Open your eyes regarding reincarnation. If you don't recognize the cosmic laws that are directly related to you, you can never be happy on earth. First of all that pleasure can give you learning about reincarnation, because it makes your observation capable to perceive the infinite love of God, in which you are wrapped.

Reincarnation allows you to comprehend that God's plan ensures that through many lives, in so many places, always under different circumstances you meet with those people through which you can fulfill your karma, which means to learn something. Keep in mind that characteristic of ego is not to believe in reincarnation. The ego resists such thoughts as he rightly assumes that the ego has no rebirth. Ego arises in one life, and when this life is over, the ego disappears also. Ego therefore can not believe in reincarnation.

Contrary, for the self there is no death or disappearance. Self is always there. Self knows many lives you've lived. The more you 're approaching to your self, the more you necessary come in contact with your former lives. That's the simple truth of your existence, you would need to apply in order to gain more insight about yourself. But it must never be used to blame others for their blindness, or their ego. If you would done this, you automatically wouldn't have been right, because that would mean that your ego is bigger than theirs.

part of the book "Sai Baba speaks to the West", message from October 5.