Chodoin Daikaku, Benjamin Fulford and Alexander Romanov

In a shocking statement, Gnostic Illuminati Grand Master Alex Romanov announced that proof of Atlantis will soon be revealed in an attempt to end suppression by those in power for thousands of years.

A new age of peaceful coexistence was announced in a recent televised meeting between Benjamin Fulford, Chodoin Daikaku, head of the world's martial arts societies and Alexander Romanov, Gnostic Illuminati Grand Master, who claims to have started the French, Russian and American revolutions.

Fulford stated that in an emergency, Chodoin Daikaku can summon an army of 200 million people worldwide to help fight in this cause for humanity.

“The western countries have been taken over by a mafia organization all composed of members of the same clan, and they’re not Jews, they worship Lucifer,” stated Fulford. “Thet want a world government controlled by them with the rest of us in perpetual debt slavery, drudgery and with no hope of ever ruling our own destinies.”

Fulford spoke of a new vision in which every person on the planet would receive” $100,000 to every man, woman and child to be delivered in the form of schools, hospitals, free education, nature preserves and all of the sorts of things that most people want.”

According to Daikaku, an army of 200 million people can be assembled at any time under the code of chivalry, which means they will not attack women, children and non-combatants.

Romanov spoke of political corruption along with how the few control the many, but the highlight of his conversation was in the announcement of how the truth behind Atlantis will soon be revealed along with his message to Queen Elizabeth from Isis.

“This concerns the secret of the Illuminati,” sated Romanov. “The great secret that the Illuminati are keeping is that the Abrahamic god is, in fact, Satan, which of course is absolutely true. We have known this for thousands of years, ever since the Ancient Gnostics… that the god of the ancient Jews, the Christians and the Muslims is none of other than your devil.”

“However, the real secret for 14,000 years that the Illuminati have kept protected is evidence which incontrovertibly proves the existence of a technologically advanced pre-flood civilization. I’m talking about Atlantis. They were on par with our own technology and this was completely erased from our history.”

Romanov stated the reason why Atlantis has been suppressed is so that those in power can control the human race.

“We have preserved this secret and we have the evidence and we will present the evidence that proves the existence of Atlantis.”

Fulford added that “The god of Jews is Yahweh, creator of the universe. We didn’t create ourselves, something created us. We all must respect the creation. That means respecting nature and other human beings. However, I have, by directly talking to these elite people, come to the understanding that they actually do worship Satan. Amazingly as it is, we are ruled by Satan-worshipping gangsters.”

In closing Romanov passed on a message to Queen Elizabeth: “Aunt Elizabeth, Isis is very upset. She wants her crown back.”

Forces of Light and Forces of Darkness