Predictions by Lada Ray – May 1, 2014

Obama, the near future of the USA and its collapse,
Russia, China and the global shift

US President Barack Obama will have a very difficult 2015. This will be personally a very hard year for him. Specifically, watch the time between February 2014 and January 2016. Either some time during that period, or the entire 12 months will be filled with problems, scandals and more. Obama’s policies will keep backfiring, his rating and reputation around the world will keep sliding down. This prediction is based on the amount of bad karma Obama would have accumulated by then. the more bad karma – the worse his 2015 will be.

So far, he is doing a marvelous job racking up all the bad karma he can possibly collect, and eventually, the chickens will come to roost. Is there a threat to his life? I do not believe so, although I do not rule it out completely.

Obama’s situation next year is reminiscent of Saddam Hussein’s situation: in 1991 Hussein started a war with Kuwait (a US protectorate). The war was admittedly provoked by powers that be and spun by the Western media. In response, he got Desert Storm and near invasion of his country by the US. But let’s remember, this was the time when, arguably, cooler heads were still in existence in Washington. However, in 2003, USA decided to attack Iraq, as all cool heads were gone or corrupted by then. The result was the demise of Iraq and Saddam Hussein personally. Bad karma in combination with really bad stars is what happened here. Obama has a similar configuration in February 2015 – January 2016 to Saddam Hussein’s both in 2003 and 1991. However, he also may get unexpected help – could be from unknown beneficiary(ies). Therefore, I do not believe his problem will result in a loss of life.

Could Obama be impeached? Possibly. It depends on whether the decision-makers decide he is less harmful than anyone else in power, or not. If you think the decision-makers I am talking about are NWO, US corporations, or anyone else in the West, think again. Nothing of the sort. The decision who is less harmful to the world will be made between Moscow and Beijing.

Most likely, it will be deemed not a good idea to destabilize the US. Biden, who will take power until elections if Obama is impeached, is admittedly worse. And if US is destabilized, a truly war-mongering president may come to power in 2016. This would be like a psychotic 5-year-old with nukes and the largest war toys in the world let loose in a burning house. This is why China will most likely NOT rock the boat, and might even help Obama a bit when he appears in trouble. They don’t want a WORSE president to come to power. The unknown beneficiary who might come to Obama’s rescue next year (only just enough to keep him from toppling over) may be China.

USA collapse: many expect a collapse starting in earnest in 2014. I don’t see it that way. I see the problems visible to a naked eye and “feel-able” (say, to people on the street) start in earnest mostly in 2016. Some problems may be visible in 2015, but more so in 2016. US will be in a real collapse mode by 2018 and later. Most importantly, the collapse won’t happen overnight. It’s important to remember that this will be a process. Stay tuned for my future special reports and videos about how it will develop . Hint: very differently from what many people believe.

Of course, the cracks in the US system and the petrodollar dominance had been developing for a while, but just about any expert totally misjudged the timing and velocity of the US collapse. They misjudged the fact that US would so audaciously and recklessly manipulate markets, including treasuries, gold, silver and stocks. The only market, it turned out, US could not manipulate any more is oil. But natural gas IS being manipulated and the price of natural gas is being suppressed via fracking.

The experts further misjudged the US determination to hang on to its crumbling empire (unlike USSR, that just let go).
They also misjudged how much the rest of the world craves stability – and this is what US has been successfully exploiting. China and Russia need stability in order to develop properly and steadily – something they had been denied for many years previously. They value stability so much that they would rather support US so it would not start crumbling prematurely and cause a global crisis.

Even more so, same it true for the EU. EU would rather be a US lap dog and do what US says than rock the boat, risking destabilizing its already shaky economy.

This is what US has been capitalizing on big time and this is how US has kept in much better shape than predicted by just about anyone. It has been exporting its problems, inflation, economic imbalances and violence through wars, to other countries.

Do I think other countries are right in supporting the giant on clay legs? No, I don’t. Do I understand them? Yes.
China and Russia are buying time. They need more time to pull all the pieces together and put them in place. Will they actively pull the rug from under the US? Nope. It will happen naturally. As a matter of fact, by interfering in Ukraine, the US is doing everything to expedite its own downfall.

In my opinion, Russia and China have been too complacent and slow in executing changes that are necessary to transition to the new world economic system. By interfering in Ukraine, the US unwittingly has given Russia a kick in the rear to get moving decisively in the necessary direction.

Did US think the result in Ukraine would be so contrary to its plans? Of course not. They felt they had to act now, while Russia was busy with the Olympics. They felt it was their best chance to destabilize Ukraine and cause problems for Russia, thus slowing it down. They didn’t think it would all go so terribly wrong; that as a result they would lose Crimea; that eventually they would lose Ukraine, and possibly many more countries. They didn’t think they would expedite Russian economy’s transition to the East, the dumping of petrodollar and more.

But I did. I predicted this would happen in my early article: Ukraine Part 6. Striking Geopolitical Similarities: Georgian War – Beijing2008 and Ukraine – Sochi2014, and in others.

USA, Consciousness, and Karma: Moreover, the US can’t act in any other way. It’s wired to act in a specific way. What I mean is this: USA’s global historic and karmic role is to agitate and foster change – oftentimes by aggression, wars and other negative actions.

This is in fact the historic role of the West as a whole – to be expansive, aggressive, and to export problems. This wakes up the yin nations, helps them in understanding and recognizing their identity and potential. When the yin nations push back to reclaim their freedom and identity, progress and expansion of human consciousness occurs.

In the 3D world of the yin-yang duality, the male, yang, ego-driven side will always bring destruction and devastation if it’s not kept in check and if it’s in imbalance.

This will continue as the US is extremely imbalanced. The USA was allowed to play with fire since the USSR collapsed. It was allowed to believe that it was the only superpower left standing and therefore it’s infallible. The god complex that developed in an underdeveloped 5-year-old with nukes, world’s biggest war toys, and – you guessed it… busy exerting its dominance over the burning house, called planet Earth.

It was a delusion for the US to think that they could ever be allowed to remain the only superpower. This situation is extremely imbalanced and cannot continue for long. That’s why the US empire, which was allowed to go unchecked for over 20 years has to crumble and diminish. How severely crumble and diminish will depend on the karmic balance at the time of the collapse.

The rebalancing is needed desperately. Many people, both inside and outside the US are working on rebalancing the corrupted American system.

Consciousness of the American people is completely shut by consumerism and distorted/manipulated media. Americans are in desperate need of waking up from the matrix.

The USA will have to rebalance eventually, whether it wants it or not. The EU will also have to rebalance. The more delays in rebalancing, the harder the process will be. Some people in the US, EU, and all over the world are awakening – and this is a hopeful sign.

The world as a whole will be rebalanced, the world shift will occur, and the new world will emerge. I will write about that more soon. Stay tuned.

Important new predictions about Russia and Eurasia

I said above that the US/West play the karmic role of the aggressor to push other nations, who have the preponderance of yin energy, towards decisive action, thus fostering change and expansion of consciousness for such nations and all humans. This is why some countries, who have too much yin in their DNA, get invaded relatively easily.

In this respect, it has to be understood why no invader was able to successfully invade Russia. Yes, in long by-gone days there were invaders that attempted it and seemingly succeeded. However, eventually, Russia pushed back and took more land from the invader wannabes as a result.

So why is it impossible to invade Russia and why is Russia able to pull out of seemingly losing situations as a winner. If you know history, you will see what I am talking about. This is also seen now in the ongoing situation in Ukraine. (Read my Ukraine and Russia-related predictions below for more on that.)

This is because Russia is a bridge between East and West. Russia’s global and karmic role is to keep balance and stability in the world. While West is overly yang and East (together with what is called the “Global South”) has traditionally been overly yin, Russia is designated as a scale of balance. Russia is supposed to be perfectly balanced between yin and yang of the Earthly 3D existence.

It is a very hard place to be and it can cause a lot of identity problems. This is why Russia is always torn between West and East, Europe and Asia. Russia’s traditional crest is the double-headed eagle, one head of which is turned east, another west.

This is why Russia is stretched wide between Europe and Asia (for extra balance), and this is why it always experienced so many problems with invaders – the predominantly yang nations always wanted to shift the yin-yang balance in their favor.

But balance must be protected. This is why Russia cannot be invaded. When pushed, it will push back much stronger than anyone anticipates because its intrinsic chi is much deeper and stronger than aggressors will ever understand. In fact, because of its intrinsic yin-yang balance, Russia can lean on its yin side to repair its yang side, and vice-versa. The smartest geopolitical strategist in modern history was the 19th century German Chancellor Bismark, who left a testament to his nation, in which he told Germans to never attack Russia. If only they had listened.

In fact Europe and Asia are one continent called Eurasia. It is the largest and the most important continent for the balance on our planet. Eurasia was artificially torn apart by the long-standing differences between East and West and by their seemingly irreconcilable yin-yang split. But we have the chance to reunite what is supposed to be whole. The Great Eurasia is being formed now via Eurasian Union and other cooperative east-west organizations. See my article: Global Consequences: Russia Announces Eurasian Union and New Currency Altyn.

What we are seeing in Ukraine is in fact an attempt to sabotage the process of rebalancing of the yin-yang and reunification of the entire continent of Eurasia by the aggressive/destructive/yang forces in the US and EU. As predicted, this sabotage won’t succeed.

Russia must stay in balance of the yin-yang in order for the rest of the world to be in balance. Is this possible? Yes, I believe it is. I believe we are moving towards the time of greater yin-yang balance in the world. I will be expanding on how and why this will happen in the future.

At present, the West must become more yin and East – more yang. This process is unavoidable and it is happening in front of our eyes. This is why the excessively yang forces in the West are resisting the change so desperately. The world of inequality and aggression they created to enrich themselves, is crumbling.

World War III and the US

There will be NO World War III, but it’s not for the lack of trying on the part of the US, UK and EU. When I say no WWIII, I mean direct confrontation or nuclear war between super-powers.

However, there is an ongoing war between major powers for control of resources and territories. In this ongoing war, US will continue trying to use proxies, as in Ukraine. However, their return on “investment” will continue being extremely low, until they will weaken sufficiently for their grip on the world to relax enough, so the new shoots of a very different world could emerge – coming true now

2014 Predictions about Russia/US/World

I repeated many times in my early articles and interview about Ukraine the following: Russia won’t go to war about Ukraine. Russia will try to buy as much time as possible. Putin is acting brilliantly – sitting back and waiting for the events to unfold. When necessary, reacting with precise surgical strikes. Letting the West and Kiev initiate, but never initiating himself. Absolutely spot on, brilliant strategy – coming true now

US prepared the coup in Ukraine to purposefully coincide with the Sochi Olympics so Russia would not be able to move a muscle for fear of the Olympics boycott – the memories of the 1980 Moscow Olympics boycott are still painful for Russians. I’ll tell you more, the “Russian gay propaganda Western media howling” was raised to a high-pitch before the Sochi Olympics as a warning to Russia not to make a peep in the direction of Ukraine, while it was being raped and pillaged by the prepared in advance nazi thugs from Western Ukraine. Basically, it went like this: Russia, watch what we can do with the non-issue like gay propaganda; we can call to boycott the Olympics (hint, hint, like in 1980), we can trash your international reputation. Just make a move towards defending your people in Ukraine and we’ll bury the Olympics you invested so much in (Russia invested $51bln in the Sochi Olympics – the most expensive Olympics ever). The episode with the Volgograd bus/train station bombing before the Sochi Olympics was also a warning: move a muscle in the direction of Ukraine and there will be bombings during the Olympics. In short, the mafia style warnings. So, Russia had to use all of the resources it could find to secure the Sochi Olympics. Since it made no moves whatsoever during the games in the direction of Ukraine, US/EU/Israel erroneously assumed that Russia would just watch apathetically as Crimea gets turned into the US/NATO super-base and as the rest of Ukraine turns into a violent nazi black hole. But Russia did exactly as I predicted. She waited until exactly the end of the Olympics and then – started acting. (For more on this, read my early articles about Ukraine, especially, ‘Striking geopolitical similarities between South Ossetia/Beijing and Ukraine/Sochi’) – already came true

I said that Russia would use ALL peaceful and QUIET means at its disposal to SLOWLY re-mold the situation in its favor – coming true now

Whatever US/EU are trying to do in Ukraine (which is a part of the Russian civilization, and therefore this is a hidden aggression against Russia) will NEVER work. They will keep ending up with an egg on their face every time. This has happened with South Ossetia on 08/08/08, with Syria in 2013, NSA/Snowden scandal, and it will happen with Ukraine – coming true now

There will be NO direct war between Russia and USA. USA will try to use proxies, such as in Ukraine; however, it will continue backfiring on them. Example of backfiring: Crimea votes to re-join Russia; present protests in East and South of Ukraine leading to these historically Russian lands to secede or form autonomy.

At this time it’s not 100% clear whether it will be an autonomy or a completely separate state, as the situation is very, very dangerous and unpredictable. Most likely, during the 5/11/2014 referendum, the South-East will vote to create a separate state, called NovoRossia (New Russia). Bottom line, there will be no putting the genie back into the bottle – coming true now (see more about that below)

Ukraine is not an important territory economically or politically. But it is MEGA-important geopolitically. It is GROUND ZERO of the fight between the old world of Western Dominance and the emerging new world of Eastern Power. As such, what is happening in Ukraine will affect enormously Russia, all countries of Europe, US, Canada, Belarus, Kazakhstan; and even Israel and some countries of Asia and the Middle East – to a lesser degree.

Any Western sanctions against Russia will backfire. EU sanctions and sabotage of the Russian gas supply to Europe will only result in expediting Russia’s re-orientation towards Asia, China, India and even Japan – coming true now

Any US sanctions against Russia will result in expediting of Russia dumping the US dollar and trading Russian gas and oil for rubles – coming true now

Per my predictions – Russia announced official formation of the Eurasian Union and new Eurasian currency Altyn ahead of time as result of Western sanctions – coming true now

USA and EU’s inept and stupid actions concerning Ukraine will only expedite the collapse of the US dollar.

These actions will also eventually result in big problems for European economy as Russia will gradually shift its trade and financial priorities to the East. Essentially, US and EU are digging themselves a grave with Ukraine’s help. Only those European countries that manage to re-orient their economies towards Russia and Asia will get out of the crisis okay. Only countries and Western companies that manage to preserve a decent relationship with Russia, and that are smart enough to refrain from taking sides in Ukraine, will manage to survive.

Due to the EU’s unreasonable position on Ukraine, due to Brussels/Germany/other EU countries putting all the blame on Russia for the Ukraine events, while they were the ones who started and encouraged the Ukraine crisis, Russia will start selling more and more of its gas to China and India. Europe should prepare for severe shortages of gas as Russia diverts more and more gas to the East, where it can trust her customers.

By the way, USA is ready to frack up its entire country in order to have one up on Russia. They have offered EU US shale gas to reduce “dependence on Russian gas,” however, this may only become possible by 2020. Shale gas is much more expensive than natural gas that Russia sells. Besides, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania are already registering earthquakes and massive land and water pollution due to fracking. This whole scheme isn’t only wishful thinking, but it has disaster written all over it.

2014 Predictions about Ukraine

Vast majority of the Crimean people will vote for re-joining Russia – 75%, up to 80% – already came true. Underestimated: 95% voted to re-join Russia.

Ukraine military/navy/police will not fight their own people. Most of the navy/military preserves allegiance to Russia since many come from the old Soviet/Russian military dynasties – coming true now

Ukraine will never join the EU. Between 2016 and 2018 Ukraine will join the Customs Union with Russia / Belarus / Kazakhstan, probably sooner rather than later. It’s likely to be officially called the Eurasian Union by then.

I said from the very beginning of the Ukraine crisis that the Russian-speaking East and South feel towards Kiev exactly like Americans felt towards British Empire circa the American Revolution. East/South produce most of country’s GDP, pay most taxes, feed destitute Kiev and unemployed Western Ukraine, and then they get taken away the right to speak their native Russian language, their heritage and historic treasures get maligned and trashed. They get chased away from their own, historic lands! And as Tymoshenko and other politicians from Kiev say: “let’s nuke all Russians in Ukraine.” This is “taxation without representation” cum genocide, and we all know how that ends – in a revolution!- coming true now I cannot predict right now the exact configuration in which Ukraine will end up and in which it will join the Eurasian Union as I look at the prevailing energies flowing in a specific direction. At this time these energies are chaotic at best. However, most likely, Ukraine will end up in a severely diminished state. This artificially slapped together state, which was able to exist peacefully and successfully ONLY during Soviet times and which was able to survive till now based on the Soviet inheritance only, will be reduced to what I call “Ukraine proper.” These are the central and northern parts of Ukraine with capital Kiev.

Look for my article about the proposed new state of Novorossia, which will comprise what is now East (Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhie, Kharkov, and hopefully Dnepropetrovsk) and South (Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson). Novorossia, which produces most of Ukraine’s GDP, and which consists of historic Russian lands, with the Russian-speaking population, will most likely form a fully independent from Ukraine state, although it could end up as a very broad autonomy of Ukraine. I strongly advise them to take the first route! If they do take the first route, short-term will be more difficult, but long-term much better.

I also predict that Pridnestrovie, the Russian-speaking breakaway, de-facto independent part of Moldova, will join the new state of Novorossia.

Novorossia will join the Eurasian Union.

If Novorossia chooses to stay as autonomy within Ukraine, if they allow Kiev to continue controlling them even in the slightest, Ukraine will keep exploding, rocking and clashing, until the issue of the two irreconcilable parts is resolved. In other words, they will eventually divorce anyway.

By the time Ukraine, most likely in severely diminished state, is ready to join the Eurasian Union, its economy will be destroyed completely.

Unfortunately, Russia will have to pick up the pieces of the broken Ukraine. Russia has been subsidizing Ukraine for the past 23 years. Russia will have to put together what the inept and greedy Kiev/oligarchs/US/EU/Israel broke. Not good, but there will be no choice, sadly.

Ukraine is not a state – it’s a territory, slapped together based on expediency and other motives that did not stand the test of time. It will not exist within the borders it has now by next decade, possibly much sooner. This will happen despite EXTREMELY strong resistance by the EU and US.

At some point this decade, parts of Western Ukraine will also chip away, despite all the resistance. Russia will be very smart to work with Hungary and Romania on the orderly re-distribution, for lack of a better word, of the respective parts to the countries they used to belong with. I want to add Poland to this list, but it’s nearly impossible to work with Poland due to their vicious anti-Russian stance and due to their role as the US Trojan Horse in the EU.

The process of gradual chipping away of the Western parts will happen in earnest AFTER Novorossia becomes independent of Ukraine. What will follow: Novorossia will stop feeding the poor Kiev and Western Ukraine that syphon all the wealth out of the hard-working South-East. Right now, since Western Ukraine is fed very nicely by the Russian-speakers whom they bash and try to kill, they don’t worry. They will start worrying very much after the feeding stops. At that point, the people of Western Ukraine will all of a sudden want to break away from the destitute Ukraine and join a richer country. However, it will be very difficult for these parts to secede as the EU and US will be preventing that from happening with all their might. In the end some very tough choices will have to be made by all involved.

Ukraine will continue rocking and exploding until all the historic injustices that made Ukraine into the artificially slapped together disastrous hodge-podge that it is today are resolved. This will take some time…


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