ..and had this divine master plus psychic experiences all the time plus whatever .... it wasn't till my first interview that I really understood ..or got confirmation from him that he was behind the Hard Rock. I'll never forget when he said , "You come in". I mean after fifteen years ..I looked at the guy behind me .... (I was sure that's he, he ) was talking about can't be me .... and it was quite wonderful .... he called me and terrified the day lights out of me of course by doing so, and he sat me right down in front of him, and there were ten or twelve people there and he said ," Where is God ?". And I said ,"Well he's in my heart". He said ,"No". He said ," God is everywhere .... it's like fish swimming through water .... the water is above the fish , around the fish , below ,and inside . You are fish swimming through God ." This has been one of the most wonderful moments of my life and I am sure for those that were in the room, because we are swimming through God at this very moment. He is everywhere and it's that consciousness which we are all trying to reach .... not just intellectually ..but to completely understand and merge with that consciousness. He then asked me , " How do you get to God ?". I just missed the first question so I wasn't going to answer another one .... so I sat back like this .... and he asked another fellow, "How do you get to God ?" .... and he said nothing .. he asked, " How do you get to God ?" and then he turned to me, and he asked me again, " How you get to God ?" .... and I just sort of sat back .... and he winked at me and he said ,"Love all ,serve all ". It really is what it's all about. There is no doubt about it.
I really want to tell you also about the hospital a little bit. I was very blessed that Sai Baba brought me forward … and I had told my staff and my folks .... my brothers and sisters at the Hard Rock .... in which there were some three or four thousand of us altogether around the world .... from the day that I started it back in 1971, ..that this was going to serve mankind in some way … and one day .... no one would ever believe me .... I don't think I believed it myself .... one day, something that this incredible success that we had had, will somehow serve mankind. I used to say this on a monthly basis for many many years. Swami brought someone, just in the nick of time, because I was near death and exhaustion from expanding my business all over the world, who offered me too much money for it. And I consider it to be a sign from God .... and sold the Hard Rock Cafe …. it was a public company … it was on the London Stock Exchange and also the American Stock Exchange … and after .... it was quite difficult to let it go .. but after a lot of meditation I kept getting signs .... yes indeed , this is what I want you to do . I had already set up a foundation called the "Rama Foundation" many years before and put half of my stock into that foundation. That foundation received the benefits from half the sale of the Hard Rock Cafe which sold for a miraculous hundred and eight million dollars .... I might say .... oh goodness ! .... in fact I will never forget ....
This reminds me of something else .... Swami .... there was this big chubby lady came in one day and he was giving her a lecture about how to cook ..and he gave her a whole lesson on how to cook .... and we sat there .... how to boil water .... how to do the rice .... how to do everything .... went on and on and on .... and then .... all of you know this .... he turned and he said ,"Sai Baba weighs a perfect one hundred and eight pounds. I have (always) since the age of fourteen , I have weighed a hundred and eight pounds. " Which is, I think quite wonderful. It's very important in numerology too .... there is so much mystery in this world .... so much more going on than that we are aware of ....
.... at any rate I was blessed that .... Sai Baba ... I went to him and said , "Swami, I have this money .... "
.... " I know , I know , I know " .... you know .... and he said , "We are going to build a hospital " ....
"so what do you want me to do with it ?" ....
He said , "We'll build a hospital" ....
I said ,"great"
I want to say one word about this Sai Baba and money business . Because everybody says that ," .... Sai doesn't take any money .... ". Sai needs nothing . He blessed me by allowing me to give him some money. He didn't ask for it. He arranged it. He knew I was coming fifteen life times ago .... for that moment .... The organisation and how it runs exactly the same way .... he's opened over two hundred schools around India .... he has the university .... the high school .... many others .... they support. I've seen the books in detail , how the central trust works . It works on donations . It works on donations from wealthy Sai devotees who give anonymously to the Central Trust, and have for years and years and years. They went to him .... he would say ,"We are going to build a school " .... immediately someone comes from somewhere and says ,"here is the money for it " .... he says "great" or he'll say "no." I have seen him nine times out of ten refuse because he knows it isn't correct .... it's a phenomenon ..that's , for me as businessman , has been incredible to watch and see how it works . It's something that no one should be frightened of or embarrassed by .... I mean .... you know I .... people say, "Oh ! you can't be spiritual and have money." That's nonsense .... you now .... it's absolute nonsense. Which you can't be is, completely worship money and be involved in it.
I got to the point fact ..and I am getting little bit off the subject .... I got to the point where through meditation, I'd reached a certain state of mind .... I realised that I was ???? detached from so many many things .... starting with my daughter .... who I gave to Sai .... then my wife .... and material things that I've never cared about particularly .... and I wrote to him and said , " Swami , because you have also graced me with this ability to pull energy into my body through meditation .... do you want me to just go off into a cave somewhere and do this meditation ?” And he said , " In another period of history that would have been correct ", he said ," but not now ", he said ,"I want you in the world , I want you with these things , but I don't want you to be attached to them , I want you to stand next to them , but not be victimised by them I want beacons of light in the world , the world must be purified in this age .... this wonderful age that we are blessed to have been born into .... because the new age is upon us …. and I'll `speak more a little about what Sai has told me about that shortly.
The hospital was a blessing .... particularly in many many many different ways. He asked me to organise .... the Rama foundation to organise … the architecture of the hospital. I was blessed to meet a Professor Keith Kirchlow , who teaches at the Royal College of Art in London , and Professor Kirchlow is the worlds leading sacred architect. He knows all the ancient geometry. He has written many books .... I cannot understand a single one of them .... but he is an absolute amazing amazing man and Sai Baba put us together. I brought Keith down to see Sai Baba , and Sai Baba said , "Yes this is the man who will do this hospital ". It was based on ancient geometry. It was unique to watch the process of the hospital being built. “The first thing that happens,” Keith said , "we must cleanse the land before Swami comes out to do his pujas and so forth .." And we asked Swami .... Keith .... "Should we draw on the land itself .... this ancient Mandala?" And Sai Baba said , " Yes, you draw the Mandala on the land. " And Keith and I got into a car and went out to the land , and Keith, as we were driving , said , "You know, I've only done this for some Tibetan lamas up in Sikkhim, who asked me to build a monastery up there , and the Mandala doesn't work unless there is an eagle on the property or flying around overhead,” or something like that , because you got to do intonements and so forth as well . When we got out to the land , there were five eagles sitting on the ground , right in the spot where we were to draw the Mandala . We drew this Mandala very carefully on the land . The eagles literally just .... they didn't even get up ..they just stepped aside was quite a miraculous thing . Kitchlow is a wonderful man and a great devotee of Sathya Sai Baba. The hospital was built before the medical planning was even done . It was a matter of form and had to accept the human spirit. Swami wanted it this way . It was based on ancient numerology. It's quite fantastic. One hundred and eight played a primary degree in the setting of the land and the building (and) the dome .... thirty three played a great deal into the geometry …. and …. because of the thirty three years that Christ was on the planet .... the whole thing was formed first and … they … we had to put whatever we wanted inside. It's done in a totally different way . It's a sacred temple of healing , and now having been there so many many times , it's quite miraculous, the feeling you get when you walk into the building. It's one of extreme divinity , a quite fantastic place.
I was also blessed .... Sai asked me to do the medical planning . We got Hospital Corporation of America , which is the leading hospital corporation in the world. They've built thousands of hospitals around the world. They did the medical planning for us. He brought in some of the brightest minds in India and other countries .... also to take what the Hospital Corporation had done and tear it all to bits .... and to start all over again .... and he made many many changes himself as he told me .... he said , "This is a prototype .... this is an absolute prototype . " And I thought , " Well gosh .... what does that mean , I haven't got a clue ? "
He sent me shortly afterwards to the World Health Organisation in Geneva. I went there and I met with a group of about twelve of their leading doctors there. When I put the plans out for them, they were outraged at the entire idea of this hospital . They said it will never work … “How could you build a super specialty hospital when we can't even teach people in third world countries proper hygiene or how to get inoculations ?” .... or whatever . They tore me into little pieces ..which is pretty hard to do .... and .... I sat there calmly listening to them , knowing that they were absolutely correct about what they were saying , except that this was Shri Sathya Sai Baba's hospital . There was a doctor Singh , who was late to the meeting of these ten gentleman .... one was from Japan .... one was from Ghana one was from ???? Dr. Singh came just as they were taking the last bit of skin off my body .... and Dr. Singh just took one look and said "Oh , Sai baba's doing this ..if anyone can make it happen , it will be Sai Baba ."
In fact it's incredible .... because .... Sai Baba does not give you faith . I am sure that we have all been through this many many times before .... it's earned, it's something that's part of the whole destruction of the ego process .... our ego wants to deny the existence of God .... period . But … I was amazed ..even with my own doubts .... to now watch and see exactly how he has performed .... the hospital. I say " performed" because it has been a performance and a half. It has been a start stop process .... first of all, there is no other specialty hospital in the world , in the third world situation free… in fact there is none free ..period , that I know of . As you know that, the hospital is on an hundred acre site. It's about forty buildings there. It's not only the hospital's all the backup buildings .... a whole village has been built… it’s in the process of being completed now … which will house three thousand five hundred staff and their families for that hospital . It will be bigger than the ashram population . It's also the Puttaparthi hospital .... which I am really excited about .... because one thing I learned ..I learnt a lot about the hospital business .... certainly in this type of situation .... the Puttaparthi hospital has been almost tripled in size .... they've being seeing on average, 350 – 400 people a day. In fact for every two or three thousand people that they see in the General Hospital , only one needs to go to the Super Speciality Hospital .
The Super Speciality Hospital is a hospital where they do .... you know .... heart transplants .... eventually . Right now they are doing open-heart surgery . When I was there two months ago, they just completed their one hundred and seventy fifth open-heart surgery .... in devastating conditions there .... and the amazing thing was that all the laws of statistics said that someone should have died of infection .... someone should have died period. ..but many should have died of infection because it's still an construction site ..there is still dirt and dust and so forth . Not one patient has been lost . It's quite fantastic . The hospital is a four stage .... it's in four stages .... on his birthday this year, they're going to open up the next wing of the hospital .... right at the moment the heart wing .... he wanted to start with the heart, which is apropos of our Lord…. the next will be .... I think .... the urology department .... and that will be followed by the other two departments over the next two years . In fact ,they want as a birthday gift to Swami, to have the urology department going .... it will be headed by Dr. Bhat , who is the father of urology in India. If you ever get a chance to speak to him , he is a wonderful amazing doctor .... Swami has called there…. Many people have said .... well .... what's the story .... can we work there ? .... can we do this ? I think ..yes, the answer is .. .... in time that will happen .... he has given it to the Indian community to start off .... and I think it's absolutely the way it should be done as well .... the way that he has done it , because the people at the World Health Organisation said ," You 'd be overrun .... it will be crazy there", is that they will operate for two or three weeks and they stop .... he stops them ..and this gives them the chance to go back and see what they are not doing right .... to get all their administration together. It's a brilliant plan .... and he'll start up again .... and they will operate for a number of weeks ..and then he will stop them . The wards are packed .... twenty five percent are children that have been operated on ..they have holes in their hearts or whatever .... it's truly a prototype as Sathya Sai Baba has said that it is. He told me it was a thousand year project .... that's very exciting .... it's a wonderful thing .. and I am sure in time, those who are qualified .... I am sure there are some among here who are doctors, will be given an opportunity. I know that he has just taken a gentleman from Chicago … is now going to be the head of the blood bank .... and an Italian gentleman has been chosen to help as the anaesthesiologists there it's only a matter of time and karma .... I am sure .... when all of us can play a role there ..and when I say ,"play a role" .... I think one of the great experiences I had with Michael Hollander .... is the year 1976 must've been .... when we built the stupa that was there and there were about forty others there .... with the concrete .... I mean it's a .... it's really the energy that's the most important thing which you do , not .... you know .... the importance in our minds .... and that brings me to a subject that I am .... you'll find very curious.
Sai Baba told me to move to California . He said , " You study with Phyllis Krystal." I knew Mrs. Krystal. I knew she'd written several fabulous books. I knew that she was a great yogini and had been developing various spiritual techniques of meditation . I questioned Sai on this , he said ," You go work with Mrs. Krystal " .... ??? I have no great talent , other than these messages that I receive on occasion .... and insights .... so I thought well I'd be doing something about the books .... or make a tape or something like that will happen .... as it turned out .... Sai Baba had us in meditation together .... and we'd go into sort of trance state for four .... five hours every day . It has been the most miraculous four years of my life because Sai Baba has shown me really who he is, and I asked him before I came here, …. on this last visit .... I said , "Should I talk about this ?" And he said ," Yes , yes , yes , you talk ". He said , "Not many will understand, but talk ". So I am going to talk about it and I don't know what the Sai society will feel about it .... but I am .... I have been given my marching orders ....
Sai Baba is not that little furry haired creature that we all adore and love .... that's a delusion. He has said that many many times before .... to be preoccupied with that form're deluding yourself .... to know him in his true form is to know him as everything everywhere everyone. One of the things I've practiced for many many years in my life …. in my business .... the payoff is fantastic, because I don't see personalities .... I see God in every face .... and I practice that .... just like you practice meditation .... you practice any of the spiritual exercises that can be given to you . It's essential that you get out of the ego conscious state. It's important for you to realise who you really are. You are not the mind. You are not the body. You are all divine beings .... there is no self-realisation that's given to you .... you already have it. It's just the matter of removing the veil … the ego .... it's there for the taking .... it's available to you . I say this with conviction because over the last several years Sai Baba has had me, he's shown me the other dimensions on a daily basis. He's taken me into every level and plane I assume that one can go into .... I am sure there are a few more he could have (shown me too). It may sound bizarre and strange to you , but you must become aware of the other dynamics that are happening .... what Sai is really doing .... it's all matter of your thoughts .... you talk about ceilings on desires .... I will give you a ceiling that you MUST be aware of .... and that's your thoughts . The most powerful thing that you could do in this dimension is think. Every single thought is pure energy. That energy .... like the laws of physics , that energy does not die .... it collects on something that Sai Baba has given us the name "the astral plane. " This is where the trash is … this is where the thoughts are .... this is where all the thought forms are .... this is where the ?????, the Aztecs , the other great civilisations .... when their priest class understood the powers .... the ancient wisdom they create ??? spirits ... they’re still there ..the elementals are there .... there is a dimension that we interact with and our thoughts are also on that d ....
.... lust , greed , anger, hatred have collected on these other dimensions. It's the same as the positive thoughts … your worship , your love of God , and his many aspects .... all the Gods .... that's collected into positive thought forms on the "etheric dimension" , as Sai Baba has asked us to call it. I can only tell you …. and give you an example of the thought form in something that Sai Baba is up to … and I am sorry to sort of burden you with this craziness .... but .... that's the way it is.
Sai Baba took Mrs. Krystal and I up to a level he called the "(tapestry) level" (of) which he showed us the entire earth with the multi dimensions layered on top of one another. He showed us the thought form over the country of Russia, thoughts that had collected into this massive massive beast really. It was like a big black cloud of tar with lots of energy and lightening and so forth going on into it, it was a very violent thing . He made us approach it very quietly. He even cloaked us in something. He said , " This is the thought form that controls Russia ." This was four years ago. He said ," This thought form is made up of human thought of the fear of extreme punishment, that these people have been suppressed with this fear for a thousand years ." .... long before the Czars . He said , "This thought form must be destroyed . " He said , "Only human beings can destroy these things because human beings created them with their thoughts ." He then caused these divine beings .... and I can only tell you …. it's a blessing that he has shown me …. and this amazing heavenly hosts on a number of occasions .... one came forward .... brought the some kind of sacred needles .... is the only thing I can tell you about it .... He said , "This thing cannot be destroyed instantaneously .... I am going to show you what to do ." He takes us around this thing which covers the entire county of Russia and we poke holes … and he says ,"Right there ", and we push a hole into this thing .... and then he takes us to another spot .... "right there " .... this took about six hours of meditation and time .... although there is no time on these other dimensions. We then went around this whole thing, I guess we put a 150 - 200 holes in it. Sai Baba said ,"Now the energy .... energy …. will leak out of this thought form .... and as it does … the people will be freed " .... that was four years ago.
The thing that I am trying to make .... the point that I am trying to make to you is that Sai Baba is God .... he is dynamic .... he is working on many many dimensions simultaneously. He is doing everything to bring in the new age . He has told me , " I must … we must destroy the negativity on the other dimensions as well as this one because we are so closely connected . It would be useless to clean up the planet without cleaning up the other dimension (s) .... because we are affected by these things " ????? we get back to the same shape all over again. He is absolutely amazing . He is cleaning up all the dimensions at once. He is working everywhere. So incredible.
But he needs our help. Human beings and their thoughts created the mess that we're in today . We've all been reincarnated into this glorious age where an Avatar walks among us .... a full (Poona) Avatar. He needs our help. We are his beacons .... I mean it's a blessing .... all of us have come in contact with this divine being .... he is bringing us along .... in most cases he is speeding up our karma. He needs our help. We created these problems .... God cannot create negativity .... it's impossible .... he is pure love .... divine love ..not like human love .... human love is contracting and grasping .... divine love is expanding it's quite incredible.
He has blessed me … with showing me the feeling of … that in …. a particular state of samadhi ….which he blessed me with for a short period of time . He said , " Tigrett , that's what the goal is !" … just to sort of tantalise me .... he gets a kick out of it too. But the point being .... don't think of Sai Baba as this marvellous marvellous incarnation that's down in Puttaparthi .... he is here .... he is in every one of you .... he is waiting .... he adores you .... it's so very very important ....
Again, I don't want to confuse anybody with the metaphysical aspects which Sai Baba has blessed me with .... ???? and just to clear that up when you say ,"Why this guy ?" …. because I've been saying that myself for a long time. He has taken me back to a past life. He's shown me that I was a (shaman) master in an ancient culture and had the ancient wisdom, and then my ego got involved .... it was so wonderful, I thought, well I 'd just fix everything .... I'll just do this and do that .... and I misused this knowledge and this power and in the process harmed many many people. This life is an opportunity to make good that harm. Just as all of us are leading our own path, we have our own karma .... just know that he is with you … because he is absolutely there just waiting for you .... he does not interfere with your free will .... he will not do that .... it's his own law .... but he is there for you when you reach out for him. We are all truly blessed to be with him.
I want to tell you one story that always tickles me. There was a group in to see him ..a Westerner group interview .... and he .... one fellow was from California and had sort of a Navajo ring on … like a blue stone a turquoise stone .... quite fantastic .... and Swami said ," Can Swami have ring?"
The guy says ,"Sure!" … and there are about ten or fifteen people there ....
And he held the ring up and said, "What's this ?"
"Swami .... that it is a Navajo ring made by Indians in Arizona I believe and has a turquoise stone .”
" Very good ", he said , "very good " …. next person .... "What is this?"
"Swami, that's a silver ring with a blue stone "
"Very good" .... all the way around the room .... "What is this? … What is this? … What is this ?" .... He then held it up and blew on the ring and it turned into a big gold ring with a ruby on the top .... "What is this ?"
"Swami, that's a big golden ring with a ruby on the top "
"Yes , very happy .... what is this ?"
“Swami … it's a gold ring with a red stone "
"Very good" all the way around the room, very patiently as always, "what is this? what is this ?" .... He stood up in front of the group and said , I must get it verbatim, "Swami very powerful . Has the ability to change all the elements of the universe at will .... but to change one of you Westerners .... very difficult. "
Now there is something that I REALLY hate. Swami asked me to sing .... and I don't know how to sing .... in fact I sing off key ..but I am going to try. This is a little song that's very dear to me. One of my roommates sang it to me in Puttaparthi … 1974 , …. and it has been going in my head ever since .... so I will try …. forgive me …. I don't know how to sing ;
" Oh make me like you .... Please make me like you .... You are a servant, make me one too .... .... Oh lord , I am willing .... Please do what you must do .... To make me like you Lord .... Make me like you. .... Sai Ram
Again …. thank ??? most of all .... for inviting me to come and be here with you this afternoon . So many people said so many sweet things to me after the chat .... really the only reason that I want to be here is to serve him … and if he speaks through me to some of you .... it would make my whole year ..thank you all for having me.
However , someone said to me," You're really special." This upsets me a great deal because of a lesson Swami has given me over and over again. It's really the problem that mankind has suffered from the beginning, and that's the feeling of being special. We're taught in today's world that we are supposed to be .... better than .... different .... the second that we fall victim to feeling special we've lost the whole game completely … you know .... a Christian says I'm special …. I 'm a Christian .... I am better than a Jew or a Hindu says .... well I'm special .... (I'm )better than a Parsi .... or a rich man says I'm special .... I'm better than a poor person .... this is the danger .... the danger in life in general .... we have this amazing association of mankind …. which it seems in today's world we are so competitive with one another … wanting to beat the other guy out .... wanting to be more powerful ... have a stronger position. You see this typified at Sai Baba's ashram, where everyone is trying to get closer to the King and they'll do anything to get there .... say anything. I just can't warn you enough about feeling special . Someone came up and even offered me Sai Baba’s food that they had in the canteen. I was so upset .... or they even made me break in line to get my dinner… it's just (a) reminder to me ..thank Swami for that reminder .... that we are all .... we are Him. Feeling of being special … being different .... being better than someone else .... someone came up to me and said ,"Well I'm so worried about what people say about me .... Swami gave me an object and people are jealous because of it and so they say naughty things to me all the time. " Worrying about what other people say .... again .... the only lesson that I have learnt .... because I have had to .... with great love .... deal with my little Hard Rock family around the world …. every place in the world .... it's been fantastic to practice looking beyond the personality .... to really see God in everyone that you meet. If you practice it .... (it's) just like meditation .... and meditation is the way to God …. I can't tell you enough .... it's just like the Bhajans .... for years I thought .... well, in fact, I think I know three after seventeen years .... you know .... I didn't understand the importance of that ritual .... how important it is .... it's a form of meditation .... it's a form of union with God .... even if you don't know the words .... just to be there .... and be part of the music .... it's so very very important .... but meditation is everything .... again I would like to talk briefly just for a minute or two .... and there are so many folks had questions about various things I had said .... I have questions about some of the things I've said .... is there anyone who would like to ask any questions .... because I am not going to take too much of your time this afternoon ....
The work that I do with Mrs. Krystal is so fantastic. It’s so wonderful and it's available to everybody. Sai Baba has called this work," New knowledge for a new age. " .... I besiege all of you .... this is a book, as I've said before … that there are two books that Swami has now written through her .... two more books which will be coming out shortly .... the proceeds all go to the Sathya Sai Trust .... but these books are dynamic .... they will help you to overcome fear ,anger, hatred , greed , lust .... they are powerful symbols that Sai Baba has given to all of us. Mrs. Krystal , at the moment, in fact, is in Switzerland and she is giving chats ... talks there to huge groups. She's gone to South America .... she has … just in the past year she's been to France and England .... all at Sai baba's request. I know that Sai has said , "There is no one special to me .... no one " .... because he does treat all of us equally ..I can assure you .... but this is special work .... he would not have allowed this book to be the only non-Sai book to be distributed by the (Tustin ?) centre … and soon to be distributed at the ashram. I am constantly asking him about this work and he is constantly affirming ," Yes .... this is new knowledge for a new age .... it's my gift ." So many of us have personality problems ... of fears …. of difficulties … these meditations … this is what this book is … it's not to be read .... it 's to be practised. These meditations can solve so many of your problems .... can alleviate fear and anger .... and the things so many of us fall victim to .... so … I again cannot say enough about meditation. It's the most important part get in contact with your true nature .... again .... you're not the mind .... you're not the body .... you're divine beings .... You have to put something in your daily life to contact the true personality .... just like someone may build their body up doing exercise .... there are spiritual exercises that bring your true personality to the forefront .... and meditation is so very very important for all of us …. and communion with one another .... it's so exciting for me …. I've never belonged to a Sai centre .... I never stay in one place long enough to enjoy this sort of communion .... The fact that you're all here together, enjoying this wonderful , fabulous place …. it's so fantastic … I know you will take this energy that Sai Baba has brought together today and take it back into your neighbourhoods , wherever you are ....
I'd like to talk just for a second about attitude . It's an attitude that's important to understand. I was blessed to have money, and people have been asking me about money this afternoon, blessed to have money that I wanted to give Sai Baba and I didn't know how to do it. It was such a strange thing .... the idea of giving Sai Baba something .... wanting to give …. being attached to the giving … and finally I realised that this money that I was giving could not be accepted until it was given for all .... who maybe don't have the cash .... if they had it .... liked to have given. It's when I adopted this attitude that I approached him .... this was .... this gift .... that he ??? blessed me in receiving .... was given in the spirit that it was given for all of us ....
It was the same as the symbol of this bowl which he gave me at the birthday. I was shocked …. they came and woke me up at five o'clock in the morning and said ,"Sai Baba wants you to sit up on the podium there with him." .... and I did so with his command. I was very embarrassed to be sitting up there .... and then suddenly he brought out this magnificent bowl .... huge thing .... and presented it to me. And I realised as I was sitting there .... that it was just a symbol .... it represented his grace for the two thousand workers who worked on this project twenty four hours a day .... it was a symbol of grace for the two hundred draughtsmen which drafted day and night to create this hospital …. everyone had told that it's physically impossible to create this hospital .... first of all it takes at least one years planning and it will take at least three years to build. It was planned through his grace in six weeks. It was built in one year. You know .... he announced .... first of all, he said that he was going to do the hospital …. couple of weeks later he says it's going to open in a year from now .... he announces at the birthday there .... and we all said ," Oh my God …. what we're going to do ?" …. not one of us on the project believed it could be done .... talk about being close to Baba and having no faith .... but indeed it was done .... and .... and …. it's an amazing achievement and I look forward to all of you being able to go over there and certainly have a look at it.
It's a beautiful thing that Sai has created for everybody. It's amazing what he's done as he's predicted ....( that he was would) .... was first going to build a model for education and he announced this twenty years ago when he inaugurated the university . He said ,"I am going to set up a model for the Indian government …. of what free education could be all about .... this school that I am setting up now will be the model .” With the opening of the hospital , the prime minister , Mr. Rao came , and he gave a speech. In that speech he said ,"We are now accepting the university as the model for the Indian government of how free education can be given to the masses ." …. and I have met several of the teams that he has sent down subsequently, to study what service and education could be .... now Sai has announced that this hospital will be a model to the world on how a hospital can run in a third world environment .... as we all know what Andhra Pradesh is .... with fifty five million people just in the state of Andhra Pradesh alone .... let this hospital be a model of what free medical care to the masses can be .... I believe that that 's what we are .... people say , "Why isn't everybody a Sai Baba devotee?" .... I don't know what karma that we have …. to receive this blessing .... this small Sai family .... on the Earth .... of course Sai has many many other names …. and many other cultures. I believe that we are models .... models we must be as well, to the rest of the world . And it's so important that we get over our failings as quickly and fast as we can, to become beacons for him .
Now I like to .... if anyone has any questions …. I'd love to answer if I can .... ....
" yes maam ."
“ .... when Baba asked you to get started on the hospital .... did he give a sense of direction or did he just say …. “work on the hospital ?"
“ the question was .... when Sai Baba said to start the hospital … did he give a sense of direction? ” .... I think about forty of us ran off in every different direction there could possible be .... not knowing which direction to go in. It became obvious real quickly that only with his grace would we be able to come together and make it happen .... it was a .... I am a very strong hard headed character and Sai Baba sort of put me in front of the entire Indian culture .... and tried to .... you know .... bulldoze my way through .... it's very interesting because I learnt a great lesson from it .... he allowed me to go full steam like a little steam engine .... “right up the middle” as they say in football .... and then one day he said , " Tigrett, I don't want you to talk anymore ." I said ,"Okay" .... later he explained to me .... He said ,"Look .... from your background .... the way you were raised , there was no harmony in your family .... there was no family unit .... you realised that the only way you 're going to get anything done in life was to go out and do it yourself .... and you never had the teaching of what a family unit is all about. " He said , " This hospital experience, for you personally, is a learning experience of how to work as a team .... everybody has their part to play ." .... so indeed .... we all ran off in different directions .... but he .... absolutely .... we would have meetings for hours .... and he'd say ,"No …. little left .... no I want that there .... that should be green .... this should be red .... this should be twelve feet tall …. this should be six feet wide .... he knew exactly what every room and every specification was going to be .... and he was actively involved with every aspect of building of that hospital .... just as he is actively involved with the running of the hospital as well. I mean , the fact that nobody has died there defies medicine in general because it's a construction site and you cannot have an operating room with even a speck of dust , because when you open the body …. if a speck of dust or dirt gets in .... you will have internal infection and you will die. I think the fact that he comes over there a couple times a week, while these operations are going on .... he visits the wards .... he goes to the operating rooms .... obviously his vibration is cleansing .... so it's a divine hospital … that's for sure .... with him over there all the time .
“Yes Sir ?”
“Will you talk a little bit about the meditations that you do .... how frequently .... ?"
" The question is .... would I talk about the meditations and so forth?” .... again .... I had no idea .... I've been aware of other dimensions and other things going on. I didn't know if I could ever play a role in it .... obviously I now know that we each can .... through meditation …. learn a lot about other dynamics and it humbles you greatly when you realise that there are more dynamic things than yourself going on. It all started four years ago. He asked me to work with Mrs. Phyllis Krystal .... and it happens probably .... he brings us together for two or three weeks at a time .... we will meditate for about 4 – 5 hours a day .... we had these sessions and then after two or three weeks he'll give us a break and I'll go off and do some business …. she will do her thing .... and then he brings us back again. This is the way it's been for four years. He asked us to record these journeys. We now have about four hundred hours on tape of these amazing journeys into other dimensions .... many discourses that he has given explaining how things work sort of and it's so interesting .... most interesting of all that it's just like grass growing .... it's so simple .... really really simple .... the unknown always scares all of us .... it's a natural phenomenon ... but this work …. primarily means to me that he is working on many levels at once. It's dynamic to see it .... again let me sort of tell you .... obviously there is no way for me to share these things .... even the experiences I have had .... I find difficult to believe .... but the effect is what's important to understand ....
Every time you think , you put out energy. Every single thought. Thought is more powerful even than action. That's why he says ," Watch your thoughts. " .... it's so very important because it's pure energy and it's powerful energy .... and it doesn't just dissipate somewhere. It gathers together, in what Sai Baba has called in our work ,"the astral plane " .... which is where our negative thought forms come together .... just like the Russian experience which I told you about .... all this negativity .... this negative fear that these Russians have had .... it created a thought form .... a living powerful beast really, that was still holding them and suppressing them and keeping them in that particular place. The same thing happens with lust , greed , anger . Over the yugas, all of this has collected into huge dynamic form (s) and what happens is that when you get angry .... when you get lustful .... when you get hateful .... when these thing occur .... you are put up like a tuning fork .... these thing(s) are made of human energy .... and they feed off human energy .... if you are not careful .... you can cross a line of attraction to them …. and they will attach themselves to you .... and when they do .... then they will keep you in that frame of mind .... they will keep you lustful .... they will keep you angry … they will keep you in this negative .... this is their food …. they are feeding off of you, as crazy as this may sound. This is one of the purposes of Mrs. Krystal's book .... is to show you how to get away …. protect yourself from these things … it's Sai Baba's book .... not Mrs. Krystal's. It's the most important work or word that I can give you really today of my experience in this life is .... you must watch your thoughts …. it's so important. A lady came up to me this afternoon and says ," I am so bloody angry, I am furious, I am .... " …. it has consumed her .... anger .... I believe that she has contacted one of these thought forms .... and that it has control over her. It is the way things are …. it's very difficult to understand .... but it's the way things are ....
"Yes maam" .... "
???? how the thought form pattern over the United States compared to the thought form pattern .... "
... well .... you know .... it's the Shiva energy that's at work right now. There has to be death to be birth. It's just like flowers dying in the wintertime so that there can be rebirth. It's just like our lifetimes .... there is death and there is birth. It's part of the wheel. It is part of the whole process for a new age to begin an old age has to be swept aside. Look what's happening to the planet right now. The planet itself is being destroyed by mankind. The biosphere is in danger of collapsing .... totally collapsing. This awareness is slowly seeping in to not just America .... or one country .... but the whole world is becoming aware that we have fouled our own nest .... and by being so …. they've connecting themselves to nature because they realise that nature and ourselves are one the same .... we are a part of nature .... nature is God .... God is everything .... so suddenly we are being .... really .... (it would seems )like a total disaster .... we're all tuning in to our higher nature through this awareness that the biosphere is collapsing around our heads. I worked with the environmental groups , in fact I started an environmental group in the UK called "Ark, " .... and got very much into it after I sold my business .... and became very concerned. I've spent a lot of time with NASA and several other organisations and saw .... in fact, part of the global forum .... the scientific community was the leading scientists around the world .... it was headed by Carl Sagan, the famous scientist .... at the Moscow conference .... all they could say was that we're doomed. I got so concerned that I went to Sai Baba and asked him ,"What's going to happen to the biosphere ?" And he said to me ,"God is allowing mankind to destroy the Earth .... only when man is brought to his knees will he turn toward God. " It's the same thing that's happening to all the oppressed nations that have been around the world .... look what has happened .... who would've believed that he would have broken up Russia and Eastern Europe .... and some of the South American governments .... and some of these oppressive countries .... I mean, in a short period of time .... look what he has done to the world economy .... we are all marching in the wrong direction .... we think materialism is going to bring happiness .... so let's just stomp out materialism around the world .... and he has brought the economy of the world almost to its knees .... there has to be death to be birth . There is a new age upon us .... a new age of consciousness .... I think we are all blessed to be here.
"Yes Sir."
"We know so little about life after death .... you said that Baba saved you when you swallowed your tongue ?"
"Could you expand on that .... what exactly did it feel .... what did you experience .... ?"
"Life after death .... you mean life after delusion .... don't you !?” I can only tell you , that as far as my personal experience was concerned, it's really two fold. I had this experience .... yes .... he wanted to know what life after death was like or you know … what's going on . Not that I am an expert , but I had a small glimpse .... and I have had others through meditation. It was a state of total bliss .... there are no five senses .... you are ???? (not) bound to anything .... I was in a state of pure .... its like to be described just as electricity .... but it was totally peaceful .... it was wonderful .... I didn't really want to go back. In fact if you recall, Mr. Cowan , who Baba brought back to life .... I think there was a group that interviewed him at one time .... " What's it like to return back to earth ?" He said it was like returning to a sewer …. I don't really care about being in the etheric plane or this plane .... I just like to be merged with Sai Baba permanently. I have had visitations from my own brothers and I have constant visitations , in fact, from people on the other side. They're in a continuous state of learning. It's still a learning process , but the action is down here. Everybody is waiting to get down here, because this is where you burn the karma off. This is where the action is .... in this dimension ....
"Yes Sir "
" I heard that you are incorporating these management practises …. that you used in the Hard Rock Cafe .... is there some sort of book or lecture series .... ."
"This is it ! The question was .... putting the practises of Sai Baba into your business .... and no I am not writing a book about it and I hope Swami doesn't ask me to …. but , what I am doing is practising .... and I think any person who has a business .... it doesn't make any difference what it is .... people say , "Hey ! that guy is not a Sai devotee ..he runs a bar " .... another devotee may say , " He's just a street sweeper” .... you know .... or this guy .... “he's just a carpenter .... how can he do big things ?" It's nonsense. It doesn't make any difference what anyone does. It's how you do it. Work is worship .... as long as you do it "dharmically" , "right thinking " , "right acting. " I thought I've retired from a business that just about ran me into the ground. Sai Baba now has me doing it again, and he has just blessed a project .... and I'm opening something called the "House of Blues " …. which is a series of rhythm and blues places .... three of them will open very shortly .... before the end of this year .... and I can't believe it …. he has me doing it again ….enough is enough you know .... but he has told me that it must be done "dharmically. " "The Hard Rock was a high school .... you passed .... just barely, Tigrett ", he said," now it's time to go to college." .... I don't have to learn a whole new scene but .... the point being is that now I am doing it totally different from the last time .... the last time it was done with the heart and probably less mind .... it's so very important ....
…. and there's a meditation , in fact, there are two meditations I'd like to give you today .... because …. he's told me just recently that .... he is everything .... he is all action …. he is the Kundalini power. The Kundalini power …. the action of God .... this incredible creative force .... is like a freight train. Unless it is balanced between the male and female aspects .... it will run off into a (cull de sac) ….."This is what causes wars ," he told me .... you know .... too much of the male thinking .... It’s a combination of the head and heart . It has to be balanced .... it must be balanced .... all of us are out of balance …. usually in one form or another .... we all have a male and a female aspect .... ying and the yang …. it's as ancient as the day is long and we have to be guarded at all times to balance this. There is a meditation which he gave to Mrs. Krystal and myself several years ago. He has now reiterated that this is the most important meditation you can do . It's called the TREE MEDITATION . In fact, in many other cultures, in the mystical side of other cultures, starting with Christianity , this meditation was a predominant one. It's very simple. I'll give it to you very quickly.
You simply sit in a quiet spot … you imagine yourself .... you’re sitting in a lotus position or whatever you can get .... as close to it .... as a tree .... as a tree .... your favourite tree .... maybe it's an oak tree. And then you imagine that above you .... rising to the sky are the branches of that tree .... bellow you …. going down into the Mother Earth …. is the root system of that tree .... which is the duplicate of the branches, really .... and then you must now pull in the energy .... the branches in the sky represent the Male Father .... the roots in the Earth represent the Mother …. the Divine Mother … and you must breath in this energy .... first you imagine pulling in energy through the branch system into your body .... and you exhale .... because when you pull in divine energy …. it replaces something …. this is an very important meditation .... probably the most important for this age as well .... and as you exhale …. you exhale all that is replaced .... the unnecessary parts .... and you pull in .... and you exhale .... once you feel that and you've got that going …. then you …. go to the root system .... this is the Divine Mother .... this is the yin …. and you must pull in this energy from those root systems .... this is starting to keep the balance going .... you pull in this energy .... you exhale what is unnecessary .... then you do both simultaneously .... you pull in from both sides at once .... if you practise this .... you will be amazed at the actual power that you'll feel and the harmony within your own being . He told me that this is the most important meditation that you can do ....
There is one other .... which is a matter that I do .... and have done since he gave it to me. I do it everyday . I don't know if it's of interest to you, but I feel I should tell it to you. I ask him for five things, he's just given me a sixth recently. First I ask him to “think through me” .... and as I ask this, I breathe in. The breath .... the ( Pranayama) is so powerful …. I ask him to “think through me” .... I ask him then to “feel through me” .... again …. this is the head and the heart once again .... I ask him to “speak through me” .... I ask him to “feel through me” .... I ask him to “act through me” .... I ask him to “love through me” .... this is really .... one of the .... this is the whole (ball) of wax really .... because it's the yin and the yang .... the head and the heart . Speaking .... that's a result of the balance between the two .... acting .... that is the action .... and loving .... that's the divine aspect which covers the whole (ball of wax) .... He just recently asked me to add to that .... “breath through me” .... so it's a very very important meditation.
Those two, if there is anything I can give you today that has been meaningful to me in my life .... and into hopefully getting a little bit further down the path .... though I can't confess getting very far …. those two meditations will help in every way.
"Anyone else ? .... yes Sir "
" When you breath out .... do you breath out through the branches ?"
“ No, just breath out through your mouth” .... and what this is , really is all the negativity, every energy that you bring in from the divine source replaces something in your body and that must be expelled. Imagine breathing out all the negative unnecessary things. Very important, concentration is everything .... and I know we all have trouble with concentration .... we meditate when we go home .... our mind goes here, there, everywhere. Keep at it . I have trouble everyday …. but …. I just .... through these exercises .... in time… it's very simple .... it's just like seeing God in every single individual .... seeing beyond the personality .... soon you will see God everywhere ....
"You breath out through the mouth ?"
"Yes .... yes Sir "
(QUESTION NOT RECORDED CLEARLY) “You were speaking about the negative thought forms and the positive thought forms .... is it accurate to say that ????????? we are trying to focus on one at the expense of the other ????"
Well you hopefully are tuning into more positive things than negative things .... the five senses .... you have to conquer .... .... and that is what leads to lust, greed, anger, envy, hatefulness, and things like that. Prayer .... meditation …. that is putting out energy in a positive sense .... that is connecting yourself with your true nature ....
“By doing something positive .... you're setting the negative aside .... depends on how you spend your time .... "Yes sir "
(QUESTION NOT RECORDED CLEARLY) “????? do we have the time ?"
..of course .... you have thousands of lifetimes you've come from and probably there will be a few more in the future. You got to realise that once you become aware in reincarnation .... and I think you have to be .... to intellectually understand how things work …. once you become aware that you've been here before and you're liable to be here again some other lifetimes …. (????? this personality "Isaac" .... and the) totality of this experience is just a blink .... it's nothing .... it's meaningless
"Yes Maam"
He has, in a meditation about a year ago .... both …. Mrs. Krystal and I do this together …. we do this because we were both naughty in a past life .... and this is an opportunity .... we balance each others energy out for some reason .... I don't understand it .... but Sai says," You don't have to .... just do it !" He brought us to an abyss .... it was like an abyss … it was a cavern .... what can I tell you? .... and there was the other side .... and he said ,"Turn around and look behind you ." We turned around and looked and here were all of the lives of every human .... of every human experience since the very beginning of time, and they were all connected with three chains. One chain was the lineage of their father. One chain was the lineage of their mother and one chain …. it was a karmic chain. He then said , "Look back the other way. " .... I know you all think it's a fairy tale …. but it's not .... we looked back .... and he said ,"Over this crevasse .... that is the new age ", he said , "none of this can come with us .... we must cut the chains first .... before we can pass over to the other side. " Now .... it's a process that I think he is doing with all his devotees .... I think we are blessed .... and will be blessed to help others over …. and I think that is one of the reasons that he has created the Sai family.
"Yes Maam"
“ I would like to know at what point do we merge with the Lord?”
Well , I can't answer that for myself or anyone else .... but certainly when you have reached a state of consciousness .... ????? when you merge with the Lord …. there have been many many souls that have, and there are many souls that he has said ,"This is your last life." I don't understand the true dynamics of everything. I know that that's my (gold or goal ?) . In fact, I sort of hope that this isn't my last life, because I'd like to come back and help Prema Sai, if I can in any way.
"Yes Sir"
"Once you said that to do your work … and work is a worship .... but work could be different kind … like a butcher .... you know the man who cuts the cows .... cuts the meat and all those things .... does he think that is a wrong thing .... change it or still go on doing the same thing ?"
It doesn't make any difference what you do. The question was .... does it make any difference if you're cutting weeds or if you're doing this or doing that .... should you change your job …. or should you do something better or something more important .... The only thing that's important is the way you do it . Doesn't make any difference what you do .... totally unimportant. It's how you do it.
"Yes Sir"
Well, you should do things for him .You should give up your work to him. Work is worship. Simply deliver the action to him .... it's like I have slowly come to understand .... through seventeen years of contemplation and meditation ..that' it's not important how the outcome .... what the outcome of my action is .... think about two guys who .... .(CASSETTE TAPE ABRUPTLY ENDS)



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