Founders - Earth Awakens: Prophecy 2012 - 2030

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The Relationship Between Consciousness and Time

Let us now return to our discussion of the levels of awareness and how they fit into the nature of time.

Higher levels of awareness are more inclusive. For example, if you have a seventh density consciousness, you can perceive all the levels below your level of vibration as well as the qualities unique to seventh density. However, if you are vibrating at third density, you only have access to first, second and third levels.

You, dear humans, are exploring the third, fourth and fifth density realities of Earth. Each of you has some of the qualities and characteristics of all three of these levels of being. The one level you are most focused on will become your dominant level of reality in the coming years.

Consciousness “activates” what it perceives. In previous dissertations, this has been likened to paintings on a canvas. The non-activated levels are like blank canvases waiting to be painted. Once you focus on a specific level, you bring life to that level or density.
If there are beings or entities already vibrating at a speciFic level, then those beings activate that level in their own way. For example, the nature spirits and elementals existing in the lower fifth density realms of Earth have created a beautiful reality that fifth density humans will be able to witness as they move into that realm.

Your Earth is an experimental world. Many of the conditions present toda are different than on any other world in your galaxy. Because you have free there are many variations within the overall framework of multidimensional reality. This means that no two planets will ever evolve in exactly the same That said, you have 11 other planets in your galaxy that have reached a simih situation to what is taking place on Earth.

Let us now look at some of the physical and psychological changes that to be happening with time.

Changes in the Nature of Time

Many of you have asked us to address your sense that time is speeding up. While this is not true from a third density perspective (the Earth still rotates oi about every 23 hours and 56 minutes), there is a profound psychological shift taking place within almost all human beings.

Some of the experiences you are having at this time are related to the Galactic Shift, and this includes the speeding up of time. Although there are 23 hours and 56 minutes to one Earth day from a linear third density standpc within the fourth density realm, psychological time is changing. As of the year 2000, those 24 hours really felt more like 16 hours to many of you. As you through the 2012 portal, a day will seem to have shrunk to about 8 to 12 hours length. Due to your changes in level of vibration, along with changes in the ha frequencies of Earth, the time harmonics are being altered.

The base frequency of Earth used to be about 8 hertz. Now it has increase about 13 hertz (as of the end of 2011). It will peak around 14 hertz by the year 2015 and remain relatively stable at around 12 to 14 hertz through the duration the Galactic Shift.

As you go higher in vibratory state, what seems to you to be perhaps a few seconds can be a few hours to someone in a lower state of vibration. At very hi frequencies, a few seconds to someone in that high vibration can seem like hundreds of years to someone in a much lower frequency. This is called “naturn harmonic time compression.”

There is also a phenomenon known as “harmonic time expansion.” An interesting ability afforded those in the higher realms includes the idea of’ “manufactured harmonic time expansion.” This reversal of the natural time compression normally experienced in the higher realms allows time and space travelers from higher dimensions the option of exploring the lower realms for days, weeks, months or even years, and then returning to their own realm wherein only a few seconds have elapsed.

An example of time expansion occurs almost nightly during the dream state.

Some of your dreams may span years within one dream, but when you awaken, you might find that only 60 to 90 minutes have elapsed.
Natural and artificial vortex sites oflen have expansion or compression of lime as one of their features. Generally, “positive” vortexes have time F compression, while “negative” vortexes have time expansion. This is consistent with the principle of consciousness that says, “Higher states of consciousness promote time compression, while lower states promote time expansion.” In lay terms, this means if you spend time in a positive vortex, time seems to fly by. When meditating in a negative vortex, time may seem to crawl.

Just as you can compress and expand time, you can do the same with space. This is how extraterrestrial beings are able to come and go from the Earth plane without having to traverse the great distances described in Newtonian and Einsteinian physics. You have sci-fi authors and filmmakers who have introduced the idea of hyper-space, with spacecraft capable of hyper-drive, or warp speed.

Where do you think all these ideas came from? While they are certainly embellished with your typical Hollywood dramas and themes, the central ideas are based on actual mechanics of time and space inherent to higher levels of reality. We will return to our discussion of time and space expansion and compression a bit later in this book, in our section on future technology.

One more psychological time anomaly that is worth mentioning involves the idea that the lower dimensions of the Universe represent the past and the higher dimensions the future. Because you as human beings are capable of perceiving both linear and nonlinear time, and because you are evolving from lower to higher dimensions in linear time, from a nonlinear perspective, the lower dimensions are part of the past and the higher dimensions are part of the future.

Said another way, from a higher perspective, you can see your entire linear timeline laid out before you stretching from past, through the present and into the future. As you move along your timeline from past to future, your vibrational state increases. This is why you will find the higher dimensions positioned along the future segment of the timeline


The Nature of Time

So during time and space travel, if you dial into higher dimensional frequencies, you are, in essence, moving into the future, with respect to linear time. From a nonlinear perspective, all of time happens at once, so you are merely shifting your lens of perception to another part of the time/space fabric We have given a more detailed explanation of this below.

A Discussion of Possible and Probable Timelines

It is the nature of your world, dear Creators, that it serve as a “scratch pad for your creative endeavors. Like us, you are Creator Gods, created in the and likeness, of your Creator. You have all the abilities, talents, skills, and potential that we have. What you do with your abilities is up to you because have free will.

Chapter 1 used a retrospective approach to see the dominant timelines your world as we see them. They are not set in stone. They can be changed are changing moment by moment. In our millions of years of evolution and understanding of human affairs, we have portrayed the most likely outcomes we see them. Chapter 1 gave you the scenarios with the highest probability being played out on your world over the next few decades.

In fact, you are an integral part of these dominant timelines, adding your creative energy to the visions set forth in this book. The presentation given Chapter 1 is helping to create the very things it describes.

You might say, “Well, if that is the case, then why can’t we save every instead of only 25% of the human race?”

Therein lies the paradox of free will. For within the many possible realities one in which everyone wakes up to the reality of their magnificence and immediately ceases all forms of negativity upon your world. Yet, knowing we do about the levels of evolvement of souls on your world and the reasons came to Earth in the first place, it is almost inevitable that some souls will choose to fall back into darkness once again, for they have not yet integrated their Original Cause issues. They are still reenacting the Fall from Grace that see to happen eons ago. This root cause of humanity’s suffering will be approach in many different ways throughout this book in an attempt to help you understand the primal issues that are responsible for the rise and fall of civilizations.

The following chapters of this book will go into a detailed explanation of many changes that are likely to come to your world in the years ahead. We have provided a broad overview, but a practical and sensible question to ask at this point is, “How do we get there from here? What tangible steps can I as an individual soul take to help bring about the visions you have described?” Of course, you are referring to the fourth and fifth density scenarios and not the third density one.

For most of you, the time will soon arrive when you will find that letting go of third density is the sanest approach. We urge you to start today by releasing your remaining identification with that realm. To help you do this, we suggest rereading Chapter 1 several times and talking to others who share your visions of a peaceful, enlightened world. We will also be giving specific techniques (in Chapter 3), designed to help you heal your psychological and emotional issues.

Facing the Truth of What Is

Coming back to our central topic, multiple timelines, it is important to remember the “activation principle” of consciousness. What you focus on, you become. This is true for collective groups of humanity as well as individuals. Right now would be a good time to observe where you are placing the emphasis in your lives. What is getting the most energy? What is receiving the most attention?

We realize there is a fine line between consciously choosing to become a positively-oriented ascending human, and putting on an artificially happy smiling face and going into denial about what still needs healing within you. There are many humans obsessed with remaining positive, at the expense of denying major parts of themselves that are in pain. It is not about avoiding pain, or wallowing in it, or identifying with it. The true healing is contingent upon how you interact with it.

You can be focused on the magnificence of your spiritual Being while seeking to fully understand and integrate fear, anger, sadness, grief, resentment, worry, anxiety, dread, terror, rage, judgment, guilt, and all manner of negativity. The key is to look at these things from the Oneness of your all-wise, all-knowing, all-powerful God Presence. Because of the existence of nonlinear reality, or the eternal now, it is not only possible to do this, but ultimately your God Presence is the only true reality and so there is no way you cannot come from that part of yourself.

In many of your writings, the analogy is used as follows: You are Gods dreaming of mortality and limitation. Indeed, this is the case. Your task, beloved Creators, is to recognize when you have become identified with the world of form and all its traps and pitfalls, and to withdraw your energy from the world and return to the One True Reality of your God Self.

Creating a Timeline that Empowers You

Let us return again to our discussion of timelines. In nonlinear time you are already enlightened and free and are creating powerfully from the vantage point of your God Presence. Spread out before you is a tapestry of time/space possibilities and probabilities. The level of validity of a particular timeline depends on two factors: (1) How much energy and focus you place upon it; and (2) how many of you decide to adopt that particular focus. For example, if you believe in and focus on war as a way to get what you think you need, and millions of others believe and focus in the same way, you will end up creating war on your planet.

Conversely, if enough of you adopt the fourth density timeline proposed in Chapter 1, you become a powerful force for creating prosperity and joy on Earth. Anything you enthusiastically adopt as your desired reality gets merged into the collective reality being created on Earth. The extent of your ability to focus on your desired reality depends on how much you have healed your psychological and emotional issues and cleared your core negative beliefs.

As you focus on the reality you desire to create and seek out others who have similar desires, you become an undeniable force on the planet. While it may only take one enlightened individual to change the world, several enlightened souls all working together to create a dominant timeline of peace and prosperity will do just that.

Past, Parallel and Future Lifetimes

You do not have in your language the words to adequately describe the relationship between the nonlinear Self and the myriad of linear selves that thread through the tapestry of possible and probable timelines. We will do our best to keep this subject simple and easy to understand, but we cannot guarantee you will grasp what we are saying here.

In linear reality, you have your emergence from the Godhead, let’s say 100 million years ago, followed by a series of incarnations in various lower worlds, occasionally followed by a period of respite in the higher dimensions before descending once again to commence the lessons you did not learn completely in previous lifetimes.

Many of you, in fact most of you reading this, have been all over the galaxy in your various incarnations and manifestations. A typical enlightened soul may start out in seventh density Pleiades and then drop in vibration to incarnate for several lifetimes in fifth density Pleiades, followed by a few lifetimes in fourth density Sirius A, then a couple of pleasant interludes in sixth density Arcturus, followed by a challenging round of several lifetimes in fourth density Orion, then a brief visit to one of the early civilizations on Earth as a third density being, then on to more fourth density Pleiadean lifetimes, etc., finally coming back to Earth at this time.

Most souls on Earth have been here before, on average 50 to 100 times, although for a few this is their first lifetime on Earth. Some souls have been here hundreds of times. Starseeds are those souls whose linear timeline consists primarily of lifetimes on other worlds. They may have come to Earth only a few times, usually during the heights of civilizations or during pivotal times around a period of Earth changes.

After this incarnation on Earth, you will either (1) go through physical ascension, (2) die and be reborn in the new Golden Age on Earth, or (3) choose to journey on to some other planet. As you complete your Earthly lessons, you will spend more of your time in higher worlds and less time incarnating into the lower worlds. When you do incarnate on a lower world, it will be for the express purpose of helping souls awaken in that place, just as most of you reading this now have come to Earth from higher worlds to help humanity.

The True Nature of Karma

Each planetary system upon which you incarnate presents a unique series of soul lessons and when you have completed those lessons, you no longer have any “karma” or unfinished soul business on those particular worlds. You are then free to come and go as you will from those worlds, depending on the level of your desire to help other souls there who are still stuck on the wheel of karma.

As we have mentioned many times before, karma has nothing to do with reward and punishment. That is an elaborate scheme set up by guilt to convince you that you are worthy or unworthy of enlightenment. In this respect, many of the Eastern religions merely promote guilt from a different angle than the western religions.

For example, if you were born into poverty in this lifetime and have recall of being wealthy and abusing your wealth in a previous lifetime, this does not mean you are being punished for your past transgressions and are destined to remain in poverty for the balance of this lifetime. More likely, it means that your soul simply desired to understand the duality of wealth and poverty from both points of view. In your past lifetime, you were the oppressor and now you get to experience what it feels like to be the oppressed.

Once you have completed a soul lesson, you are free to create your life in a very different way. That means that if you were born into poverty in this lifetime and have learned everything there is about that state. you are free to create wealth once again, perhaps this time with greater love and compassion for others.

For many of you, it seems the journey through your Earthly lifetimes has been long and harsh, and from a strictly third density point of view, it has been. Up until the Galactic Shift, Earth had been one of those planets where finishing your karma and moving into ascension was reserved for a few yogis who lived high in the mountains and meditated several hours per day. Now, with the recent Divine dispensations, ascension is available to any soul who sincerely desires it and is willing to work on clearing the negative aspects of self.

More on Parallel Lifetimes

Before we take a deeper look at ascension, you may be asking. “What about parallel lifetimes? I get the feeling I have other selves in other dimensions living lifetimes in other worlds, or even in other bodies on this world.”

We can go quite deep with this question, perhaps tx deep for your intellectual minds, but let us make the attempt to explain. First of all, your past and future lifetimes are parallel, from the standpoint of nonlinear time, because they are all unfolding right now in this eternal moment, despite appearing to happen sequentially. They are not set in stone. Your past lifetimes are mutating, diverging, converging, and in general changing moment to moment, just as your present and future lifetimes are.

You do have what is called the Akashic mediuim which records every soul experience, and from that standpoint, your past lifetimes are fixed. But every time you journey back in time and change something. you create a new timeline. In effect, you jump from the original timeline into the new one created by your actions of going back into the past and making changes.

The simplest example of this. which is mentioned in detail in the next section in our discussion of healing techniques. is when u perform a timeline healing, which means to go back and give one of your past selves a healing. Unlike the paradox demonstrated in your science fiction movies. you cannot go back and, for example, kill your grandfather and then return to the present and find out you no longer exist as a result.

You can only change your experience of the past. which includes making energetic changes to the way you experienced events. By doing this, the original timeline remains intact and you do not violate the free will of other souls having experiences in that timeline. Imagine the dramatic change that would occur to those who burned you at the stake if you were to be rescued by future versions of yourself and carried off into the woods just as the burning ceremony begins.

However, you can create an alternate timeline that includes a visitation by future selves and you can receive a healing from them while in your past lifetime. In the “burned at the stake” lifetime, you now have an alternative timeline in which your condemned self was visited by future versions of himself/herself. In this alternate timeline, your soul can avoid the trauma originally experienced in association with being burned alive because your future selves can come back in time and lift your spirit out of your body before you have the experience of being burned. This is usually allowed because it does not affect the consciousness of those who condemned you to die. They do not know that you consciously bypassed the burning experience.

From a nonlinear perspective, all these alternate timelines are part of the eternal now, and you can access any of them at any time. So they will seem like parallel lifetimes because in fact they are. Every time you change some aspect of linear time, you create a new thread in the fabric of time/space, and these fabrics are all accessible from nonlinear time.

There is another type of parallel lifetime that involves what is commonly called soul families and oversouls. You have, usually, six members of your soul family on Earth or other lower density planets, and six in the higher dimensions, at any given time, and it is possible to meet the six Earthly souls while in human form and feel a deep connection with them. It is also possible to become aware of their life experiences while at a physical distance.

You have an oversoul, which consists of the 12 souls described in the preceding paragraph. You can tune into the oversoul and realize that he or she is one aspect of a larger monadic or atmic Self, the oversoul of your oversoul, also called your master oversoul. Each of these 12 oversouls that form your master oversoul, in turn, have 12 individual souls attached to them, and from a ninth density perspective, you are intimately connected to all 144 souls in your master oversoul. The structure of souls and oversouls is explained in depth in “Earth Changes and 2012.” For now, we are bringing up this subject to help explain why you might feel you have other selves living other lives in other places.

Finally, there is the God perspective itself, which is beyond anything your mind can conceive, but let’s go ahead and take it to its extreme. Fasten your seat belts, please.

Have you ever wondered, if you are truly One with Everything, why that Everything chose to come through your body, in your unique circumstances, at this moment in time? Why did it choose to experience itself through you, and if you are truly One, then why can’t you decide, at any given moment, to experience it through your sister, or friend, or someone down the street? Why do you seem locked in this one physical body?

The answer is simple, but not easy to understand. If God is everything, then there is no differentiation between any two or more aspects of Creation. There only appears to be differentiation because of the existence of linear time.

From the perspective of God, you can rewind the linear “tape” of time and experience every aspect of Creation, one at a time. Or you can choose to experience all aspects simultaneously. As God, the choice is up to you. That means that this lifetime, you could choose to be Sal in the USA, and in another parallel lifetime, you could choose to be Steven down the road, then in another parallel lifetime, you could choose to be Sarah in Bath, England, etc.

From a linear perspective, it seems absurd that you could experience every life form everywhere in the Universe, one at a time, but this is how God perceives its Creation, because time is infinite from God’s perspective. To overly simplify, that means that God has unlimited time on his/her/its hands to personally experience every individual aspect of Creation. Then, while God is experiencing itself individually, it can zoom out to the nonlinear realm and experience everyone at once.

While this ultimate viewpoint is available to all aspects of God’s Creation, it is not possible, while in human embodiment, for you to spend very much time in this state of consciousness, so we will now return to our discussion of the dominant timelines of Earth. We hope you have enjoyed our journey into the profound state of God consciousness.

Earth’s Three Dominant Timelines

Coming back down to Earth, let’s take another look at the three dominant timelines being created by humanity. Please keep in mind that there are other individual soul realities besides the following three descriptions, but over 95% of humanity will likely fall (or rise) into one of these three realities in the years to come on planet Earth.

The Dominant Timeline of Third Density Death and Destruction

As we have discussed in the Introduction and again in Chapter 1, not every soul is ready to enter fourth density with Mother Earth. Going back to the classroom analogy, there are some students who are simply not willing to do what it takes to graduate to the next level.
They are not to be judged or condemned or thought of as less than, dumb, stupid, bad or wrong. They are simply learning at a different pace than the more enlightened members of humanity.

The vast majority of souls on Earth have, as their dominant DNA, the Orion strains. This is a result of extensive interbreeding that occurred nearly half a million years ago when the star systems of Rigel and Betelgeuse invaded the Earth. At that time, there were no safeguards in place to prevent such occurrences. The souls on Earth were primarily Pleiadean prior to the invasion, and one of their difficult soul lessons was to experience being taken over by a more warrior-like, aggressive, domineering race.

We know that most Pleiadean souls on Earth did not consciously choose to become Orions, but on a higher level, this was part of the natural outcome of the original separation and reflected the lessons that came out of the primal beliefs that arose after the fall. Invasions and interbreeding are frequent occurrences in the lower worlds and on some level the incoming souls to Earth during that time knew that this could happen.

Nevertheless, the negative programs, in the form of emotional scars, etheric imprints and astral implants, have remained with humanity throughout several ages. Those souls that are still caught in this cycle of Original Cause and victimhood will experience one final disaster here on Earth (or several related disasters, such as wars, famine, flood, earthquakes, etc.). They will exit during the Earth changes and take up residence on other worlds specially designed to assist them in finally overcoming the reenactment of the fall.

After the destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis, a few souls were able to balance their various aspects. They made a commitment to completing the soul lessons surrounding the fall and the resulting experience of having their free will violated, so they could finally move off the wheel of reincarnation and onto the spiral of ascension as fifth density consciousness.

Another group emerged that was not quite ready to complete all karmic lessons. These souls grew tired of endless wars, conflict and misery and began moving into fourth density consciousness.

The souls stuck in third density, the ones who are working to overcome their remaining karma, and the ones ready for ascension, are all in embodiment on the Earth today and represent the three dominant timelines.

The Dominant Timeline of Enlightened Communities

About 20 to 25% of humanity has evolved to the point where continuously re-enacting the fall (and experiencing the resulting constant pain, misery, suffering, abuse, control and oppression) is no longer a soul lesson that needs to continue. This group is ready to complete all negative karma and enter the new Golden Age. They will get to have what they truly desire, a beautiful radiant Earth that no longer experiences constant wars and environmental degradation.

Most of this book is dedicated to this group and centers around the “how-to” regarding navigation through the difficult transition period and the rebuilding of the Earth after the third density souls have completed their embodiment here and have moved on.

The Dominant Timeline of Ascension

Approximately 15 to 30 million humans (about 0.3% of humanity) will likely choose the path of physical ascension in the years to come. As described many times throughout our writings, the ascension is instantaneous from a nonlinear perspective, but takes many years, or decades, from a linear time frame. Basically, ascension occurs through a quantum jump at the atomic level. However, because you have trillions of cells in your physical body, and bodies do not like sudden change, there is a master template program that gradually converts your cells into the crystalline light form. Therefore, the complete process of physical ascension will take 10, 20, 30 or more years to complete, depending upon your unique soul path.

As stated in “Earth Changes and 2012,” physical ascension is vastly different than spiritual ascension. Almost all of you have experienced spiritual ascension, some of you many times. Spiritual ascension involves leaving the body behind and ascending in consciousness into the celestial planes. The celestial planes are the true heavens spoken of in your scriptures. Do not confuse them with the upper astral and lower etheric planes that can mimic the heavens in some respects.

Spiritual ascension happens when souls have completed their Earthly soul lessons to the extent that they no longer have a reason to reincarnate on Earth except to be a teacher and help souls awaken. Many yogis and saints have chosen spiritual ascension, such as Paramahansa Yogananda and Swami Muktananda.

Those souls who do not take their body with them into the higher realms during physical ascension may choose spiritual ascension instead. Because of the critical situation on Earth now and the anticipated transitional period of about 20 years, souls who choose spiritual ascension will likely elect to either assist humanity as spirit guides, or reincarnate on Earth during the new Golden Age with the specific purpose of helping the fourth density humans rebuild and grow.

The majority of you reading this book will become part of the ascending humans in the years to come and are in one of the three waves of ascension described earlier. Even if you choose not to transfigure your body into light and instead leave your present body behind with the intention of reincarnating in the New Earth, you will find the following chapters to be of immense benefit. At least, you will understand what the ascending souls are experiencing because one day you, too, will go through these stages of evolution.

In the following sections, we will describe in detail not only the physical ascension of humanity, but the changes to the structure of your society that were briefly visited in Chapter 1. This book is a “How To,” as much as it is prophecy.

Remember, dear Creators, you have free will and are powerful, creative, spiritual beings. Therefore, do not fall into the trap of simply believing that everything described herein is inevitable. We encourage you to take an active part in the unfolding dynamics of the New Earth. This story is about you, the meek that are inheriting the Earth. If you were not already a member of the new humanity, you would not have been attracted to this material.

Once you embark upon this path, you cannot turn back. You have reached a critical stage in your unfoldment. Any attempts to return to comfortable, familiar territory will be unsuccessful. You will no longer desire your old way of living. None of it will appeal to you. It is as dead as last year’s leaves. Let it go. Let it float silently into the void to be recycled into another wondrous creation.
We are the Founders. Good day.


The Changes Within

Greetings, beloveds, we are the Founders. Now that you have had an overview of some of what to expect in the coming years, and have been briefed on the nature of time, we will go into detail on what you may experience in the years to come.

To recap, we are making some assumptions as we begin this chapter. First, we are assuming you are all members of the enlightened humans who are inheriting this beautiful planet. Second, a great many of you are also on the path of ascension. However, you will find that many of the issues described in this and the following chapters will relate to you regardless of your level of vibration.

Note:You have, by now, noticed that we often repeat ourselves. This is not bad editing on the part of the channel, but an intentional move designed to reinforce the more important ideas. Now, let us proceed.

The Catalysts for Change

Inspiritual terms, a catalyst is a trigger mechanism for moving evolution forward. In some cases, a catalyst will trigger a mutation in the DNA or radical transformation in the consciousness of a species. On virtually every level of human experience, you have, at this time, catalysts prompting you to make changes at a fundamental level of your being.

From a purely third density perspective, your species cannot continue on its present course. The story given in Chapter 1 illustrates what will happen to the third density world if you repeatedly ignore the warning signs inherent within your lifestyle choices. To review briefly:
You are running out of pure, clean water and fresh organic food. Your climate is changing, partly from interference by humankind and partly from natural cycles. Your population is currently unable to feed itself and provide a basic standard of living for about one-fourth of its people. You continue to use fossil fuels and nuclear power even though you have had recent major accidents involving these products. You have fouled your air and water to the point that ‘our beloved Earth is having difficulty correcting the problem. Your food is contaminated and contains dozens of chemicals your bodies do not know how to process. Your physical bodies have compromised immune systems due to stressful lifestyles. These stressors include constant noise, electromagnetic pollution from radio and mobile phone towers, bombardment with media and advertising, a pop culture that promotes consumerism and violence, a political system bought and paid for by special interests, corporate monopolies that genetically alter crops and promote excessive spraying of pesticides, a corrupted medical system that values profits over people, weapons of war that spray radioactive chemicals into the air (depleted uranium, etc.), weather modification substances sprayed into your atmosphere, hydraulic fracturing of shale to produce natural gas that pollutes the groundwater, constant small spills of petroleum products along with a few major spills, leaking nuclear reactors, depletion of the ozone layer, and exhaustion of natural resources to satisfy the ever-increasing cravings and desires for more, more, more.

The above paragraph ought to be enough of a catalyst to trigger major changes in behavior among human beings, but most continue to march off the cliff, perhaps taking quick note of a problem and occasionally considering a solution, but then rationalizing the issue away and going back to sleep. Souls are conditioned to believe they are mostly powerless and have very little say in what takes place in the world. This sense of powerlessness stems from identification with the body and ego mind complex. This identification with form, which began during the soul’s descent into matter, is the primary reason nearly three-fourths of humanity will likely leave the Earth over the next 20 to 30 years.

From a fourth density perspective, your own souls are the catalysts behind the changes you are seeking to make. Many of you are what is commonly called “old souls” and have had enough of war, poverty, misery, suffering, control, oppression, etc. You want to learn new lessons of love, unconditional acceptance, responsibility for Mother Earth, and living harmoniously with the environment.

Even without the specter of environmental disaster, you would be unable to continue living a third density lifestyle. You are no longer interested in which brand of shaving cream or deodorant is best, or how to make more money than your neighbor. Long ago you put away the insane idea that the one with the most toys somehow “wins” in life. The things that excite you now involve personal growth, spiritual unfoldment and entering into deep, bonded, truly loving relationships with others who are also committed to their soul evolution.
As an enlightened human, you seek out experiences that will bring to the surface those patterns and issues that need to be healed and integrated. Of course, your human ego might still resist and even complain at times, but the dominant force in your life is the desire to grow into greater wisdom through compassionate service.

From outside the Earthly drama, there are a number of catalysts contributing to the changes. These catalysts go all the way to the Source of everything. You could say that there is a Divine fiat or commandment that all life on Earth shall evolve or go elsewhere. This is in answer to the call of Mother Earth herself, who is a living, conscious being existing on seven dimensions.

As the three portals of 2012, 2017 and 2030 (discussed earlier) begin to factor in to the equation, you find all these catalysts for growth converging in the present time period.

The Cause of the Darkness On Earth

The cause of darkness on Earth goes back to Original Cause. Because Earth has been a third density planet for millions of years, souls that incarnate here usually forget their Divine nature and become identified with materiality, at least to some extent. This has been part of the desire of souls exploring the lower densities — to become temporarily enmeshed in such worlds in order to experience them to their fullest. Unfortunately, many souls who desire to free themselves from identification with the material are finding it quite difficult. A lot of this difficulty stems from the fact that “laggard” souls have come to Earth and have kept the overall vibration here very low due to their slow learning curve or outright refusal to learn.

Our Creator, being infinitely compassionate, has given souls millions of years to learn lessons on Earth, but now the very life of lower density Earth is threatened by those souls who have refused to turn away from destructive
behaviors. These are the dark ones who have been stuck in a negative view of reality for eons. From their distorted perspective, God is the enemy to be overcome through force and might. Deep within their consciousness is rage and terror associated with the original descent into matter (Original Cause). As a consequence of identifying with form, they have come to the erroneous conclusion that they are small, helpless, powerless beings all alone in a hostile universe. As a result of this belief in separation from God, they feel they must control and manipulate others in order to feel powerful and meaningful.

Most of you have been on Earth during the rise and fall of the significant civilizations, such as Pangaea, Lemuria, Atlantis and the present. Every time you have climbed to the heights of personal achievement, something has come along and seemed to sabotage your efforts. Sometimes this has been a so-called “natural” disaster, but more often it has been the result of invasion by negative extraterrestrials, or decay from within the culture itself. Usually, the so-called “civilized” world descended into warfare and oppressive, dictatorial regimes designed to keep people locked in fear and servitude.

Why do you think things fall apart just when it seems they are getting good?

The answer lies in the nature of denial and suppression of primal experiences. Most of you never completely resolved the feelings that arose during Original Cause. Fearful of reenacting the descent into darkness and compression, you locked that fear deep within your subconscious mind and pretended everything was just fine. Having this suppressed negativity did not make it go away. It still worked behind the scenes according to the law of attraction, meaning that your soul would attract negative experiences in order to mirror what was unresolved within the psyche.

Dear Creators, if you did not have unresolved psychological issues lurking within, you would not attract negative ETs, natural disasters, or leaders that betray you or try to control you.

Attempts by Avatars to Turn Things Around

How are these issues resolved? Until recently, it was very difficult to heal Original Cause and its myriad of associated disorders, such as fear of abandonment, guilt, shame, depression and despair.

Seeing the predicament you were in, teachers were sent to Earth to help you remember that you are more than a body-mind personality. They reminded you that you are powerful, creative, spiritual beings, capable of remembering your true magnificence and manifesting it on this planet.

These teachers became some of the strongest catalysts for change, even though many of them were met with great opposition. They became mirrors not only of that which you had carefully concealed within and were afraid to look at, but also mirrors of your greatness. However, instead of seeing your own greatness reflected in the avatars and holy men and women of times past, you fell to idolatry and worship, thinking that salvation comes from the blessing of the guru or whimsical granting of pardon or forgiveness by the master, as in the adage, “Christ died for your sins.”

Believing that one manifestation of God in the form of a human soul is the key to salvation, you refused to look within for the answers and once again, you failed to move forward significantly along the spiral of evolution.