Until recently, there were two world powers, which have divided the world into two halves: the communist and the capitalist block. Both were so convinced of the correctness of their views, or their ideology, that they have not had the slightest hesitation to push their interests by any means necessary, even by the worst.

What was the difference between these two systems? In fact, there was no difference. Both systems were based on the exploitation of people. Both were using the most terrible means to achieve absolute power.

The recent collapse of the communists was preset because they wanted to build a society without God. It is absurd in a similar way, as if you wanted to build a car without engine, bike without wheels, lake without water.

The communist rulers were especially cruel. The one who is not afraid of God, and not to mention who does not love him, that one is capable of everything.


Capitalists have yet to learn their lesson. They believe that money is God who finally became tangible. They have to realize that money is energy, and as such is good basis to assess the effort, diligence and skill.

The society, however, that is based solely on the money will fail, because it lacks love.

New Order is coming. It is an order of the heart.

Guiding principle for the coming world order will be love, sacrifice, understanding, happiness and satisfaction. Awareness around the world will increase. Sense of unity will be universal.

The boldest dreams will become reality. God is that dream that will become reality.

Rejoice if you change your way of thinking, if you change your habits, because this will be your ticket for Golden Age.

part of the book "Sai Baba speaks to the West", message from October 21.