Cassiopaeans about 9 11

"Buddy, who brought down the towers?" "Terorists, 100%!"

The pilot episode for the FOX series "The Lone Gunmen" Which first aired on March 4, 2001.
The pilot envisioned the US Government hijacking a plane and crashing it into the World Trade Center.

Q: We have a series of questions about this recent event. Was the attack on the World Trade Center undertaken by
Moslem Terrorists?
A: No.
Q: Who was behind this attack?
A: Israel.
Q: Is it going to become known that it was Israel? Will they be exposed?
A: Yes.
Q: Is this the event that is going to lead to the destruction of Israel?
A: Yes.
Q: Are there going to be further terrorist attacks in the US next week as others have been predicting?
A: No.
Q: Are there going to be further terrorist attacks of this kind at any time in the near future in the U.S.?
A: No.
Q: Is this the beginning of WW III?
A: No.
Q: Is the US Going to bomb Afghanistan?
A: Possible in future.
Q: Well, you say there aren't going to be any further attacks; can we believe you?
A: Up to you.
Q: (A) You say that Israel will be exposed; in what time perspective?
A: Month [before first hints emerge.]
Q: Expose Israel? How?
A: Yes, open. Perhaps sooner.
Q: (A) What mistake did they make?
A: Infiltrated.
Q: (A) They seem to be so smart with their god behind them, and they did such a big thing, only to make a
mistake. (L) I guess we can only wait to see how it turns out. It's a spooky idea. What do countries do when
something like that is discovered and they have had a longterm diplomatic relationship? They talk to each other, they
pat each other on the back. What do they do? It's like having to get a divorce when everybody thought you had
such a happy marriage. And when it's like this? It's like having to get a divorce after discovering that your partner
has murdered your children and buried them in the back yard. (A) Yeah, but it's not so clear, because when you
say "Israel," it's not one thing. There are different parties, different factions, they are fighting. We don't know.
A: Gore is pushing buttons on Capitol Hill.
Q: What does Gore have to do with anything? He lost the election. Well... (A) He had this Lieberman as his running
mate. What kind of buttons? Huh. (L) Is he pushing buttons to expose, or pushing buttons to expose?
A: To suppress.
Q: Well, that's the damnedest thing I ever heard. Did the U.S. Government shoot down the fourth plane as some people are suggesting?
A: Yes.
Q: Did the United States government know about this attack at any time in advance of it? Did any of our people in any position to do anything, know?
A: No.
Q: Were they blindsided?
A: No. But not expecting.
Q: (A) So, they knew it was going to happen, but they didn't know when and what exactly? Is that it?
A: Yes.
Q: Is it truly a "failure of intelligence?"
A: Yes. Deliberate.
Q: So, the infiltrator must have learned something, but wasn't in on the whole thing?
A: Close.
Q: (A) What is the most probable scenario. There were infiltrators, they had some knowledge, and they
communicated this knowledge to some part of Intelligence, but this part of Intelligence did not press to communicate it to the higher parties?
A: Yes. And it was not known plan.
Q: So the infiltrator did not know the specific plan. So, they overstepped. Hubris. (A) Which part of Israel
government was behind it? (L) Probably some deep level orthodox bunch like Kochav.
A: Yes.
Q: (A) But they killed a lot of Jews. (L) They don't care. Jews killed a lot of Jews in WW II. Hubris.
A: Greed.

Q: (L) But nobody has said anything about having a war in Palestine. They're all talking about having a war in afghanistan. How does Palestine fit in here?
A: It is the ultimate objective of Israel.
Q: (L) Why would they want to have war in their own country? Well, aside from the fact that they've been having a war in their own country for a long time. I guess they want to bring it to a final conclusion. What is going to be the result of this plan?
A: Destruction of Jews.
Q: (L) Well obviously this is not what THEY are planning, is it?
A: No.
Q:(L) They are planning destruction of Palestinians, right?
A: Yes.

Q: Where did the Anthrax come from?
A: U.S. government.
Q: (L) That's not very nice. (A) Well, the "U.S. Government" can mean any of many parts that all fight with each other. (L) Okay, when you say "U.S. Government," is that the government that we consider to be our government, or is
that the secret government - some maverick branch that is operating without the approval of our elected officials?
A: Latter.
Q: (A) Well, that's imprecise. I am sure that at least one elected official is in on it. Certain questions have more or less known answers. What we know is that it comes from some part of the U.S. government. A maverick part. We don't know, and I don't know if we want to know from which part. (L) Probably not. (A) So, probably when they start to look for tracks of the Anthrax, it will certainly point somewhere abroad - to Afghanistan or somewhere else. (L) Right. That will give the government a reason to go and bomb somebody else. (A) So, is this reasoning correct? (L) Are they going to try to blame it on some foreign element?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) So, if they are going to try to blame it on some foreign group, can we have any idea of which group?
A: Iraq.
Q: (L) Are we ultimately headed toward bombing Iraq?
A: Yes.
Q: (A) Notice however, one complication: groups all over the world, as we are now noticing, have started protests against America. People are going to the streets in Europe to protest. So, in order to avoid this protest, probably America will have to produce some new evidence. Maybe an explosion of anthrax - maybe something completely new. (L) Is that something that is going to happen?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And what might be the next major act of terrorism be that will... (A) It may be somewhere in Europe to convince the European countries. (L) So, whoever is protesting the most is the one that is likely to get hit in some way. (A) But, on the other hand, it may not be easy for America to produce something there, since it is much easier to produce "terrorist" events in America where they have complete control of everything. (L) If they try to do it elsewhere, they are liable to get caught.
A: France may be hit next with nuke.

Q: (L) Okay, now, $64,000 question: what caused the fire and explosion at the Pentagon? Was it a 757?
A: No it was very close to what you have surmised: a drone craft specially modified to give certain "impressions" to witnesses. Even the windows were not "real."
Q: (S) What is a drone craft? (A) It's a guided craft run by a computer. There is not even a seat for a pilot. (L) Alright, the $64,001 question, what happened to Flight 77?
A: It was landed and now resides, in part, in fourth density.
Q: (L) What do mean "in part," how can it be in part?
A: As we have mentioned before, certain bases have this property due to direct interaction with denizens of that realm.
Q: (L) And they talked about bases that have levels underground. (A) Well, 'in part' can mean mechanical part or the human part. (L) Also, once they talked about bidensity beings that can move back and forth between 3rd and 4th density. So, exactly what do you mean by this 'in part?'
A: Let us just say that the "human" part now resides at 5th density.
Q: (L) Well, the soul is what goes to 5th density. So that means that the bodies are still - well, somewhere. Did they later use parts of these bodies to produce evidence at the crash site of 'remains?'
A: Parts is the correct word. Do you think that any of them could be "allowed" to survive?
Q: (A) I have a technical question because if it landed somewhere, question is, whether the standard military surveying satellites, or whatever it is, know the place, or it disappeared completely before landing from normal satellite, or rather military, observation?
A: It landed in the normal way.
Q: (A) Okay, then that means the military, and perhaps also the White House, knows that it landed and knows that...
A: White House knows little of what transpires in any case.
Q: (A) Right. But there are other spy satellites; some other countries may know that this story with flight 77 crashing at the Pentagon is...
A: At those levels, there is only one "Master."
Q: (L) Those levels? What levels?
A: Levels that can hand down orders to bury or suppress.
Q: (L) So you're saying that even, for example French, Russian, Chinese satellites that might have noticed something, that there is some level of control that can order such information to be buried or suppressed...(A) And the order will be respected? Why?
A: Those who are at that level have been bought and paid for by both giving knowledge of upcoming cataclysmic vents, and promised survival and positions of power after. It is not difficult to realize the there is a body of such types in positions of power already. Power is not only attractive to such types, they are the kind most easily corrupted by it.
Q: (SB) So they've been bought and paid for by...(L) Telling them what's going to happen, telling them this is the only way to survive and that they will be helped to survive. And then, telling them that once it's all over with, they can be in charge. Well, if they were going to kill the people anyway, who were in Flight 77, why didn't they just simply use this Flight 77 to crash into the Pentagon?
A: Because the damage would not have been controllable otherwise.

Q: (L) If we move, does that just mean move from this house to another nearby, or out of the country?
A: France.
Q: (L) I thought you said France was going to get hit by a nuke?
A: Still possible but less probable.
Q: (L) Is the United States going to be hit by nukes?
A: No doubt.
Q: (L) What should I do about my oldest daughter and my mother?
A: Help them to see.
Q: (L) And if they don't see?
A: Nothing you can do.
Q: (L) I am curious about this object that was seen in orbit around the Earth by an amateur astronomer. As soon as he announced it, it suddenly was explained away as an old rocket booster that was orbiting the Sun, and it has now been recaptured and is in orbit around earth. Yeah, right. Since 1969 it's been orbiting the Sun. Is this an old, cast off rocket booster?
A: No.
Q: (L) What is it?
A: High level scanner of sectors.
Q: (L) Like a radar? A satellite?
A: Similar, but more advanced.
Q: (L) Who does it belong to?
A: High level consortium.
Q: (L) Human or alien?
A: Both.
Q: (L) What was this thing seen off of Hollywood recently which was claimed to be an ICBM being launched? (
A: Nonsense. Flight of density transiting craft.

Q: (BT) Is France still vulnerable to an attack?
A: Less likely since you have exposed it.

Q: (L) What is driving Bush to have his war with Iraq?
A: Orders. Bush knows little in any respect as to what or why he does anything.
Q: Is the war drama merely a play being put on to keep us all distracted and in a state of fear?
A: More or less.
Q: Yet, you said the United States would be bombed, and on another occasion you said there would not be a nuclear war.
A: "Bombs" are not all "nuclear." And, there are "natural bombs."
Q: (A) I want to ask about the collapse of the WTC (Twin, 9-11). There is seismic evidence and pulses that are unusual, looks, simply dezintegrated matter.
A: Very good observation, but that does not mean that it was human sabotage. There certainly were "pulse". They were from "Natural" sources that he was "shaped" or "designed" and directed.
Q: What do you mean by "natural resources"?
A: Energy of the planet artificially collected and emptied. A kind of artificial earthquake.
Q: But still we are talking about technology. Where is the operational center for such things?
A: Technology 4th density.
Q: We know this. But there are artful and human brains. What are the brains behind this?
A: Have you ever wondered why the Pentagon - the Pentagon? Track!
Q: Do you therefore specifically included the Pentagon as one of the buildings that must be hit in the 9-11 attack?
To reduce suspicion?
A: Well, yes!
Q: Are there any departments in the Pentagon that the fourth denzitet? density?
A: Absolutely. It was "well covered" place.
Q: (A) Here is this Pentagon, and elsewhere there are other superpowers - Russia - and yet another - China ...
A: There is only one. Only it turned out that the United States its center.

Q: One of the initial questions that asked about tonight's Space Shuttle that was lost. First, whether it was
explosions or is it simply the disintegration or cracking?
A: It was a "direct hit".
Q: A direct hit of what?
A: EM pulse.
Q: (S) What was the source of electromagnetic pulse?
A: The consortium 3 / 4 density.
Q: Well, I thought Bush was a puppet of the Consortium. (A) Well, we already know that the army seizes the plans to construct UFO ... there are even reports that the army fired on them, and there are reports that the UFOs dezintegrirali military planes. UFOs are, somehow, in alliance with the Consortium. It seems that Bush and his gang is not under complete control Consortium, and Consortium perhaps needs a bit of "recall" on some things?
A: Not so many things that it reminds him of something, but rather that it should be stimulated to react.
Q : (L) Once before you say that Bush already knows quite a bit, and that the level of the White House in the dark regarding the knowledge of Consortium plans, and even if you discover it. So, you say that government control of the forces that people in government do not understand, nor they were aware of?
A: Exactly. Bush is "a machine that reacts."
Q : I would like to know about this alleged Saddam's "bodyguard", which was recently presented by Mossad.
Whether he was one of the previous Saddam body guards?
A: To an extent, yes. But certainly not the way it is presented. Just remember this: if the pilots could be
convinced that the pilot planes, which will stick to certain death, it would be difficult to "produce" bodyguard ?
Q: Very easy guessing. (A) He says exactly what the Israelis want to say. He does not reveal any specific information that could be useful. These are just general things. Anyone can say such things and say that bbodyguard. (L) Exactly. Well, you said with the EM pulse broke Shuttle. From where came the electromagnetic pulse?
A: The satellite, which is based in the universe.
Q. (A) Whether NASA knows the cause of an accident?
A: Some of them doubts about it.

A: Mossad is near the top of the 3D consortium. The lines connect at that level.
Q: (JH) What is the relationship between the Mossad and Rothschild?
A: Mossad's "idea" (brainchild). (Laughs) (Discussion of whether the top part of Rothschild or are just useful idiots who will also be cheated. Cassiopaeans occur when Laura said she does not understand.)
A: The lines that connect. Rothschild are similar like Sargon. The one who puts points on a deep level. (Punctuator)
Q: (L) What is punktuator deep level?
A: Anyone who appears from seemingly obscure that left a "mark" in history. No wonder you where they came from? Think "Deep".
Q: Deep in the underground bases?
A: Well, it's a concept!

Q: (L) In relation to this last tsunami, the internet is a lot of stories that this was not about a natural
phenomenon. Some say that the cause was a meteor, others - an American nuclear bomb, that there was a
submarine skirmishes between India and Israel. Some said that it was a scalar weapon, a new-ager in the case of
the beginning of the final cataclysmic changes on the planet. What really was the cause of earthquakes?
A: The pressure in the earth. None of the above reasons. However, remember that the development cycle of humanity reflects the cycle of natural disasters, and the human mass consciousness that also has a role.
Q: How was the role of the mass consciousness?
A: When those who have higher centers (chakras), blocked in the sense that they can fully manifest creative energy, then this energy must go somewhere. If you can not create "outside" then you create "inside".
Q: (L) In other words, these attempts OPS consortium to flooding, stealing and controlling the creative energy of those with senior centers, may also be the cause of their own destruction, because this energy can not be controlled.
(A) Yes, but it strikes each on the head, and not just them. (J) Maybe this is exactly what they intend, at the end
krajeva, oni žele uništiti ovu planetu. Finally, they wish to destroy this planet. (L), although I do not think that Bush and his party want to destroy this planet, indeed, they already do not know what is, in fact, happening. We have more that on this subject? (A) Well, there are some indications that the United States, Great Britain, Russia and France know that this is approaching tsunami, but did not want to tell anyone?
A: Yes, indeed they knew, but did not want to say. However, do not underestimate France and Russia.
Q: Think about technology or malice?
A : Technologies, however, and related "evil" too. In France there is still a certain balance. In this case of "those who do evil" were those who knew.
Q: Are passengers and crew were in both planes that crashed into the WTC buildings?
A: Yes.
Q: Is he one of the accused hijackers in one of these planes?
A. No.
Q: If the crew and passengers in these planes, whether they were conscious at the moment of hitting the building?
A. No.
Q: Are the planes that crashed into the building of the WTC were remote controlled from some helicopters or other aircraft in the vicinity?
A: No, it was not necessary. Kompjuter u kabini aviona sve to može napraviti. Computers in the aircraft cabin all to be done.
Q: Okay, so the passengers and crew lost consciousness?
A: You are already speculating something about the gas was released through the ventilation system.
Q: Is Barbara Olsen alive?
A: This is the interesting question. Suppose she is employed in bunker preparing for the welcome.
Q: Is there any other cases of forced landing in Cleveland, after Delta 1989th landed?
A: No, it was only for the confusion.
Q: So that means just more sowing disinformation by intelligence agencies in real time. Whether the plane,
fly no. 93, crashed in Pennsylvania?
A: Collapsed?
Q: Well, crashed after being hit by a missile. Whether he was hit by a missile?
A: Absolutely. You heard it from "first hand". (Referring to Rumsfeld lapse, which was made during the visit
U.S. soldiers in Iraq).
Q: If so, whether he was shot down because the passengers managed to take control, and in this case would have come fully to light many things that are not allowed to learn it?
A: Sure.
Q: Well, why should these travelers were not disabled as a gas and those in airplanes that crashed into the WTC buildings?
A: The mechanical error. "Wishfull thinking" will always deceive you.
Q: Well, where according to plan, should hit the plane, flight no. 93?
A: In the White House. There is a fire had already burned, they expect it, and then they had to shut down and cover up all information about it.
Q: At that time there have been some reports of outbreak of fire at the Pentagon before he was shot. Is it the same was the case with the White House?
A: Yes.
Q: Is it a plane, flight number. 77 (who allegedly crashed into the Pentagon) landed at Reagan Airport in
Washingtonu DC, as he claims Dick Eastman?
A: Try to Wright Patterson. (U.S. military base)
Q: Is it going anywhere else, after the Wright Patterson?
A: Only in pieces.
Q: But is it not mentioned in the previous session that Flight 77 landed in Denver, and that this can be a cause of Denver airport scandal? (The discussion of the meaning of "in pieces". The conclusion is that the plane and passengers were "mangled" and aircraft parts are moved somewhere else - maybe Denver)
A: Well, you see?
Q: Do you have that day and crashed another plane, and the public that no one has said anything?
A: Can this research and found conflicting information. But, no.
Q: Is the attack on the Pentagon was the purpose of leaving people who are involved in the legitimate exercise, which would otherwise know the truth about events of that day?
A: Now, another interesting question! What about the Navy!
Q: What about navy?
A: Maybe they know things that do not speak. Maybe they know what makes certain respect for "nature" and the ambivalence to intervene.
Q: Can you clarify?
A: Let's just say that the Navy will play with the bullies, because they know the bigger bullies. Navy has learned a lot from the Philadelphia experiment. George Bush senior tried to get all information about all what he heard and saw, but failed.
Q: What is with the Navy now?
A: It flies below the radar, waiting.

Q: Is Osama dead?
A: No.
Q: Is it true that Osama was in the video that was released before the election in November?
A: Yes.
Q: Is the Saddam who was captured in December 2003. - the real Saddam?
A: No.

Q: (H) What percentage of American population really supports Bush?
A: 36%
Q: (H) What percentage of American population thinks the government is involved in 9-11?
A: 47%.
Q: What percentage of American population is able to think at all?
A: About 12% if strictly define. (Group was left stunned by this) What do you expect from the effects of HAARP's the human brain ...
Q: (J) So this then is a nation of zombies (zombificirana Nations)?
A: You took the words directly from the 6 denziteta. density. (Allegory of: You took us a word from his mouth)
Q: (J) Then, if HAARP only affects the U.S. population?
A: Basically.
Q: (J) For members of our group, the only solution would be to move out of America? Is this true?
A: Either be aware and be in the network.
Q: (S *) I must ask, how many now see the video "The attack on the Pentagon? (
A: It moves toward the figure of 500 000 000 (2010. - 1 000 000 000)
P: (J) Who is responsible for a bomb attack on a train in Madrid?
A: Our favorite naughty gang that leaves a false trace.
Q: (H) Do they also stand behind the bombings in London?
A: MI5 (the British secret service) was there involved. They show a lack of professionalism.

The London Bombings by Ian McEwan

London Bombings - The Facts Speak For Themselves

Q: (J) Is the world's oil reserves are exhausted dangerous?
A: Not even close.
Q: (H) So, as we suspected, the whole story about oil is a political manipulation of the people behind the lead
Reich (Reich to support)?
A: Confuse and conquer.
Q: (J *) Does Tony Blair to act in accordance with their beliefs or blackmailed!
A: He was promised a place "a special pleasure."
P: (O *) Why the French invest so much energy in "Thermo - Experimental Nuclear Reactor? I guess so we will soon become thin with oil ...
A: It keeps people busy and keep the Bush gang happy. You do not mean that the French "swallow" all that jazz? It must buy time and space for maneuvering.
Q: (J) Means they acting dumbs about "end of the world"?
A: The dumb like a fox!
Q: (I *) So, if there are two groups, one in France and another in America, and they are allies?
A: Not currently. But everyone must take into consideration fun fellowship Yahwinih puppet. They do not play nice
Q: (J) Is there some sort of news about the possibility of deliberate spread of some viruses, microbes, or germs, and so do we little risk?
A: Expect a good round of that this autumn.
Q: (J) Is there anything that could to prepare?
A: Stay healthy.
Q: (J *) Will this warfare microbes remain solely within the U.S.?
A: It has already begun.
Q: (J) Will it spread to the rest of the world?
A: Uneven.
Q: (J) Whether we are talking about some kind of deadly form of flu?
A: Possibly, and it could be.
Q: (J) What was the cause of the crash of flight number 587? (
A: Covered. Do you know the spell MOSSAD? (Israeli intelligence service) The only "reminder".
Q: (J) Looks like they have a monopoly on the market in terms of false terrorist attack.
A: That is their specialty.
Q: (I *) What is the impact on the French "NO" vote?
A: Basically free thinking.
Q: (H) then what percentage of the French really think?
A: 59%.
Q: (I *) Is Sarkozy linked with some occult group?
A: Absolutely.
A: Let's say that he was under the influence of a sizeable Kabbalists.
Q: (J) Is it still anyone other than Barbara Olsen, survived the flight 77?
A: 2
Q: Is one of them a former member of the IDF, which has made sites for cabinet Ramsfeldov the Pentagon?
A: Good opportunity.
Q: (H) were some rumors on various web sites that Special Prosecutor refute the allegations against the Bush gang.
Is this just disinformation?
A: At this time many are being negotiated. Bush will probably prevail.
Q. (J) Whether the actual explosions at WTC on which the firefighters with the 24th reported floors and civilians from the basement?
A: Yes, but it was not necessary to set the explosives. Only it was necessary to set a "guide" for "design" EMP (of electromagnetic pulse). (The origin of the discussion about what it might mean in the previous session about where
mentioned that the towers fell due to natural wave that was "designed")

Q: Is the aircraft that hit the Pentagon fired a missile into the building before the attack? Shortly before the attack?
A: Yes.
Q: (J) Great. I want to know whether this aircraft was part of a plan to hit the White House?
A: Yes, but without arms. And with a different layout aircraft.
Q: (J) How it looked? What kind of aircraft? UFO? (All laugh)
A: More like "Osama special."
Q: (J) The point is that Flight 93 was supposed to hit the White House.
A: Probably not, but the "neocon" were not familiar with the whole "plan ".
Q: (L) talk about a dirty trick, huh? (J) It was said that a failure occurred on a fuel leak on the flight 93 and that is why
oboren. broken. Fuel was notleaking. Is that the only omission, or have lost control of the plane and it was the real reason it was shot down, or there were other omissions?
A: They had to shoot and break him, because he was no longer under control from many angles. Nobody could be
allowed to survive.
Q: (H) Do you have many phone calls from Flight 93 were the actual phone calls or were fake?
A: Some were genuine.
Q: (J) Have the right calls shown in the media?
A. Yes, but with "extras".
Q: (J) Get a technology that changes in real-time voice! (H) Is it really was Barbara Olson at phone?
A: Oh, yes!
Q: (V) If so, why would she telephoned?
A: She was "sent", but it should not include the 77th Flight.
Q: (V) This means that there was a double fraud! (J) Wait, do not jump to conclusions! Is Laura right with her hypothesis that Barbara was in some way kidnapped or has been used as collateral ... whether this was the case?
A: Close.
Q: What would be a closer?
A: Insurance, blackmail, and "messenger of bad news."
Q: (V) Well, it seems that it is intended to inform the phone her husband to know that things do not go as planned.
(L) My God, imagine that you're tied to their own fireworks, huh? (J) The entire operation was originally included the 77th Flight
A: Exactly.
Q: (J) Clarify this for me. So why is it still included the Flight 77? (L) Double fraud. (H) Israelis are made to order
took hostages and became dominant in comparison with the United States. (J) So, it is suggested that there were two groups that were involved in it. (L) Think about it, you have neoconse from the U.S. and on some level, Israeli agents with this neocons and say, "Oh yes, it's a great idea" because they think: "Oh yes, we will let Israel to do so. This will lead us to the Middle East, then we can dance and the people of Israel, as well. We can take all.
We can trick them and get the whole thing. "And then, think of Israel:" We know what you think. You think that you will help us, and then blame us for the whole thing, after being granted. Well, guess what ... We will screw up. "You will develop an additional thing. So they planned to" Osama Special "hits the Pentagon. It was supposed to be an accurate kick, yes, but it should be made to look like something completely different. Meanwhile, Israelis are painted over something that looks like the American Airlines plane, and have a plan to take the second plane. And then take care, for whatever reason, agreement, the date that Barbara Olson is in this second plane that is setup. Neocons who do not know that they will be kidnapped. Then they had Barbara Olson. She was chosen because it is a young, attractive, TV people, and then hit Pentagon with a plane that is literally military aircraft of the United States, which was painted over to look like American Airlines plane.
(J) This is such a thing. They could not explain how Osama got an American military plane. In the original plan, it should be hit with "Osama special." Which is what?
(L) This is something that is probably smaller, lighter and less lethal ... (J) As a small cloves or something with some
bombs in it. (L) It's actually supposed to look like something that came directly from Osama. (J) as some
plane which he had access to, right? And they told them that this is part of the plan. We'll hit the Pentagon with a plane that is laden with explosives. But while Israelis to speak neocons, it is a lie. They have another plan
including Flight 77 and the spacecraft. Thus the entire operation is divided between the two groups. (H) I wonder about the WTC. Whether it was part of the original plan, or is it part of the double deception?
A: The original WTC was the main "plan". Its symbolic value is needed.
Q: (L) So in other words, what happened then is that they say we will do this ... but we will keep you ...
just imagine what the Mossad told the neocons. "OK, you're going to perform, but we'll have to somehow cover. Here's what we do. We will make it look as if you are attacked, then no one will ever suspect that you actually stand behind it. (J) and we'll put it on TV and then people will see that it was Osama. (H) Did Flight 93 was the original plan?
A: Yeah, but with different objectives. How about the Washington Monument and many innocent civilians?
Q: (J) and they planned to use another kind of "Osama specials" in the White House, but were not. Why?
A: They left Bush in the lurch with its writers, are not you?
Q: (laughs) (J) They are forced Bush and neoconse to jump through the rings. They told them the plan that was radically different ... (L) and then they were wrong. (J) And these are running around, "What's the hell happened?" (W) It explains why the cover-up by the Pentagon was so miserable and why it was so obvious. (L) If any
planned, they would have something better plan. (A) whether they used a strange weapon in the WTC?
A: It's pretty simple "hit", with a specially prepared building.
Q: (J) What used to steel beam kolabriraju in ways that are so completely? Do you have a question about this?
(A) Well, specially prepared can mean the explosives that would cut off the beam. But there are many questions. (H) But we wondered about the explosives in the building, and they say that there was the word of the form ... (J) Yes, EMP. (Electromagnetic pulse) (J) Guides with the shape of EMP's. (H) This means that the use of EMF waves pretty easily. " (Laughs) (J) If so could download the Space Shuttle Columbia ... (H) Whether it is used the same technology as the Columbia? (Session 02.02.2003.)
A: Yes.
Q: (V) Whether it comes from the same source? (S) Satellite in space?
A: Now you enter into the warm water.
Q: (V) I do not want to get into hot water ... ( Laughs ) (A) It is not our job. (H) Curiosity killed the cat.
A: Just to remind you that it frightened even George. (Bush)
Q: (J) Is Robin Cook murdered?
A: What do you think Laura got to move the disk (Disc herniated).. How would "move the heart"?
Q: (J) but an interesting question, then, if it was intentional, obviously, from where the concentration of negative
energy come from?
A: There must be a "local guide".
Q: (J) and this then can lead to questions about Italy. What was the cause of spontaneous fires in Canet over the past two year, on several occasions?
A: They would "exercise" and improving technology. Imagine, metal pipes up; steel beams that are "dissolved". Related?
Q: (J) You know those pipes that are spontaneously set on fire? (A) Yes. (L) Metal to explode in flames. (J) Metal pipes. Electrical apparatus. (H) and then steel beams in the WTC. (J) a few years ago. (R) We watched footage from the WTC and asked whence we came beam. (A) However, I want to know what physics is behind this, because I can not imagine any.
A: Nanotechnology on the reading going in the right direction.
Q: (J) read about nanotechnology? (A) Yes. Then I was in warm water. (L) Yes. (Laughter) (A) OK. What is the next question? (Laughs) (J) In hot water! (Smijeh) (R) I have a question about the Anna Lindt, the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs. (J) It is Mossad. (L) It is easy to solve. (J) was anti-American, anti-war minded about Iraq. (R) And how the murderer to done? (J) Sirhan Sirhan. Oswald. (L) That's all there. The Manchurian Candidate. Did you see? (R) Yes. (J) The fact that we met those Americans in spas? They simply correspond to the profile. (L) Students of art?
A: They are everywhere!

Q: I would like to know about these unusual formations on the radar image of Hurricane Rita.
A: "Struggle" in 4th density. Includes an "exercise".
Q: (L) They train a new weapon. (J) Some people say that Katrina was the product of HAARP, a warming of water in
A: We are already engaged in HAARP and the time. Read the transcripts.
Q: (W) (quoted transcripts) "HAARP has nothing to do with weather or EM connection with the same." (H) What
suggests that there is a correlation with EM over time. There might be some things EM associated with the weather
circumstances that are not part of HAARP's. (L) 4 density. (J) Whether the storm was produced from 3 density, or it was natural storm?
A: produced in 3D? No. As we said ... 4D battle in 3D is presented as a time. But the "veil" is thinning.

Q: (L) OK. Why Tonight's adventure began with "the U.S. seeks to destroy?
A: The crossed the point where everything is possible to change the outcome.
Q: (L) What was the outcome?
A: Increasing inner turmoil. Remember what happened in Germany.
Q: (L) What happened in Germany, in wich period?
A: By the end of the war. Hitler's insanity and hatred all over the world to Germany.
Q: (L) was not a nice picture, je'l? (J) In Germany, the rest of the world was bombed Germany ...
A: Expect it to end in the United States.
Q: (J) Will there be a nuclear bomb?
A: And more.
Q: (A) Will it result in the destruction of the rest of the world?
A: Not really ... but the cosmic events will take their tribute.

Q: Will the swine flu back this winter?
A: Sure. They work on a drastic reduction of the population, before climate change went too far. They can not
let all these starving people go to them, right?
Q: (J) I wonder if this will affect us?
A: With your diet?? Toxicity seems more vulnerable than other pandemics. What do you think other reason such toxicity allowing and even encouraging?

Q: (L) Is there any specific reason that you stated that in relation to another 5 years to release?
A: Just to remind you.
Q: (L) is normal or have not been specific about the date.
A: It is not a specific "day", but close enough for new shoes.
Q: (Joe) Many New Age-ri will be disappointed 2012th
A: 2012 for fraud. We constantly talked about the uncertainty of the future of nature. She is always open until the start does not negate the likelihood, as is now happening. But macro-collapses need some "time" that would happen.

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