Isaac Tigrett and Phyllis Krystal - Meditations

Singapore Talk, 2007

He then later brought something into my possession which Mrs. Krystal and I were told to place between us during each mediation session, which is a Crystal Skull. I don’t know whether you have heard about the ancient legends of these famous Crystal Skulls. There were supposedly 13 skulls that were placed by priest in various temples and religious sacred places in ancient civilizations around the globe. There is one supposedly at the Giza Plateau in the Pinnacle of the Kyops Pyramid; one in the sacred temples at Maccu Piccu and 11 other sacred places. Three have actually been found: one in the Toltec pyramid in Central America; that’s now in the Trockadero in Paris; there is also another one in the British Museum of Mankind, and there’s a third that has been found and is in the private hands of the family of the archaeologist who found it.

They are basically, as are all crystals, computers. Just as today’s computers operate on miniature silicone crystals, the skulls can receive, store and transmit information. Within this object, given by Swami, is recorded thousands of hours of our sessions, including hundreds of discourses by Swami, and endless multi-dimensional journeys into past, present and future realities.

Mrs. Krystal and I experienced these unbelievable journeys under the guidance of Sai Baba for over 10 years. All have been recorded in the Crystal Skull and, as requested by Baba, in audio format. At the end of each of these sessions we were brought back slowly to the now. All of the sessions over the ten years were erased 100% from the conscious mind of Mrs. Krystal. She remembers nothing. 5% of these sessions, I retained for no reason.

Phyllis Krystal

As instructed, never any of the tracks we haven't heard, neither I, nor Mrs. Krystal. After about a decade ago, when the job ended, Sai Baba has requested that these records come back to Puttaparthi where to His request are stored in a safe place and available to Him. He has during many interviews said that these records will be included as a chapter in the "Bible of the New Age" (in two more recent speech he said that the new era, or Yuga, will start in 27 years) and fortunately for me and for Mrs. Krystal, after our departure from this life. When we asked Master why are we selected for this blessed work, he seriously replied, "Because you're eligible and obedient".

I don't know if you know about Akasha records, but there are rivers of all truth, the divine river that flows through parallel dimension. When a few men, from the beginning of time, become realized beings, they are given the opportunity to approach it, as it does Swami. Because of access to these timeless records of all knowledge, Baba has expanded view of reality which is totally different from ours. Can you imagine that perception: Teacher see all your past lives as well as your karma, and all it simultaneously. When realized beings communicate with you through dream, physical manifestation or personally, they are looking at you through timeless and overall perspective of their knowledge of past, present, and future prospects, which leads them to interact with you with a view of what is best for you.

When he tells you to do something, the consequences can be disastrous, as it happened to me and many others. But, it is His gift to you, as well as of realized masters in their infinite love and duty to help those who approach them. This phenomenon of timeless interaction can be manifested only if requested with the faith by the person who searches for the development of the individual soul. Only realized being can affect on the acceleration of your karmic evolution and it's one of the things that this teacher, like those before him, spontaneously does for all of us who are by own volition in his orbit.

* * *

Isaac Tigrett Talk on Sathya Sai Baba, Pennsylvania, 1992

You are all divine beings .... there is no self-realisation that's given to you .... you already have it. It's just the matter of removing the veil … the ego .... it's there for the taking .... it's available to you. I say this with conviction because over the last several years Sai Baba has had me, he's shown me the other dimensions on a daily basis. He's taken me into every level and plane I assume that one can go into .... I am sure there are a few more he could have (shown me too). It may sound bizarre and strange to you, but you must become aware of the other dynamics that are happening .... what Sai is really doing .... it's all matter of your thoughts .... you talk about ceilings on desires .... I will give you a ceiling that you MUST be aware of .... and that's your thoughts. The most powerful thing that you could do in this dimension is think. Every single thought is pure energy. That energy .... like the laws of physics , that energy does not die .... it collects on something that Sai Baba has given us the name "the astral plane." This is where the trash is … this is where the thoughts are .... this is where all the thought forms are .... the Toltecs, the Aztecs, the other great civilisations knew that. Their priest class understood the powers .... the ancient wisdom they create slave spirits ... they’re still there ..the elementals are there .... there is a dimension that we interact with and our thoughts are also there.
The lust, greed, anger, hatred have collected on these other dimensions. It's the same as the positive thoughts … your worship, your love of God , and his many aspects .... all the Gods .... that's collected into positive thought forms on the "etheric dimension", as Sai Baba has asked us to call it. I can only tell you …. and give you an example of the thought form in something that Sai Baba is up to … and I am sorry to sort of burden you with this craziness .... but .... that's the way it is.

Sai Baba took Mrs. Krystal and I up to a level he called the "(tapestry) level" (of) which he showed us the entire earth with the multi dimensions layered on top of one another. He showed us the thought form over the country of Russia, thoughts that had collected into this massive massive beast really. It was like a big black cloud of tar with lots of energy and lightening and so forth going on into it, it was a very violent thing. He made us approach it very quietly. He even cloaked us in something. He said, "This is the thought form that controls Russia." This was four years ago. He said," This thought form is made up of human thought of the fear of extreme punishment, that these people have been suppressed with this fear for a thousand years." .... long before the Czars. He said, "This thought form must be destroyed." He said, "Only human beings can destroy these things because human beings created them with their thoughts." He then caused these divine beings .... and I can only tell you …. it's a blessing that he has shown me …. and this amazing heavenly hosts on a number of occasions .... one came forward .... brought the some kind of sacred needles .... is the only thing I can tell you about it .... He said , "This thing cannot be destroyed instantaneously .... I am going to show you what to do." He takes us around this thing which covers the entire county of Russia and we poke holes … and he says, "Right there", and we push a hole into this thing .... and then he takes us to another spot .... "right there" .... this took about six hours of meditation and time .... although there is no time on these other dimensions. We then went around this whole thing, I guess we put a 150 - 200 holes in it. Sai Baba said, "Now the energy .... energy …. will leak out of this thought form .... and as it does … the people will be freed" .... that was four years ago.

The thing that I am trying to make .... the point that I am trying to make to you is that Sai Baba is God .... he is dynamic .... he is working on many many dimensions simultaneously. He is doing everything to bring in the new age. He has told me, "I must … we must destroy the negativity on the other dimensions as well as this one because we are so closely connected. It would be useless to clean up the planet without cleaning up the other dimensions, because we are affected by these things". However, everything would return to the same shape all over again.

* * *

Alvin Drucker - Workshop on Spirituality

And then, three years ago Swami said:

"Now the time has come for Swamiji to enter the hearts of world leaders and turn them towards peace."

Before that it was not time for peace. Everything has a time. It is a grand drama which he is enacting. We have front-row seats to watch this drama, and, at the same time, we are also in the drama. He said:

"The time has come for world leaders to turn towards peace and the Russians will come first. Don't call them Communists; call them Come-you-next."

That is when Gorbachev came into the picture.