Junk DNA

Received by Sal Rachele

DNA is not just a record of your genetic heritage, ie, your father, mother, grandparents and great-grandparents; rather, it is also a record of your soul's journey from the beginning of your individuality as a soul. Within what scientists call "junk DNA" is a record of all your incarnations on Earth, your incarnations on other worlds, and your entire period as an individual soul. This includes notes of any crosses between species or races, and notes of your Sirian, Orion, Draconian, Andromedan, Arcturian, and Venusian DNA, as well as DNA from several other races. There is also a direct connection to what we call the Akashic records, which are data stores in the causal realms, which hold information about the souls that have incarnated in your galaxy.

* * *

You have approximately 10 to the 108th power of possible configurations of your DNA. That number is a trillion times greater than the number of atoms in the universe as you know it, and yet it makes up the DNA of only one human being.

* * *

What they don't understand is that within the "junk" portion of the DNA codes are the soul's memories of past lives, parallel lives, and lives on other worlds, i.e. basically the entire history of that soul since it originated from the Divine, many millions of years ago. .

* * *

In Chapter 6, we described the different strands of DNA and what they do. To briefly repeat part of what we already said in chapter 6, you have 24 strands of DNA, arranged in 12 pairs. There is one pair for each density of experience. Your scientists are only capable of detecting a pair that corresponds to the third vibrational density level. As you ascend the spiral of ascension, and begin to vibrate at higher levels, you will activate the dormant fibers that correspond to those higher levels. In addition, you have 4 more fibers corresponding to the first and second densities. So a third density man has 6 activated fibers and a fourth density man has 8 activated fibers.

You have predetermined activation programs built into your DNA, which automatically "trigger" dormant fibers once you reach a certain point in your evolution. The master pattern of ascension is just one of those programs. The relationship between destiny and free will is very complex, but to sum it up like this: There is a pre-programmed set of codes and keys within your DNA that tells you how and when your ascension will occur, and you have free will to significantly alter the order and timing of these events. You can delay or speed it up.

You can allow the process to unfold according to your highest and best possibilities for learning, or you can choose a path in which the soul doesn't feel fulfilled. You can make this process simple and straightforward, or difficult and complex.

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