Steven Greer: Separation Of Church And State - A Myth

part of the book Steven Greer: Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge

I have always loved the exploration of consciousness and its manifestations. Once in Blanca Peak in Colorado, we were doing field work from our cars due to a tunder storm in the area. As we were sitting there, I did a tehnique where I entered unbounded mind, and began to put enermous energy into the area by seeing two counter-rotating discs in my mind – like a Merkaba. Suddenly our car just hooped up – in a moment of anti-gravity levitation. Other cars nearby did the same thing. Fellow field workers asked, “My God, what happened?!” And I smiled and said, “We were played with what consciousness can really do...”

There is so much we can do. But the earth is calling out for practical work: we still burn coal for most of our electricity, just like 100 years ago. Human evolution has been hijacked 100 years by the forces of ignorance and greed. So we must work for the earth now.

I'm reminded of the story of the Buddha coming across a man who had spent 30 years practicing to levitate across a stream. Near him was a footbridge. This man was very proud of his accomplishment and said, "Look, oh Buddha, watch". And he floated across the stream to the other side. And the Budha walked across the footbridge across the stream and said, "Yes, but you could have just walked across the bridge, instead of spending 30 years trying to levitate...

It's not to say that some of these abilities aren't wonderful – they are. But one could spend a great deal of time and effort on such abilities. Meanwhile, we are destroying the Earth and our civilization is terminal. So when the great task is at hand, even important things have to be set aside.

These abilities in consciousness can be developed just as soon as one understands the nature of mind and the nature of matter and the fact that there is no matter separate from its complete and perfect integration with consciousness. Nothing exists separate from mind. All matter and energy is simply awakeness modulating and phasing and resonating in a different way.

These has been demonstrated through various tests that have been done by Dr. Bob Jahn at Princeton and others. It’s all non-local: There is no barrier of time and space. And once you understand that, literally anything can be accomplished with enough training and focus.

One of the trips I took was to Italy, England and France. At the Vatican, Paola Harris set up a meeting between me and Monsignor Balducci. He is a senior theologian to the Pope. We went to his apartment overlooking St. Peter’s for the interview. He’s a very patrician, dignified and very sweet man, a wonderful person and genuinely spiritual.

I asked him, “Do you think these extraterrestrials are a threat or hostile in anyway?” He said, “Oh, not at all! Besides, lower than humanity, there cannot be in this entire universe!” Later he said, “You know, God cannot be so foolish as to entrust all of his hopes for intelligent beings just on this planet.” When we were out on his balcony overlooking St. Peter’s and the Vatican, he said, “You know, I could not be saying these things unless I had the approval of Papa” – meaning the Pope had instructed him to speak on the reality of ET civilizations!

He told me point blank that he had the blessing of the Pope to talk about this and to acknowledge the fact that the UFOs are real and that the extraterrestrials are good beings. And there was nothing for us to be worried about. When I asked him about the issue of putting weapons in space to target ET spacecraft, he got very agitated and said this is an absolutely wrong thing to do.

I met also with the Vatican astronomer, who said the same thing and acknowledged that the UFOs were real and the ETs were real. And yet we know that there are cells within the Vatican, within the Opus Dei group, that have a very dark view of all this and have really taken the information away from the others at the Vatican. Like in the US, everything is very labyrinthine and compartmented at the Vatican; it is very secretive.

There have been Popes and senior people at the Vatican that are in the conventional religious structure who don’t know what’s going on within these black cells within their own bureaucracy. It’s the same motif over and over again. This motif repeats, whether you go to a religious entity, a political entity, a scientific entity, an agency of the government, or the military. Remember that motif.

If you understand the motif of a rogue, compartmented, secretive operation within an institution, and multiply that process like a fractal – it just propagates all over the world.

While in Rome, I also met with one of the Knights of Malta – it does exist – and a representative of the Jesuit Secret Service and the Vatican Secret Service. These groups are intimately involved in global financial and technological issues related to this subject. They are some of the key people in the hierarchy.

They asked that I provide them with the materials that I was providing these other leaders in the “white world,” that is the regular, conventional world of governments, senators, the President and what have you. And, of course, I did.

But I told them, “You know, there are traditions that have existed for many centuries, of secrecy and secret power. But this is the time for those operations to transform into another way of functioning - to openness and honesty, in a way that will benefit all of humanity.” They listened very politely, and I could tell they were intensely interested, and more than a little shaken.

The Knights of Malta and the Vatican Secret Service and the Jesuit Secret Service have a very key role in maintaining the secrecy on the ET issue.

When President Carter wanted information on UFOs, he went to then-CIA Director Bush, George Bush, Sr. during the transition. He was told point blank, “No, you can’t have that; go see if you can get it from the Congressional Research Service.” Here you have a sitting CIA director who was knowledgeable of these matters – George Bush, Sr. – denying an incoming U.S. President information! This is true. And we have witnesses to this.

So Carter asked people associated with the Congressional Research Service to find out what was going on. They asked, in turn, a lawyer named Daniel Sheehan – who was with the Christic Institute and was representing the Jesuits in Washington, to see if he could get this information from the Vatican. So, Sheehan contacted the Vatican on behalf of incoming President Carter.

Well, the Vatican came back and said, “No, we cannot give this to you.” They specifically did not say, “We didn’t have it,” but said “We would not give it to youor the President.” The covert Vatican library and files have extensive information on all of these matters. Remember, back in 1994, a secret government insider told me that, in terms of technology transfer and management, that I would be better off talking to certain groups of Jesuit priests than to the CIA Director or the U.S. President. He was completely correct. We have a naval witness who was on a mission to go out into the Atlantic and search for what they were calling magnetic anomalies. Now, in those circles, ‘magnetic anomalies’ is a euphemism for underwater extraterrestrial vehicles. They used a specially equipped nuclear submarine to search for underwater UFOs.

As they were setting up to go out on this secret mission, a limousine pulled up, and out came a suit (an unnamed covert intelligence operative) and a priest in full clerical collar. They were the last ones on the submarine and gave all the instructions. The submarine went to an area where they encountered enormous underwater extraterrestrial vehicles that were tracked at various times going 400 to 500 knots!

These UFOs were zipping through the water at the speed of a jet but were not leaving any significant wake. Then suddenly, two of the UFOs came on either side of the submarine and took the entire nuclear drive system offline. The nuclear submarine couldn’t move forward, backward or in any direction. They were just suspended there.

All this time, they have sophisticated electronic equipment collecting data. When the submarine returned to port, all this data was put together and was handed to this priest, who was not American. He was from the Vatican. He took all that data and left. It was a special operation directed by and for the Vatican, using a US Navy nuclear submarine! Until this witness spoke to me, he could never figure out why a Catholic priest was the majordomo – the guy in charge – of such an operation.We understand why. The myth of the separation of church and state is just that – a myth. Even people who understand that there’s a shadow government can’t believe the extent to which certain covert, rogue religious interests have infiltrated the organization. That’s how the control is maintained.

The truth hides itself. In other words, if you can tell a version of the truth that is palatable, it can be accepted. But if you actually tell the truth, the whole truth, and pull the whole veil back, it hides itself because it seems not credible. But the strangest things really are true…

So, in an ironic way, because the actual truth of these matters is so far outside the matrix of conventional wisdom and belief, it’s difficult to tell the whole truth. This has been a struggle for me for about 12 years. After I got into that level of covert knowledge, I thought, “Who the hell can I tell this to?”

Wisdom requires that you share the truth that can be comprehended by the person listening. What good does it do to teach calculus to someone in preschool who’s just learning what two and two is? And yet at the same time, I’m very troubled with knowing this information and not sharing it. So now I speak the truth, even if it discredits me…. We are getting to the end of the algorithm. We knew when 9/11 happened – after the Disclosure Project had tens of thousands of people demanding open hearings, and there were serious members of Congress looking into that possibility – that the agenda was being rolled out more quickly.

And what was the next thing on the algorithm after global terrorism? A hoaxed threat from outer space.The final card the covert metagovernment will play would be a hoaxed threat from outer space related to extraterrestrial intelligence. So, we are very close to the end of the algorithm. Time does not allow the luxury of staying quiet about the truth – even the Forbidden Truth.