Corey Goode - Secret space program

Corey Goode performed 20 years of service in the “secret space program,” which is still unknown to most people


The United States was developing its own space program due to assets it had acquired, but did not succeed to anywhere near the degree that the Germans had. Ultimately the US was bullied and blackmailed into joining the German SSP, and their hope was that they would be able to take the program over and squash the Germans. Unfortunately, the opposite took place – at least for many years.

The level of technology in the SSP dwarfs anything we have on Earth, and includes replicator devices, teleportation, time travel, anti-gravity, free energy and healing technologies that make all forms of disease, illness and even aging obsolete. These technologies would transform our society into a true Star Trek age overnight. These assets already exist in our skies and we simply are not being allowed to see or use them, thanks to the Cabal and their overlords.

However, an ever-increasing column of resistance has developed in the SSP that we are calling the SSP Alliance. Though my formal work in the SSP finished in 1987, I was recently contacted by a new group of powerful extraterrestrials and this led to me being brought back in – upon their own direct request.

This new group was originally called the “Sphere Beings,” since they arrived in a magnificent array of gigantic spheres – some of which were as large as the planet Neptune in diameter. Although the first sphere appeared in the 1980s, they didn’t begin showing up in larger numbers until the late 1990s. Another major influx appeared right around the Mayan Calendar end-date of 2012. The spheres refused to communicate with the SSP or the SSP Alliance in any way, causing great concern and mystery.


Although I had heard about inner-earth civilizations in the SSP, the scope of what I witnessed was quite surprising. A group calling themselves the Anshar were directly involved in humanity’s spiritual evolution. They did look similar to Nordic-type humans on earth, although their hair was white and their eyes were slightly larger. I was introduced to a high priestess of the Anshar who called herself Kaaree, and experienced what could only be described as a mind-meld.

This event had a lasting impact on me, including the fact that I almost immediately began eating a much healthier diet and have since lost enough weight that my appearance has noticeably changed.

The overall message from the Anshar mirrors that of the Blue Avians – namely that our planet and solar system is about to undergo a dramatic energetic shift, which is tantamount to a massive spiritual transformation for everyone. The more loving, helpful, kind and compassionate we are, the more we will benefit from this change, as it ultimately is a type of spiritual graduation. We will gain new abilities much like the great masters we read about in spiritual texts.

Negative forces are allowed to offer temptations and thought forms to us whenever and wherever we invite them to. This is part of the cosmic law of free will that the universe is governed by. These negative beings ultimately feed on our fear, anger and sadness, which is often called “loosh” and literally acts as an energetic food source for them.

Many of the seemingly inexplicable and self-destructive acts of the Cabal make more sense once you understand that the Draco are using planets like ours for “fear farming.” A planet with a smaller population that is much more tightly controlled would create a greater overall amount of “loosh” for the Draco than what we have now. Hence we see their ongoing efforts to push for “depopulation,” the killing of billions of people – as well as a New World Order.


My attention was then drawn back into the sphere where Raw-Tear-Eir and another individual were now standing about 10 feet away from me. I greeted Tear-Eir and glanced over at the person standing next to him. They were looking back at me with some of the most compassionate eyes I have ever seen.

The new person was about 5 foot 5 inches tall and wearing a shiny green robe and light brown sandals. His face had what appeared to be a mixture of ethnic features, including African characteristics. His eyes were brown, the same size as ours, and his hair had a “salt and pepper” appearance, with more black hair than white. His face looked like that of an older individual of his race, thanks to the appearance of wrinkles. His skin was about the color of those who live in North Africa at this time, except his skin also had a very slight orange tint to it. His head was of a slightly different shape than ours, more round, but overall he looked very human.

I thought to myself “I wonder if this is how it felt when the Native Americans and Spaniards first saw one another”. I noticed how long we had been standing in silence when he finally spoke.

I am sure my jaw dropped when he addressed me in perfect English. I couldn’t discern any accent at all. He called out to me by the name that the Blue Avians address me as. He introduced himself as “Micca”.

He stated that his planet resides in our local star cluster and that his people are our “stellar-cousins,” sharing about 94% of the same genetics. He claimed that he was an ambassador from his system of planets to Earth. Micca said his people have been enamored by our cultures and arts, but have always been disturbed by our capacity for violence. He further stated that his people had resided on Earth in the past as refugees during his own peoples battle for freedom. He stated that it had only been a few generations since his people had overcome the tyrannical beings that had enslaved them.

I asked Micca why he was speaking to me in English and not communicating non-verbally. He stated that he is perfectly capable of communicating non-verbally, but would rather speak in my native tongue.

He then said his people have been combing through our radio, television and Internet data from their beginnings to get to know more about how our current society behaves – and where we are on a consciousness level. Many of his people are now viewing our various forms of entertainment and delivery of information out of curiosity. He stated that many of his people were excited about the prospect of being able to come to Earth in the future to assist us, after we had obtained true sovereignty from the same beings that had enslaved them.

Micca further stated that he had worked closely with Raw-Tear-Eir during his own people’s struggles, and that they had recently gone through a process very similar to what we are undergoing.