Cobra / Prepare for Change: February Interview

February 7, 2017 by Dane Arr

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Lynn: Welcome Cobra, to our 2017 first interview. Today is Thursday February 2, (2017). Your hosts today are Lynn and Aaron. (OK)

Lynn: The first question has been submitted by a European gentleman. He starts out by saying: If I were to find my personal connection to a very negative entity, say a high ranking Draconian which will find its way to the central sun soon, or Yaldabaoth, and if I manage to completely agree for this part of myself to be dismantled into the central sun (through meditation). Would this then also happen to the Draco or the octopus “in reality”?

Cobra: Actually no because this implies that what happens inside always directly happens outside. So if a certain entity, negative entity or I would say Draconian or an Archon would be dissolved in the Central sun, that does not mean necessarily that would reflect in your inner state. (OK)

Lynn: He goes on to say: The logic being that everything that is outside myself is also inside myself. I create my own reality if not the entirety of existence, so that there must be a part inside of me that agrees to the existence of a plasma octopus or very negative Draco’s. So, if I could also destroy them by being completely ok to destroy (bring to the light, to the central sun) the inner part of me which is the representation of them?

Cobra: OK, again I say that I do not agree completely with this approach or this philosophy or this belief system. So if there is a Draco outside it does not mean always that there is a part of your inside that corresponds to that Draco outside. There might be a part that resonance with the frequency but it is not a linear connection so the reflection from inside to the outside and the other way around is not linear and it never was. (OK, thank you for that)

Lynn: 2nd question. Just out of curiosity, what are the Bosnian pyramids? A visit there showed me that they are very positive. But another civilization blocked the tunnels much later, which now are being dug free.

Cobra: So the original Bosnian Pyramids were built a long time ago. I would say that the complex was built in the Atlantean period and there were many different races using this later. It was also settled during the Neolithic period and yes there were some negative races creating some influence there but it was not the primary, I would say the primary energy taking place there. So I would say that the Bosnia Pyramids are one of the rare remnants of the very ancient times that we have on the surface of the planet. They have not been preserved completely and it was actually a re-tooling of some natural objects but there was some clearly very strong presence of various races in that complex. (OK, thank you. I’ll turn the next question over to Aaron)

Aaron: Hi Cobra, this is Aaron. I’ll be helping Lynn with this round of questions here. The next question we’re going to ask: You mentioned once of a deeper occult reason for quarantine Earth. What is the reason we are quarantined?

Cobra: It is simply that the Archons or the Chimera group want to keep us enslaved here because this is the only way they can generate a cheap labor force. (OK)

Lynn: Do the “Banished” from the inner earth (because they were interfering with human affairs in a way that was not customary or considered acceptable for the other groups), mentioned by Corey Goode in the latest update, have anything to do with the Chimera group?

Cobra: No. (thank you)

Aaron: Is the “Dark Fleet” as referred to by Corey Goode part of the “Chimera Group?” Are those two one and the same?

Cobra: Absolutely not. The Dark fleet is simply, I would say, originating from the Nazi breakaway civilization and cooperating with the Dracos and of course as are the Dracos under the command of the Chimera group so is the Dark Fleet under the command of the Chimera group. (OK, thank you)

Lynn: There are sources on the internet that show “plasma clouds”, yet we cannot see the plasma plane. Can you please explain the plasma plane?

Cobra: The Plasma plane is the plane right between the physical and etheric and you can see plasma under certain circumstances because from the physical perspective plasma is ionized gas and of course you can see that under certain circumstances. (thank you)

Aaron: What medicines and technologies do the RM, Pleiadians, and off-worlders use instead of vaccines to keep themselves healthy?

Cobra: They simply are healthy because of their state of consciousness. That state of consciousness creates a very powerful energy field that prevents any negativity in the form of bacteria or viruses from entering their physical body. (OK)

Lynn: This reader writes: When I deactivated my ‘WhatsApp’ account I felt a release in my being – Do Facebook and ‘WhatsApp’ really control our mind?

Cobra: I would say that the energy construct that is behind them has the same source as other aspects of the veil, so I would say Facebook and ‘WhatsApp’ and many other similar internet technologies are connected to the veil in a way that if you remove yourself from them you will definitely feel a release. (thank you)

Aaron: Is Project Blue-beam a psi-ops, “fake”, and designed to show confusion about whether “The Event” is actually occurring?

Cobra: It is an actual project of the Cabal but it’s effectiveness, I would say, is quite limited. (OK)

Lynn: There are the stones called Saffordites, Arizonites, Healdsburgites, Colombianites, and Americanites. Are these related to the Cintamani stone?

Cobra: What you have just described are various forms of tektites.

Lynn: Are they from the same source in Sirius?

Cobra: Not all of them, but some of them yes. (OK, thank you)

Aaron: This is kind of a long question Cobra. The first part is: Which side are they on: Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela, Vladimir Putin, Julian Assange

Cobra: You need to go one by one.

Bill Gates – Negative (He’s not of the light)

Nelson Mandela – positive

Vladimir Putin – positive

Julian Assange – positive (OK)

Aaron: And he says: There are so many contradictory stories right now. Can you tell us what’s true here? I think you just answered that. Is Bill Gates a Cabal stooge or supportive of taking down the Khazarian mafia?

Cobra: He is very much associated with the Cabal. (OK)

Aaron: Are Wikileaks and Julian Assange fake or are their sources to be trusted?

Cobra: They are not fake. They are only limited in their understanding, so they are revealing and releasing whatever they can based on their understanding of the situation, but they don’t have access to deeper intel. (OK)

Aaron: The questioner goes on to say: Is Putin controlled by Baron de Rothschild or is he serving the Light with the Alliance and Pleiadians?

Cobra: He is definitely not controlled by the Rothschilds. (OK)

Aaron: Is he serving the Light with the Alliance and the Pleiadians?

Cobra: Yes of course. (OK, OK)

Aaron: There is a picture with Nelson Mandela in the Knights of Malta attire, and another with David Rockefeller. Was he in league with the Vatican and Cabal?

Cobra: He was not. He met with them occasionally and that does not mean that he agrees with what they are doing or received orders from them. (OK, right, thank you)

Lynn: The next question is on INNER EARTH. This reader states: I guess this may be sort of absurd to ask. However, I did some research, and am curious to know if it is true. Did Nikola Tesla form/join a Secret Society known as Plus Ultra?

Cobra: The answer to this question is yes.

Lynn: Is Plus Ultra perhaps connected with the Resistance or inner Earth?

Cobra: It is not connected with the Resistance because the Resistance did not exist at that time, but yes, it is connected with the Inner Earth. (OK)

Lynn: And regarding inner earth, Is the movie from 2015, “Tomorrowland,” related to Agartha or Inner Earth?

Cobra: To a certain degree, yes. (OK)

Aaron: Cobra next question is: Cobra, you have said that you have never lost your memory and connection with the Source. You never forgot your mission. The question is why?

Cobra: Because this was my choice. This was my decision.

Aaron: And he goes on to say: Why didn’t you forget and why did everyone else forget?

Cobra: Because they made a different choice and different decision. (OK thank you)

Lynn: Did we really have a choice Cobra, or wasn’t that just something that was put on us.

Cobra: Despite all the pressure, there was always a choice.

Lynn: Wow, you mean we could say no.

Cobra: Yes, and those who did say No are not here anymore

Lynn: How did the Fatima Secrets help humanity?

Cobra: Not to the point that everybody would like. Not to the point that many people would like to believe.

Lynn: Was the last secret withheld?

Cobra: Yes.

Lynn: It is still withheld, right?

Cobra: In certain circles, yes.

Lynn: Was the last secret about the Catholic Church and their mind programming?

Cobra: It was more about the ET connection. (OK, thank you)

Aaron: Next question is: How has Jesus Christ spent the last 2000 years?

Cobra: As an ascended being.

Aaron: He goes on to say: Is he active on the planet today, as an Ascended master?

Cobra: Yes.

Aaron: What is Jesus’ relationship to the churches?

Cobra: He tries to bring as much light as possible in those places. (OK, thank you)

Lynn: You say it is not safe “out there” in higher earth planes? Is it safer in the surface of the planet right now?

Cobra: It depends on which higher plane you are speaking about and corresponding and comparing with which physical location, so it’s a complex situation at the moment. (thank you)

Aaron: Next one is: Do psychedelics — or psychedelic drugs — help dissolve the veil?

Cobra: No.

Aaron: Can anything damage the pineal gland connection?

Cobra: What do you mean by anything?

Lynn: Substances. Aaron: In relation to drugs or intoxications.

Cobra: Oh yes, certain substances can damage that.

Aaron: Is Ayahuasca useful? How useful is it useful?

Cobra: It can be useful if it done by a competent shaman that knows what he or she is doing.

Lynn: Is a sense of humor unique to our human race? Do other beings use our sense of humor to rejuvenate themselves?

Cobra: It is definitely not unique to the human race but yes, certain I would say, parasite races do use that to rejuvenate themselves.

Lynn: What other planets have beings with a sense of humor?

Cobra: I would say every positive race does have a sense of humor because it’s a natural expression of the soul. (thank you Cobra)

Aaron: Cobra, the next area is with the ARCHONS. the question is: you have said many times that without the intervention of the Light forces humanity would be extinct. When you say that do you mean that we would have died simply or that the Archons would have destroyed our souls too?

Cobra: Basically there are many scenarios which could happen. One of them is physical destruction of the earth because of cataclysms. 2nd one is Physical destruction of the earth because of the nuclear war. The 3rd one is even more drastic, that could be the machinations of strangelet or toplet bombs.

Aaron: Do the Archons have the power to destroy our soul?

Cobra: Theoretically yes, if you choose to follow their path. (OK)

Aaron: It goes on to ask: Is adolescence a natural shift or phase or it’s an Archon creation?

Cobra: It’s a combination of both. It’s a form of adaptation to the conditions that are basically a result of Archon intervention. (OK)

Aaron: And finally he asks: Why is it such a difficult phase?

Cobra: It is because the challenges that a person of that age encounters while he tries to. . . at the same time be himself or herself and at the same time to adjust to the system, that tension is too great, too big. (OK, thank you)

Lynn: OK Cobra, now I’ll start with some questions that were submitted for this month’s interview. There is a claim that a NATO ship was sunk along with its 500 sailors by the Russians around Kaliningrad last month, is this true?

Cobra: It has not been confirmed. (OK)

Aaron: There is another claim about the Creator ending all free will in order to put an end to all darkness on this planet, is that true?

Cobra: No. (OK)

Lynn: The was one other outrageous claim about Pindar the king of the Draco’s hunting down Queen Elizabeth and decapitating her with a soul killing sword as an example to the remaining renegade Draco’s which are still trying to hang onto power. Is this true Cobra.

Cobra: No. (OK)

Lynn: I guess this kind of decreases Kent Dunn’s credibility!

Aaron: Do you know that individual that goes by the name Kent Dunn

Cobra: I have heard about that individual, yes.

Aaron: And is he working for a positive faction, for the Light?

Cobra: I would say that everybody needs to use discernment concerning his intel. I would not say . . . He’s definitely not working for the dark forces.

Cobra: I would say that you need to use discernment when you evaluate his intel as well as when you evaluate anybody else’s intel. (sure, thank you)

Lynn: There has been claims that Donald Trump was supported by the Russians and the Chinese Dragons to become the president of the USA. Is this true Cobra?

Cobra: OK. That is a sensitive intel and it is not the highest purpose to answer this question. I would just add about Trump a few things that need to be clarified. First, he is just a human being and what is more important is who are behind him. People who are behind him are both of the light and of the other side and both are trying to gain influence over him and he is to a big degree susceptible to both influences. What we see in his presidency is just a reflection of the battle of the forces that are behind him. (yes, I think we’re witnessing that)

Aaron: This next one is about Donald Trump also. This questioner asks: Donald Trump’s VISA ban of Muslim countries seem to be punishing more the enemies of Israel than trying to prevent terrorism. For example; 9-11 was done by Saudi Arabia and Israeli MOSSAD and he did not ban those two countries because of their terrorism affiliations! Instead, we are the terrorist to those countries because we have been bombing them. They have not attacked us! What do you have to say about these Muslim banned Countries, Cobra?

Cobra: You have just precisely answered this question. This is exactly the perspective. (Ok, thank you)

Lynn: This questioner says: For once I agree with the Pope. Countries should be building bridges with its neighbors instead of Building walls! Haven’t we learned anything from the History of Berlin & Gaza walls? A wall does not eradicate the root of problems. It is not only promoting separation but it is now triggering racism that was almost eradicated in the US. What do you have to say about this wall between Mexico and the US that’s proposed, Cobra?

Cobra: OK, again you have answered this question. It is simply repeating the history in a not very constructive way and here we see one example of how the negative forces can influence the situation through Trump. (I agree, thank you)

Aaron: Next question is concerning Mexico. Mexico seems to have fallen into deep, deep darkness. The population is still very ignorant & poorer than ever. The politicians are corrupt to the core and being a country that produces lots of oil. People can’t even afford to put gas in their vehicles because of the outrageous high prices of gasoline! What can you tell us about the Resistance movement future plans for Mexico, Cobra?

Cobra: OK, the plans for Mexico are part of the original plans for central America and South America. I would say there is a certain positive group working behind the scenes there but the situation is simply not ready yet. So I would say, I would give a certain advice that I give to other people in other countries for that period of time. I would say that now we are in the time when it appears to be the darkest before the dawn and that type of time it is very important to keep that inner connection with the light, to focus on the positive vision and hold the light in the situation. Of course people can also connect with each other and self organize to support each other to go through this transition. (OK, thank you)

Lynn: Cobra, this next question has to do with some pictures of clouds that were sent to you yesterday. Were you able to view them.

Cobra: I can check right now. If you send them to me I may be able to answer right away.

Aaron: Last January 2016 the President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto signed a new law making Mexico City the 4th City-State. This occurred right before Pope Francis’ visit to Mexico City in February of 2016. I believe this is part of their new “pivot to Americas” strategy creating a wedge to divide and conquer North, Central and South America. What do know about this, Cobra?

Cobra: Again this is exactly part of this, I would say, infiltration because the Cabal wants to infiltrate completely the Central American and South American countries and to strengthen their grip upon those countries because now there is a strong battle between this faction and the positive group I have just mentioned that tries to liberate these countries. So this polarization is expected to continue and increase up and until the breakthrough. (OK)

Aaron: It is said that this City-State is also part of the Swiss banking giant UBS’ new focus announced one month later on March of 2016 at a closed meeting held in Tennessee with George W. Bush and Bill Clinton along with “300 investors”. Also California Governor Jerry Brown is secretly heading a California-exit (AKA Cal-Exit) movement and Justin Trudeau is encouraging the states of Oregon and Washington to leave the US and join Canada with the strategy to “Balkanize” western and border states along Mexico and Canada into regions that fit Jesuit and Agenda 21 maps. Is this true Cobra?

Cobra: Yes, there are attempts in this direction. Actually this Cal-exit movement and some other movements to secede from the US are supported by the Cabal because they want to weaken that region and actually want to trigger that civil war in that area. And that will not be successful.

Aaron: So they are trying to divide and conquer basically, right?

Cobra: Yes. I would say the basis of the United States was laid in 1776 by certain beings that were quite connected with the light and guided by the being called St. Germain. They have laid a foundation which is very solid. If this foundation stays of course the United States will be one of the triggers for The Event. This is why there are forces now trying to undermine this very intensely.

Aaron: Would you say that’s the Cabal trying to do that and back that?

Cobra: Yes. (OK)

Lynn: Cobra Did you received the cloud Pictures.

Cobra: Yes, I have opened one and now I’m opening more. Okay, so what is your question about these pictures?

Lynn: This Questioner would like to know what you can tell us about these type of clouds. Here is a link:

Cobra: These are actually cloud ships. Cloud ships are clouds that gather around etheric mother ships. This is one way the etheric ships can be visible on the physical plane. This is one aspect of soft disclosure that is happening right now.

Lynn: There seems to be quite a trail after this round object. Is that related to the ship, or is there . . . I don’t know it’s like exhaust. What is that trail?

Cobra: You need to understand that the shape of the cloud is not complete reflection of the shape of the mother ship because there are also some natural forces and elements that come with the shaping of the cloud. For example, the humidity factor, the direction of the wind etc. But the basic general shape of the ship can still be recognized. (I see, well thank you for that Cobra) (OK)

Aaron: Next Question Cobra: According to multiple White Knight sources, there seems to be a new “benevolent” global financial system being built & taking shape behind the curtains. There are rumors of humanitarian funds being disbursed within the next few months, perhaps as early as of this month of February. Is this a possibility?

Cobra: OK. I would say that people tend to put too much attention on when and how would this funds be distributed instead of manifesting and creating abundance for themselves now. So do not wait for The Event. Do not wait for the reset to bring you abundance. Try to create . . start creating this now in your own life and in the life of those around you. This is the proper approach, so I will not answer this question in the traditional way. I will just say that the reset and the release of funds will happen at the moment of The Event and not before that. You need to live your life now. (I agree).

Aaron: He goes on to say: Does this means that The Event could occur at any moment or is it possible that some humanitarian funds could be disbursed before The Event?

Cobra: Those funds will not be disbursed before The Event. (OK) Simply because the Cabal needs to be removed. Of course the Cabal is blocking the disbursement of those funds and will continue to do so as long as they are still in power on this planet. (makes total sense. Thank you Cobra)

Lynn: I totally understand what you are saying on this Cobra. Prepare for Change has taken on helping the Malawi orphanage project. We are trying to help them now as much as we can with the help of our listeners. So I do understand where you are coming form and we are trying to do our part.

Cobra: OK, very good.

Lynn: Cobra, who was Enoch. What was his mission in life and can you tell us about the amazing information disclosed about Giants, Nephilim, the Angels & Archangels in his book that is known as the Book of Enoch?

Cobra: He was one of the so-called Seers or prophets. A being that had a strong connection with his own higher self and he had some strong, I would say, contact experiences and he described those contact experiences in his book. And actually, I would say, this is just a small fraction of what he knew and what he experienced. (OK, thank you Cobra)

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Aaron: Next question, Cobra; The Book of Enoch mentions “Semjase” and “Ashtar” (this last is derived from “Astaroth”) both names as “Fallen Angels” or malevolent demons, who’s intensions are to deceive humanity. What have you to say about this claim made about them in the Book of Enoch?

Cobra: OK, I would say that as old scriptures from that time period and also the Book of Enoch has been changed and the meanings have been shifted as it suited the Cabal. I would say that there was a time period in the fourth century, especially in the time of the so-called Archon, Constantine the Great when most of the older scriptures, most of the older texts have been modulated and changed to suit the new agenda. Actually Astaroth was the name of the Goddess and the new Christian cult that was introduced in the fourth century wanted to suppress the Goddess and this is why this text has been changed.

Aaron: He refers to Ashtar as Astaroth but they’re different?

Cobra: Astaroth was the name of the Goddess and certain sources have changed this to Ashtar. Actually Astaroth comes from Astara which is the name of the twin soul of Ashtar and they are both positive beings.

Aaron: But they’re different beings right?

Cobra: Ashtar or Astar and Ashtar are twin souls (OK) and they are part of the same soul emanation. (thank you. Thank you that’s helpful) (OK)

Lynn: Can you tell us if “Pindar” is still the king of the Draco’s and where is he today and what are his functions regarding our current planetary liberation Cobra?

Cobra: OK. I would not agree with the information that Pindar is the king of the Dracos.

Lynn: Can you tell us anything about what his function is today or is he’s still around?

Cobra: The Being that has that name has been removed from the Solar System. (wonderful)

Aaron: Can you update us on the level of radiation from the nuclear plant: Fukushima?

Cobra: The level of radiation has been very low and remains to be low except from very close to the Fukushima plant, I would say, 10-15 miles in diameter from the plant the radiation is still above normal but everywhere else it is quite OK.

Aaron: OK he says: Is it harming people in Japan and surrounding countries?

Cobra: It is not. It is not.

Aaron: It’s not harming anyone in any other countries either?

Cobra: No.

Aaron: How about the Ocean and the fish?

Cobra: There was a small amount of contamination but the main contamination in the ocean is not coming from Fukushima plant.

Aaron: Did we have help from the Galactics cleaning that up?

Cobra: Yes, of course we have. (great, thank you)

Lynn: This question is from China: In the 1960s, many Chinese characters in the Chinese alphabet were replaced. Chinese legends say Changjie, the man who created traditional Chinese characters, was inspired by a bird’s flight. Can you tell us what you know about Changjie and if he was from another star system? And if so, Which star system?

Cobra: Yes, he was incarnated star being that took incarnations in this solar system for quite some time. But he had contact with positive beings from the Thuban star system and this is where the Chinese letters originate from. I would say the traditional Chinese.

Lynn: Could you repeat that name Cobra, Thuban?

Cobra: Thuban, Alpha-Draconis that is the main star in the Draco constellation. (OK, thank you)

Aaron: This next question is about Russia. This questioner asks: I am concerned about Russian propaganda and its hold over Europe and over the USA and I need some reassurance. We saw what Russia did in the Crimea. We are concerned that they will do the same in the rest of Europe. To what extent should Europeans be concerned that Russia will take over Western Europe? Are Putin’s intensions of the light?

Cobra: Russia has absolutely no intention to take over Europe. President Putin has a doctrine of peace and stability and he is following that. And actually he managed to bring more peace in the Middle East than anybody else in the region if you can take a look at that situation you will see his affect is far more positive than any other president in the region.

Aaron: Can you tell us how we know that Putin is working with the Light Forces?

Cobra: By his actions. (OK)

Aaron: Can you give us any additional information to ease our minds in Europe? Evidently they’re kind of fearful over there about the whole thing.

Cobra: I would say most people in Europe are absolutely not afraid of Putin or Russia. There is a certain faction of the population that is afraid and it is basically because of the propaganda in the media. European media is quite strongly against Putin.

Aaron: Sort of like in America right?

Cobra: It is very similar, yes. (OK, thank you)

Lynn: This global question is about Antarctica. What intel can you share in regards to the ancient civilizations of Antarctica and the media developments supporting this claim?

Cobra: OK, first I would need to clear something. Antarctica is Not Atlantis. Atlantis is a civilization as the name tells you already that was in the Atlantic Ocean. There was an island in the Atlantic Ocean. Although Atlantis had colonies. I would say they were a civilization that has been formed in Antarctica. I would say it’s far older and is of ET origin. First there were bases of the central race living on Antarctica. There were later visitations from other races that put their foot print there and there was quite much of that undiscovered under ice. There are certain things that have been discovered and certain people have been writing about this extensively. What is happening in the last few years is the Cabal is making plans to escape there before The Event. Of course those plans will not be successful.

Aaron: So about Antarctica, it’s ask: Is it a legitimate concern that the ice in Antarctica is cracking? Are the cracks related to something going on underneath?

Cobra: Yes, of course there are cracks in the ice and it is nothing unusual and it happens all the time and this will not disturb life on this planet in any way.

Aaron: What do you know about what is going on around Antarctica?

Cobra: First I have said already, the Cabal plans to escape there. They are trying to create, I would say, several underground bases where they hope to hide before the mass arrests. It’s true there have been certain discoveries made, I would say made more public, not completely public about those under ice ruins as some people have already reported. But I would say similar ruins can be found in the shallow waters close to Saudi Arabia and this is one of the reasons why Saudi Arabia is so strongly controlled by the Jesuits and by the Cabal. These are much easier to reach if somebody knows where to look and what to find.

Aaron: Isn’t there an opening or portal in Antarctica to the underground?

Cobra: There are many portals there as there are many portals in other places. (OK. thank you Cobra)

Lynn: This next question is concerning Asia. They’re referring to the Tsunami that occurred in 2004. This person wants to know if this tsunami was triggered by the Cabal?

Cobra: No. The Tsunami was triggered by electromagnetic pulse that came from, I would say Galactic Sources. There was a very strong gamma ray burst, electromagnetic pulse and gravitational wave which triggered the tectonic plates. And that occurred less than 2 days before the Tsunami or shall we say before the earthquake that triggered the tsunami. (thank you Cobra)

Aaron: This next question is regarding New Zealand: Can you tell us where the Maori native people of New Zealand come from?

Cobra: From the Sirius star system and some of them even from further beyond toward the center of the Galaxy.

Aaron: Were the Maori from Atlantis.

Cobra: Yes, Of course some of them were………some of the Atlantean colonies and even earlier colonies from the time of Lemuria.

Lynn: Cobra, In the U.S. due to all the “fake news” fed to us on a daily basis it is hard to discern what is really true especially in other parts of the world. Are there any leaders around the world that the Pleiadians and other off world groups would consider to be mostly “of the light”?

Cobra: OK. I can get a mention here. President Putin is one of them, mostly of the light.

Lynn: OK. I think they were asking about…… OK. that’s good. Are there any other leaders of the light?

Cobra: There are leaders that are connected to the light but not to that degree. (OK)

Aaron: Next is about the US. Can you tell us how the Pleiadians view Donald Trump?

Cobra: I can again say, they see him as somebody who is mostly serving his own interests and that can be easily manipulated and of course if he can be manipulated in a way that steers the situation and closer to the Jesuit agenda. But again at the same time he can also be influenced by the positive faction, by the light.

Aaron: Do the Pleiadians view him as a force for light or dark?

Cobra: I have already answered this question. (right, thank you)

Lynn: So Cobra, in the same vein, Trump has just approved the pipeline that goes through North and South Dakota through the Indian land. I have heard that it has been re-routed but it’s not confirmed. Would you say that his approval of this also represents his own self-serving interests?

Cobra: To a certain degree, yes. He’s basically wants to secure more jobs for the Americans. He wants to make American oil industry stronger. He wants……. you know his polices, so this is basically what is behind his action (OK, thank you)

Lynn: There have been reports that bombs in DC and New York were disarmed. Are there similar efforts being attempted to place bombs in other nations where maintenance of control by Cabal persist?

Cobra: OK. Those bombs are not an issue at all. (thank you)

Aaron: Next question is about California: Regarding Mt. Shasta, the place feels like it has changed since around 2006. Mt. Shasta used to feel magical but my experiences there are no longer are magical. Can you tell us what happened there around the time of 2006?

Cobra: OK, basically what is happening in Mt. Shasta is there has been an attempt by the chimera group and by the Archons to pollute the energy grid there. That attempt has been, I would say, quite successful within Mt. Shasta town but not higher up on the mountain. (OK, thank you)

Lynn: OK, this one is on Goddess energy: There were world-wide women’s marches on the day after the Inauguration. A lot of the marches were negative, in that there were a lot of angry people involved. Can you tell us if there was some good done by these marches?

Cobra: Not much.

Lynn: Was any goddess energy brought forward.

Cobra: Not much.

Lynn: Regarding goddess energy, do you feel Melania Trump can bring forth positive things as first lady?

Cobra: It depends on her free will actions but I don’t see her as one of the major agents of good at this point. (thank you)

Aaron: Two American Movie stars died at the end of December: Carrie Fisher and then a day later, her mother Debbie Reynolds. Is it possible that they were taken out on purpose? If this is the case, then what purpose did it serve?

Cobra: The Cabal has interfered with their life paths, yes. (Oh they have) Yes. (goodness, thank you)

Angel Eyes Healing Wish List can be found under the “Healing” tab:

Everyone has wishes. The important thing is to remember each day in your quiet time to visualize these wishes manifesting. This is the secret to getting what you desire. It is also important to remember the wishes of others as it is in spending this quiet time seeing these things materialize right before your eyes. There is strength in numbers so let’s practice our manifesting skills together.

The Healing Group is looking for a couple of dedicated volunteers to help with the healing wish list and the Healer’s Directory. In the future we are planning to link the two so that those that wish for healing of any kind can be linked with someone in their area that can assist or even remotely by Skype.

Lynn: This next question is about meditation: some of the people have invested in copper pyramid structures. Can you tell us of their benefits and will they be of assistance towards planetary liberation?

Cobra: OK, pyramid is a sacred geometry shape that does make our connection with the higher self easier and copper is one of the I would say, noble metals which conduct spiritual light, so this does have a positive effect. (thank you)

Aaron: How might we best go about encouraging people who hold deeply entrenched belief systems to be more open to disclosures based on truth?

Cobra: OK, you cannot change the belief systems of others that are not open. You can only assist those who are already open and asking questions or searching for deeper truth. (thank you)

Lynn: OK, the next set of questions is about light and dark forces: Cobra, is the Agartha World Symposium in May 2017 an initiative of the Light Forces?

Cobra: It is an initiative of a certain person who has some, I would say idea and there is understanding of the Agartha network and of course Light Forces are supporting this because it will bring more awareness of the Agarthan network to the surface population. It is not an official connection. It is not an official contact within the Agartha and the surface population. (OK)

Lynn: And apparently that organizer is Tamarinda Maassen. This person would also like to know if she is a genuine ambassador?

Cobra: I have answered this question. If she would know that she is an ambassador she would not ask this question. She can bring in a lot of good by bringing in more awareness of the existence of the Agarthan network to the surface population.

Lynn: OK. Is this event significant to the Agarthan First Contact Protocol?

Cobra: Again, it helps. Each event and each action that brings more awareness to the surface population is part of the contact protocol. (thank you)

Aaron: Next question is: Kerry Cassidy has said that the light workers can carry magnets in their pockets and the magnets will help repel exotic weapon attacks of the Chimera Group. The magnets evidently reduce the attacks. Can you tell us what you know about the effectiveness of magnets in our pockets?

Cobra: Magnetic field can act as a repellent for negative plasma, this is true.

Aaron: Can you briefly mention other helpful methods to defend ourselves against such attacks?

Cobra: There are certain light frequencies. Some frequencies, meditation, laser technology. There are actually some technologies that are on sale on various web-sites that actually do work against plasma. There are also various techniques, meditation techniques. I have also published some protection techniques on my blog, so there are certain things you can do that can assist in this situation. (OK, thank you)

Lynn: Cobra, a gold mine in a small Australian town is now being used for “dark matter” research. Can you tell us if this is true and tell us what you know about this?

Cobra: OK, first I need to clarify something. Dark matter is not really dark in the negative sense of meaning. It is simply not detectable in the visible spectrum. It’s not detectible with electromagnetic detection devices. I would rather call it clear matter because it’s transparent to our usual ways of detection. It simply when experiments, when physicists want to find out what that matter is, how it behaves or does it really exist. It is nothing negative in that. (thank you)

Aaron: This questioner points out that it is his understanding that Horus is good, but that his symbolism has been hijacked by the dark forces.
He asks: “If we call upon the eye of Horus for assistance, can our requests be manipulated by the dark?”

Cobra: It depends on your understanding. If you have a correct understanding that the eye of Horus is actually a portal and if you use it for positive purpose, you will get there, you will create a positive connection.

Aaron: He wants to ensure that he is not actually inviting darkness or darkness’ influence by doing so.

Cobra: No, he is not. (OK, thank you)

Lynn: Cobra, the next question is about a person named Marina Abramovic. Are you familiar with this person? (Cobra: Yes, I am aware of that person). The questioner wants to know if this person is working for dark forces?

Cobra: Not normally but the art of that person has been manipulated by the dark forces for certain occult reasons.

Lynn: So they want to know why she make the movie “Space in Between”, in which she searches for sacred places and rituals in Brazil, and why Brazil?

Cobra: Again, I would say there are strong occult forces that are trying to work through her. Some of them were positive but there are also strong connections with the other side. They wanted to use her work for, I would say, mostly now negative energy grid, but she herself is not part of the dark forces. She is just somebody who is searching for answers, searching for truth and that search has been manipulated. (OK)

Aaron: Has the impending failure of the Dark Forces pushed them to use crueler tactics in their agenda?

Cobra: In a way yes, but some of the dark forces are not aware yet of their coming defeat, so this is. . . we’re still not in that space completely, yet. (ok thank you)

Lynn: Cobra is there such a thing as the Sphere Being Alliance?

Cobra: OK. This is a certain term used by certain people that describes one aspect of the Alliance, I would say the Central race, but I would not go deeper into this. I see this alliance not in exactly in the same way. I see this as part of the greater Galactic Confederation, I would say, Galactic forces of light that want to liberate this planet. I don’t see it the way exactly in the same as it is explained in some sources. (thank you Cobra).

Aaron: How can I combat the effects of being targeted by the dark forces and what can I look for when attempting to recognize types of attacks in order to resist them more effectively?

Cobra: OK. I have just answered this question a few questions back when I was speaking about the scalar waves, about different forms of protection, so all those forms of protections can be used to deflect those attacks. (OK, thank you)

Lynn: This next question is from Cape Town, South Africa and this questioner says: I see many strange and questionable events and objects in the skies frequently. This very peculiar activity I see regarding these objects and events leads me to believe that they are either ET or SSP (Secret Space Program) related. Can you elaborate further on what I may be seeing above me and what it means to us here in South Africa?

Cobra: OK, I would need to see pictures or some precise description to tell you exactly what you are seeing.

Aaron: Based upon a post regarding the possibility of the Rothschild’s surrender before The Event sourced on the 2012 Portal Blog. I am curious is there anything we can do to hasten the defection of this family?

Cobra: This is not very likely. There was a certain possibility. There were negotiations taking place during last summer and those negotiations failed. So it’s very unlikely that this faction will surrender before The Event. OK, Last question.

Lynn: Cobra, can you be specific in telling us exactly what Area 51 has been repurposed for and which force leads it now?

Cobra: OK. I would say that there is still one aspect of area 51 that still works but most of the more sensitive ET reverse engineering and similar things have been moved to another base in Utah. (OK)

Lynn: Thank you, Cobra, this has been a very good question and answer period and I appreciate your participation and we look forward to talking with you again next month.

Cobra: OK. Thank you everybody for listening and thank you for your cooperation.

Lynn: Thank you so much Cobra.

Aaron: Thank you, Cobra.

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