December 23, 2014 Ė Interview with COBRA by Rob Potter

Cobraís voice modulation & interview edited by Rique Seraphico.
Intro Theme: ďAlien InterventionĒ (432 Hz), written & performed by Rique Seraphico.
End Theme: ďEuropaĒ (432 Hz) taken from the award winning CD entitled, Mysterious Spheres, by Rique Seraphico.
Transcript by Dannell Glade

Rob: Alright, Merry Christmas Everybody. Welcome to another edition of the Victory of the Light Radio show. My name is Rob Potter, your host. This is a special edition of the Cobra Interview, slightly delayed due to some technical difficulties. We will have the wonderful Rique Seraphico will be taking wonderful time and making this, as usual, always the best, easy to hear modulated interview with Cobra. We have some wonderful updates. We just did get a Cobra update yesterday on the portal activation. Weíll be talking about that. First of all Iíd like to welcome you to the show Cobra. Thank you so much for being here.

Cobra: Thank you for the invitation.

Rob: Yes, there are a lot of amazing things happening in the world today. I want to save a little bit of the Egypt stuff exciting for last. I want to get into a little mundane. Weíll go from heavier to the light. Weíve seen some changes today. The Dow S&P went over 18,000 today. Theyíre claiming a bull market and economy. There have also been prognostications of the currency manipulation with Russia. Iíd like you to talk a little bit if you can, of what is going on with the smoke and mirrors here. People are wondering: Is the oil price coming down as a result of the manipulations from the good guys or the bad guys or is this still just business as usual, can we expect some things to happen here.

Cobra: Basically, itís a manipulation from the Cabal because they want to influence Russia. They want to bring Russia to itís knees and itís not going to work.

Rob: Right. Iíve been looking at Putin and Obamaís kind of state of the union address was a thing there. I believe in truth and I believe in liberty and justice all over the world. Iím not really secular. I would like to believe that American could lead the way in greatness and prosperity. But with the manipulation with the president, through what I believe is mind controlled implanting program controlled by hostile forces, I think that is impossible. The next question we had in regards to the world scene that we have going on here is: A lot of people were talking about the possible take down of the Bush/Clinton crime family syndicate that you mentioned in your post could take place even before the event possibly. Would you believe this is possible now.

Cobra: Yes. As I have said in my report, thatís a new option that has developed after the opening of the portal. It was very unlikely before but now so much light is present that the only option for the Jesuitsí and Rothchildsí to survive is to release the illuminati faction and this is exactly what is happening as you can see in the mass media. So, yes, that is an option.

Rob: And thereís been a big hullabaloo about the censorship of the (radio show) movie The interview. Thereís actually evidence that Tom Hennighan that Millions of dollars were released to Paramount through George Soros, trying to create some sort of conflict, basically a brain washing of humanity. Itís quite powerful the Cabalís influence, directly involved in the mass media and the movies, isnít there.

Cobra: Yes, itís an old story. Basically the mass media are controlled by the Cabal since their creation.

Rob: Also, I wanted to ask you specifically about the Egypt activation. I wanted to get into a little bit of that. When we were there in 2012 there was certainly quite a bit of political tension going on around the Tahir square and a lot of things going on before and after. We were hearing of various situations going on there. But tell us how was the general feeling among the populace. I know when we were around the Giza we didnít feel it much. There was the Muslim brotherhood watching our backs during the activation with us and lots of different groups had other activities there. Of course the bomb scare that we reported on was significant. But I mean the general tension wasnít there at Giza for us in 2012. How was it this year and what was going on in downtown Egypt?

Cobra: Actually the tensions have subsided. People are still quite excitable but this is more to do with the general life experience, there is not much of a political tension. But itís more of struggle for survival, which does not resolve because we are still have the same planet and with the same basic circumstance so not much has changed.

Rob: Yes, some people have mentioned that the Egyptian president, I think he has Jewish ties, they feel heís very much a Cabal oriented person. Do you have any comments on that?

Cobra: Well, I would not agree with that. The situation in Egypt is in many ways much better than other countries because Egypt has tried to separate from the Cabal as much as possible.

Rob: OK. Now Iíd like to ask you, could you tell us anything about the opening. Did you guys go to Saqqara and have activation inside the initiation area there.

Cobra: No, actually we had our activation at of the Giza plateau, but the Resistance Movement (RM) sends a special group to Saqqara at the same moment.

Rob: Excellent, Excellent, very cool to know. You also mentioned that a total of 144K RM members and Agarthan or were some of these Galactic Federation (GF) down part time as well.

Cobra: It was mostly RM and Agarthan network.

Rob: So mostly the people, the contingency from planet X that are working hard to liberate, is that correct.

Cobra: Yes, and also the Agarthans network here before the RM came, it was a combination of those 2 groups and also other positive groups involved that were not involved before.

Rob: Ok, could you comment a little more on the activation? Share with our people here a little bit more of where you did and what you did so they can get a picture.

Cobra: Basically the instructions have been given on the blog, everyone can read them. The actual activation itself was quite an intense event. Actually, It required our total dedication and our total focus and all of our energies because it was huge. It was massive. The energies were really very very strong and the situation was very strong. I am glad that we managed to enter the breakthrough phase. I will be speaking more about this breakthrough phase in the future. It is simply that we are not just waiting for something to happen. We are not just resisting the current situation. We are actively prepared for the breakthrough. You can see the result already in just a few days. Things are happening that were not happening before.

Rob: Yes, I can feel the energetic shifts have been very very intense. In the light-worker community, there has been lots of dissension and various things. Iím not going to name names here. People are just reacting, misunderstanding, overstating over expected things. Thereís just been a lot of tension amongst certain light-worker groups. People are going through a lot of Infighting within themselves. What do you recommend to do when they see these different light-workers who were, maybe had been working together and all of a sudden theyíve come apart. Some people might want them to deny some of the information. If these guys are fighting, it canít be real. Thatís not always the case is it?

Cobra: OK. Itís basically people being triggered by the Archon network. 1. Do not get involved with the drama. 2. Forgive, forgive, forgive. Do not get involved into any type of judgment because that is not productive. This is a time to unify our forces and not divide them. I would just say it again as Iíve said many times, anyone involved in the liberation process, do not judge each other- unite forces. This is what we need at this time.

Rob: Very good. I also have another question. You mentioned a breakthrough in the plasma network. I heard from a source, Iím not really sure of itís veracity. I was told the ascended master Christ on the Victor 1 spaceship made a declaration before he left addressing the council there. He said, ďBe gone from the air.Ē There was a report that it was quite intense. I am just wondering, and that may be true or not true esoterically, Iím not really sure. Iím not going to make a confirmed statement on that but . . .. You mentioned there was a breakthrough in the plasma network. Can you share a little bit in the scalar field that is tied into the chem-trail program as well?

Cobra: Yes, actually. One of the purposes of the chem-trail program is to create a medium in the air that can conduct plasma scalar waves more effectively to maintain the veil. As of now, there was a certain operation of the light forces, which has effectively removed a great part of this. It did not affect the chem-trails themselves, but it did affect the plasma waves and many of the plasma generators have been removed.

Rob: Very good. That is what I wanted to hear and was thinking. Did this possibly incite more hostile actions from the etheric, astral parasites? It certainly seems if that took place when it was supposed to, it seems that there were a lot of different energies moving through people. I was noticing a lot of stress intention coming to the surface in a lot of relationship reports with a lot of people.

Cobra: Yes, there are actually 2 things going on. 1 Ė the reaction of the non physical beings and 2nd one is the problem of entity possession because many people on this planet, especially those who have potential for the light, have been greatly attacked in the past by entities and those entities were put into place and maintained in their place by the scalar plasma network. Now that this network is being slowly removed, those entities are becoming quite active and are disturbing peopleís lives. People that were calm before are starting to freak out suddenly and this is because these entities are being triggered right now.

Rob: Yea, and it makes sense that they go to people who are in positions of disseminating the truth. (Yes). Iíve had some questions recently, kind of in regards to that. Weíll seg-way into: People are curious about the nano technology. Youíve mentioned it before; we have a lot of new people following us now. Our information that weíre sharing that you share, a lot of people are sharing is waking up the general populace so we have a lot of new people coming to our information. They donít always have time to go all the way back. Can you share a little bit more about the Nano technology. Some people call smart dust or these advanced technologies that are out there. Some people are kind of curious. Will they be rendered inert, will they be removed or do they still have some effect on some people. Whatís going on now?

Cobra: Most of this has been removed and it is not a big threat, a big issue any more.

Rob: There is some effect going on, yes.

Cobra: There are some aspects of it that is remaining, but it is not anything to worry about. There are other factors that are much more serious than this.

Rob: Yes, I donít generally do personal health consultations or something. I thought this might be energetically related. Iíll paraphrase this real quickly. Iíve let you look at this one because itís a little longer before, so you could understand it. Thereís a lady getting like one hour of sleep. A friend of hers is really worried and asked, what can we do for this person? She only gets an hour of sleep. Is there any type of suggestion you can give her? She canít seem to get to the deep REM that she needs. Weíre not asking you for diagnoses, but if someone has this in general, what would you suggest.

Cobra: OK. One possible indication is too much stress. If a person is over stressed it is possible that the person cannot relax enough to get some sleep. Another possibility is interference from the scalar network or from non-physical entities. I would suggest going in nature and trying to spend some days in nature, sleep in nature away from actual magnetic pollution.

Rob: Yea, that Ďs a great idea. Thatís a good one. I like that because the body canít really get out of the electronics and theyíre jammed back in and woken up. Hereís another question. We know the astral plane is the general answer here, but people want to know where do we go when we sleep.

Cobra: The physical body stays in itís obvious position but you exit with your etheric body, from the physical body and sometimes you also explore your surroundings in the astral body, so it depends on your level of consciousness and the depth of your sleep. Your focus of your consciousness shifts from physical body to your higher non-physical bodies and of course then it returns when you wake up again.

Rob: So your awareness could actually extend beyond the planet in your local environment there are various possibilities there. There are Lots of different places.

Cobra: It is possible if youíre consciousness is high enough and if youíre able to penetrate the veil and exit from the programming.

Rob: OK. Thatís a good thing. Thereís another question and again people are kind of wanting a little more of a description. It comes down to where do we go when we die. We know that the physical body turns into dust here and we have these various other bodies. Do we strip all the bodies and go in our soul body to a certain level. Can you explain a little bit? Weíve talked about it and I keep getting lots of questions on it. Can you explain a little bit more about what that process is?

Cobra: OK. Itís a gradual process. When we die we go to certain hyper-dimensional doorway and we exit the physical body with our consciousness and we go through the doorway that is actually the plasma plane. If we donít get stuck on the plasma plane we proceed towards the etheric plane where we spend some time and release some of our personality, of our belief systems, of our patterns and proceed to the astral plane. So, after we die we tend to spend most of the time on the astral plane and some people who are spiritually aware enough proceed further towards the mental plane and spend a certain amount of time on the higher mental plane where they are in constant connection with their soul, with their own inner higher presence. They receive an impulse to reincarnate again. That impulse can be coming from their own inner drive to incarnate or it can come from the veil, from the Archon network.

Rob: And if they come down and they follow this impulse, are they from the higher mental plane, do they have to take the contract or is it a choice or do they go down and go Ė hey by the way, whatís this contract. You come down and go: OK Ė hereís the situation, do you want to gather experience, youíre on the physical plane here and youíre tethered to our network. Youíre going to go in and you know you are going to take these implants. You agree. Is it done like that?

Cobra: Itís complex situation. First you have personality issues which are not resolved which tends to draw you to the physical plane. You have certain unresolved situations with certain people and you want to come down to resolve those situations. Then you also have your higher mission and then you have the Archon manipulation, various, so called spiritual guides, which are not actually spiritual guides, are giving you certain suggestions which might and might not be for your highest good. The combination of all those factors together with the he scalar technology determined the path of your incarnation.

Rob: Right, so you have an impetus there and whatever youíre able to gather and focus on, in your life, youíre drawn to create in certain situations. We wonít call them Karma, but the law of manifestation which is garunteed to seek balance and then we have the Archon network trying to disrupt everything and then we have the higher positive influences. When you have these other influences through the incarnation process, trying to picture it as youíre a light being and youíre going through. . Is there a specific communication with other, letís call them spirit personalities who are in your incarnation or are you just kind of hover over the earth and youíre drawn to a woman whoís pregnant and you know youíre going in, and you go in, I kind of wonder what the contract thing is where Iím going to go. Can you explain a little bit about when you go into the body? What is that? Do you actually agree to these things or are these influences or once youíre coming back, these influences funnel you into a body and thatís it.

Cobra: OK. On some level you do agree to it. You have certain parts of you that want to go in but that decision is usually manipulated by the Archons. You might be given certain options. Those options neither may nor may not be in your highest interest. There will be spiritual guides around you. Those guides might be of the light. They might be manipulated themselves. They might be there doing something good. It depends on the situation. You see the contract that you sign is actually something that reflects your inner direction so you have resolved not to go into the incarnation, nothing can force you into that. If you have certain unresolved issue, of course the Archons can play upon those and force you to incarnate because you have certain unresolved issues in that area or if you have a higher mission to incarnate, you can choose by your own higher freewill to incarnate, but even in that location the Archons will try to dictate the circumstances of your incarnation as much as possible.

Rob: Yes, and harass you the entire way. (yes). Thank you. Another question here, someone says, theyíve been trying to revoke their contracts. There are individuals out there talking about it and a person very strongly wrote down and declared their contracts null and void and initiated positive changes. They really feel that the changes that they declared are not being honored. Can you explain about; if we revoke a contract and declare it and write it out and how come it seem like some aspects of these things are still playing out in our perception, in our lives and in our physical realities.

Cobra: It is because we had many incarnations and in many incarnations we signed many contracts and some of those are still active. You have to revoke all of them completely and itís not easy. Donít give up. Continue clearing that and you will feel less and less attachment to forces of influence.

Rob: OK Ė hereís another, little more general question. Can you comment on the general progress on the RM have had on moving towards clearing the way for the event? You mentioned we made some changes here. We still have to get a critical mass on the surface of the population. But, with parts of the plasma field network down. Are they down permanently? Will they reestablished some of these.

Cobra: They donít have enough resources to reestablish this. The scalar network needs to be completely removed before the event or I would say, it is greatly suggested that it is removed before the event. Also, the chimera group and their exotic technologies, various bombs, of this nature have not been cleared yet completely and this absolutely has to go before the event.

Rob: Yes, the scalar field plasma network that was removed. Was this on the physical level or did the RM in the etheric do this and possibly lower astral where human military personnel could not get.

Cobra: It was on the physical. The plasma generators are on the physical and they were removed on the physical.

Rob: Wow, that is very good news. So, I was wondering, are there still other technologies

Cobra: There are quite many technologies that are around. I would say a few of the main ones are the various exotic quark bombs and the scalar plasma network.

Rob: And thereís still some physical ones left, or are these in maybe some in the higher dimension there.

Cobra: OK. I will not go into any details on this subject. It is quite sensitive issue right now.

Rob: Yea. We got a lot of questions from the people wanted to get a little world update and take on the portal activation and congratulations to you. I know what itís like when things get intense and trying to make it happen. One last question there on that. Were you inside one of the chambers?

Cobra: We did not go inside of the chambers. We were at some other location on the Giza plateau.

Rob: Very good. We have another question, just a general one. Weíre going to go through a lot of these. Can you explain to us the relationship between Diana, Lucifera, Ashtoreth and Isis in mythology?

Cobra: Basically Diana Lucifera is a code name of Venus, rising Venus, the morning star. It is one of the names of the goddess. Ashtoreth is actually one of the names of Astara. Astara was one of the late Atlantan Goddess, which can be named with various names. Isis is one of them. This has nothing to do with Lucifer as people understand or would any being or worship as people sometimes refer to it. It is simply that after the creation of the Christian cult the Cabal, or the Archons have decided to make all the symbols of the Goddess dirty. The number 666 us actually a symbol of the goddess. The pentagram is a symbol of the Goddess. The Cabal has misused all those because they wanted to prevent people from contacting the Goddess energy.

Rob: Right. The natural manifestation can always be seen as pure, can be reversed at any time. Another question basically when we talk about worship of the Goddess. You mentioned before, we talked about temples; the goddess worship is actually bringing back the balance feminine and male aspect. Having temples or kind of like art museums, where people can go and enjoy nature. Youíve described that before. I wanted to ask you in regards to the ancient Goddesses, you speak about them that were actually here. These were during time when there were various races on the planet.

In Atlantean times, that various members and different extra terrestrial races co-mingled with humanity, is that correct?

Cobra: Yes, that is correct. I will just like to explain a certain thing. We are not speaking about worshipping the goddess in the way religion is trying to portray. Weíre speaking about inner connection with clear and healthy and beautiful feminine aspect of creation. So we are not speaking about the old system of priests and priestesses and temples and churches. Weíre speaking about the inner connection which can manifest outside as beautiful buildings which can serve as anchor points in the planetary light grid to anchor that energy.

Rob: Yes. During the times when there were various races of ET, different shapes, sizes, colors, skin types, genetic pheno types in general, amongst us, there were some of these beings of a highly spiritual nature and they radiated a tremendous presence. It was quite common for people to enjoy these beings presence. Would that be accurate to state. (Yes). And so the idea was basically these were great spiritual teachers. They did not seek personality worship, however by the virtue of their awareness and knowledge they radiated a calm and peace and seem to help others on the inner planes establish a more direct connection to source, would you agree with that. (Yes). I think that possibly the priesthoods in the Archon networks used this historical relationship from ETs to earth peoples and took some of these historical beings records and manipulated them to be perceived of as demanding personal worship. This was not good and these priesthoods manipulated opinions placed themselves as the new interpreters of God word by declaring themselves as intermediaries. Right?

Cobra: Yes, that is correct.

Rob: OK. Thanks. Some people talk bout the city of Beijing. They say thereís lots of smog and it hasnít happened in a long time, but suddenly itís there. Do you know anything about that? Is there anything going on there, in China.

Cobra: I would not say there is much improvement yet.

Rob: OK. Also, there has been some space exploration by China in lower earth orbit and they say theyíve gone to the moon in recent years. Are there any collaboration with the Galactic and the Chinese government in regards to the space program in a positive way or negative actually, I guess.

Cobra: There is a certain aspect of positive collaboration, but there is everywhere on the planet, the chimera group present in the military of every country, including China. Thatís why you donít hear about the positive cooperation in Chinese mass media.

Rob: Another questions someone says: obviously thereís a plan and I know this is part of the destabilization process of the NWO is to allow large influxes of immigrants into first world countries and this creates tension amongst the people basically because the people who come in are on welfare and it creates a stress and a tension. A lot of the local people can be influenced by racial prejudice or social economic distress to have a prejudice against these people. This is a controlled operation, correct. (Yes). OK. At the time of the event after we defeat the Cabal, these people will have free will to go and do whatever they want.

Cobra: Hmm, which people are you asking?

Rob: The people coming from other countries. They came specifically for economic development. They will be able to go home.

Cobra: Yes, of course. The situation will be completely different than itís now. All those artificial borders will be dissolved and people will begin to understand.

Rob: OK. Hereís another one. Please explain what causes homosexual behavior. Is this behavior of the dark or the light energy?

Cobra: In most cases this is manipulated sexual energy by the Archons because when the sexual energy has been traumatized or when it can not express in healthy man/woman relationships, it can be expressed as this, but itís not always like that. It is also possible that there is a soul connection with 2 beings of the same sex, which can express in a sexual relationship as well. We have a combination of many factors here.

Rob: OK. And itís not necessarily dark or light and it is what it is and there is not judgment there. (Yes, exactly), OK. Good. Someone has asked about the emerald tablets of Thoth and the emerald tablets of Hermes. Those are the same being correct? (Yes). Do you believe the translation by Doreal is the most accurate of those tablets?

Cobra: Yes, I would say that representation is quite good. I think itís the best we have at the moment.

Rob: Thank you, I agree with that as well. Also you speak of the Halls of Amenti. This is actually a physical location deep in the inner caverns, is this correct? Inter dimensional portal kind of.

Cobra: It is actually a physical location under the sands of Egypt. It is a physical initiation center, which has not been discovered yet.

Rob: Yes, can you tell us approximately the depth of the pyramids of the UFOís that will be found underneath the Giza plateau in the near future. Just a little tidbit someone wanted to know that information. I was kind of curious of the depth myself.

Cobra: It is about 30-100 meters, which is about 100-300 feet.

Rob: Yea. I remember that from Egypt. You mentioned that. Can you talk about the role that Pope Francis is playing at what is going with the Vatican. Is he still a hand puppet of the Jesuits and playing both sides of the fence?

Cobra: He wants to portray himself as the good guy and because the Jesuits have a plan to interfere with the reset process and want to portray themselves as saviors of humanity to survive the event. Thatís why heís doing all those little acts of kindness. If he will be sincere, the Catholic Church has trillions of dollars worth of land in South America, so the Catholic Church could end poverty on this planet immediately. If he would be such a great good guy, he could initiate that change.

Rob: Yes, thatís a great idea here. Kind of helter skelter questions here. The human population is increasing. Where are these souls coming from and is it this new souls are being generated. Young souls or what is the situation that allows more souls to come here at this time. Have they always been waiting? Have we just been waiting longer times between incarnations? Why are there so many souls here and where do they come from?

Cobra: There are many souls on the astral plane waiting for incarnation. The population is increasing simply because of the development of civilization on the physical plane, which allows for more people to survive. If thereís an impulse for more people to incarnate because of special times and they want to be present here on the physical plane because this is the place where the most drama happens.

Rob: OK. So these beings are all in part of the quarantine process so in the past weíve had to take turns to incarnate, is that correct?

Cobra: No, actually people incarnate because itís the right time for them to incarnate or when thereís a strong impulse one way or the other to incarnate. Yes, some people have to wait for a long time because there are not many options on the physical plane to incarnate.

Rob: Good, OK. If everyone got the same impulse, I guess there would be the strongest impulse that would be allowed to incarnate first. People wanting to come in and there werenít enough bodies or babies available. In one way the population explosion is a positive thing. Itís allowing a lot of people experience on the physical plane. (Yes, yes, yes). OK. Someone wants to know if you can give us some insight on the importance of Lebanon as a country, in the clearing of energies in the Middle East. And the old Roman city of Baalbek is a portal to work on in particular.

Cobra: Itís one of the portals, yes. It needs to be cleared. It has great potential for the light. There were certain things that were happening there, which were not good and needs to be cleared.

Rob: The person who asked that question should get together your meet-up PFC group and get out there and do some positive invocations, maybe on Sunday for the WW meditation. We can see some work going on there. Some people are kind of curious about the Templars, the Freemasons, and the Royalty of the Cabal. It seems that Isis is their goddess. What is the situation with the Templars? Is there a light group in there as well as a kind of a Cabal illuminati oriented group, working in the Templars still?

Cobra: Yes, actually. We have positive Templar factions and negative Templar factions. The problem with the illuminati is they have factions of wisdom mixed with a lot of insanity. They do understand certain things and mix them completely with their emotional and psychological instability. Itís a very dangerous combination. This is why the situation on the planet is as it is.

Rob: Yes, the young codex of the Nag Hammadi manuscripts. Dr. Frank Strange mentioned theyíve been withholding some of the things. Do you consider them pretty accurate?

Cobra: Yes. The Nag Hammadi codex is actually one of the best fragments of wisdom from before the Archon invasion of the 4th century that destroyed most of the mystery schools.

Rob: Very Cool. Valiant Thor and Dr. Frank Strange would be happy to hear about that. In fact, I have an interesting tidbit that goes back to one of your posts I read. You mentioned that: Youíd be very surprised that what is in the Bible is actually not what happened and that will be cleared up afterwards. Iím kind of curious. Dr. Frank observed the history coins on one of the star ships and he like to look at Christ and he looked at the last supper. He said 5 disciples but there only attended the last supper were hundreds of women in the apostolic core at the time of the last supper. Can you comment on that?

Cobra: I will not go into details. I would say, yes, most of the events, which are described in the Bible, did not happen the way they were described. There was a lot of censorship especially about the feminine presence, which was greatly suppressed in the gospel.

Rob: Yes, and I get this one a lot. Itís been sometime since I asked it. You always answer it in a slightly different way, which is enlightening even if itís a repeat. Could you speak about the being known as Lucifer? Was he real? Is he quarantined here? What is the situation with the beings and how are they related to the hostile group of chimera?

Cobra: O.K. That being has been captured by the light forces many years ago and has crossed into the light and is now assisting the light forces.

Rob: Wow, thatís interesting news. Thatís actually coincides with Dr. Bell said. He mentioned that too, so thatís interesting to hear you say it that way again. People want to know about their dreams and theyíre kind of . . . Iíve been getting a lot of these lately too. Theyíre wondering: Are they in their dream state, are they being attacked. Some people are feeling some positive things. Iíve heard just recently, I got 2 or 3 e-mails that people were having very disturbing sleep. Iím kind of curious, they wanted to know: are my dreams being manipulated. Are they releasing old soul contracts? Is there cleansing going on. What is going on the dreaming time? Are we being manipulated? Is this a natural process thatís not really interfered with by the good guys or the bad guys?

Cobra: It is being manipulated because the Archons on the astral planes and especially the etheric planes do have technology to influence the dream state. It is not cleared yet completely but there is also a clearing process so itís a combination of both.

Rob: Yes. Iíve been looking at a lot of new E.T. photographs coming out from George Filer, and various other people. We see lots of these really unique morphing ships that are really looking beyond the physical, kind of in this energetic state. What I think of what is taking place now, the increase sightings to prepare people for the eventual actual physical stable ships sitting there and formal announcement that we have friends and neighbors here and theyíre here to help us. A lot of people think itís going to be a negative take over or say theyíre here to help us. All that kind of stuff. I think thereís a lot of energy shifting going on that we canít possibly conceive, Cobra. Would you agree that these ships are coming into the atmosphere and with their hyper dimensional technology, manipulating frequencies on a holographic insert on multi-dimensional levels to help clear and stabilize the populace. Is that kind of what is happening?

Cobra: Yes, this is also happening.

Rob: Could you share a little more about that and these various shaped ships? Theyíre definitely there. The lights are shifting and morphing into different shapes. Can you talk s little bit about that?

Cobra: Well, there are many ships on many missions around the planet. Their purpose is first to stabilize the tectonic plates and 2nd to stabilize the Etheric energy grid. They are here on that mission for quite some time. They are actually here throughout all human history. Itís nothing new. There are really here to enable the transition for humanity to survive. Without their assistance this planet would be destroyed many times over.

Rob: Yes. Hereís a good question, you talked about Stonehenge last time and what is was and they really want to know the energy dynamics of Stonehenge in detail. What star does it align with, does it circulate star energy in all directions across the planes. Does it gather and focus earth energies, spread them out radially? Is there a diagram anywhere that describes the energy of Stonehenge in detail that you would recommend? Do you see any star- or star system that is particularly associated with it?

Cobra: Stonehenge is built on a vortex point in the planetary grid and its main connection is with the Pleiadean star system. Ití a Pleiadean insertion portal. If you go there and walk among the stones, youíll be able to feel the Pleiadean energy very strongly. Itís one of the most powerful Pleiadean vortex points on the planet.

Rob: Very interesting. If you were to, in your research or in your knowledge for someone who wanted to look at the energy thatís in there, I mean, they kind of want to dissect the energy best felt. Is there any kind of mechanical explanation or energy vortex theory they can look at to understand it.

Cobra: I would need to check, but there are certain things that are quite interesting on the Internet about this.

Rob: Yes, so everyone says a lot of different things about it. We get this all the time about humans eating meat of other animals. Is it healthy or not?

Cobra: Human body, before it reaches a certain vibrational frequency actually needs a certain amount of meat. Do not force yourself to stop eating it if your body requires it but there is a certain point when you spontaneously release that meat. It is not needed any more.

Rob: Yes, and this would be a positive integration folks. No one will be forced to do anything. It will come naturally from a vibrational change and an awareness of different things that will take place and it will come within each person there. People wanted to know, hereís an interesting one, kind of a deep metaphysical one and Iíll leave these questions open. Iíll just let you answer them. Can you tell us more about the One? How did the One appear and where is the One located?

Cobra: The One did not appear. The One always was, it is and always will be. It is not located. The One defines the location coordinate system. The One is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Rob: I agree completely. The One is everywhere and nowhere. Itís immanent and transcendent. Going to ďthe mighty mysteryĒ if the One has the ability to create the universe, why isnít it possible for him/her to solve the Chimera problem?

Cobra: This is because the Chimera problem has originated from the random function, which is not logical. It is not something that can be understood. It needs to be cleared by the One, protecting itís consciousness into the experiencing this random anomaly and through that experience, the One begins to understand begins to understand this anomaly and absorbs this into itself. This is light absorbing darkness into itself.

Rob: In the Untwine interview you mentioned that creation would be absorbed back into the One. This is just a cyclic aspect of the physical plane that seems to contract. The one is always ever present everywhere. Could you explain for what reason the One will absorb all of creation.

Cobra: It is simply because everything that exists has a certain ultimate goal of evolution Ė it is to be absorbed into the One, to reach the highest possible state of consciousness. Space and time and matter are just projections, which will be absorbed, back into the source.

Rob: OK. We had some interesting questions this week. Sometimes the ones that go up are the ones when I receive a couple of them. Iíve been getting a lot of questions. I got 2 in a row this time. Letís talk about the education system at the time of the event. The freedom will come down and there will be a whole new education system. Many people are complaining about the repression of this. When the event happens, will the education systems just be free to change or is theyíre planned restructuring.

Cobra: It will be a gradual restructuring because of the logistics and also the paradigm shift that will be quite drastic and will require a certain adjustment of time. The education system on the planet after the event, in the first months after the event will be in constant change, constant upgrade (OK). There will be a certain amount of confusion because people will have to go beyond their belief system. Many of the old systems will have to crumble and people will have to go through a certain psychological process to go through which will not happen over night.

Rob: Right and when they go through this process there will be of course, be new advanced forms of learning. Weíre going to have to put away their old perceived ideas. I think weíll probably still be able to use the universities. Would you agree with me that the general paradigm shift in education will change from simply repeating facts to one of internalizing and realizing the process of learning and kind of a science in the spiritual understanding is going to come about in education, correct.

Cobra: Yes, this is the general trend that will happen, yes.

Rob: People always say; when he does that, will you say: can you elaborate more.

Cobra: OK, so basically what will happen is this new idea, which we are distributed through the mass media will begin to take shape in human minds and then different aspects of the population will have to be adjusted and this will also take time. Therefore it will be gradual process. And then of course children will need to absorb those new ideas which will be completely different from what they were taught in the past, so there will be a certain amount of confusion. But ultimately humanity as a whole will begin to understand what is going on.

Rob: Yes, thank you so much. Some one said, Why has Poland throughout itís history always been in hard situations, 2nd World war, attacked by Germany, used as a pawn, offered protection, Russia betrayed, England, many other situations. Does Poland play a critical place in overcoming the dark forces because they value freedom and independence so highly? Someone had a question about that.

Cobra: It is simply that Poland is in a very unfortunate geo political situation, between Russia and Europe. Itís like the buffer zone and of course it absorbs most of the conflict between those key areas.

Rob: OK. Thatís a very good answer. I appreciate that. Hereís an interesting one and Iím going to answer before. Iím going to say I think itís like a radio transceiver thatís transmitting energy and information that allows communications between people of the time and the E.T.ís without having space ships. What is the Ark of the Covenant?

Cobra: It was a manifestation chamber.

Rob: A manifestation chamber, like material items would appear in there.

Cobra: Certain early versions of it had that ability. Later versions only had the ability to create a certain electro magnetic fields to enable communications with other dimensions, but not manifestation itself, any more.

Rob: The Ark of the Covenant spoken of in the Bible, where is it today (laugh)?

Cobra: In the hands of the light forces.

Rob: There you go Ė thatís good enough. All right, I guess I had a couple more questions here. Some people wanted to get into the situation. We got the big thing with the hack at Sony. Could you talk about it? Someone asked the questions Ė can you write a contract with the devil. Does the devil exist and if not, whom have all the rock stars signed their souls to. Could you talk a little bit about the situation with the hacking of the grid and Sony? The hacking of the grid with Sony with relationship to this Ė talk about and the movie the interview. Theyíre trying to build it up to be a false flag or something. Iím wondering if the RM forces did anything. It was a shut down of North Korea by the light forces?

Cobra: No, no RM forces were not involved in this.

Rob: OK. Was that an American attack on them?

Cobra: Yes.

Rob: OK. Thank you. Thatís good. Thereís question that says; from what you said there are no new fresh star seeds coming from other star systems. People who have incarnated have been inside this process for 25K years with extremely rare exceptions. They are finding it hard that theyíve been manipulated for 25k years. Why isnít it that we havenít been able to free ourselves? If someone really doesnít want to be part of this process with the reincarnation grid, it goes back to that kind of; how were we born thing. Itís a process thatís really not under control of the administration. Itís just something that happens. A soul is on the mental plane and theyíre drawn in. How can we break free of this?

Cobra: Itís not easy. We have to . . . Actually the event needs to happen to completely break the quarantine status of the planet and then we will break free of this. And unfortunately yes, we have been trapped for at least 25k years here.

Rob: OK. People are worried about the Scandinavian royal families. Are they all involved, are they Cabal light. Are they deeply involved? Does it vary from individual to individual? How deeply involved is the Scandinavian royalty and the Cabal.

Cobra: It varies from individual to individual but they are not the main ones to worry about.

Rob: OK. Also in Buddhist scripture they have a lot of eternal fire stories. They say itís painful but itís only temporary as everything else in Buddhism is. They say itís unfortunate but necessary, In the Tibetan ___ they talk more in terms that itís not real, the mind makes the torment real. Is there a way for us to go beyond the perceived tormenting that we feel, everything that we discuss is kind of Ė the situation is kind of messed up and weíre all interested because we feel tormented. Is there something that we can do to go beyond this mental torment that is our own self-created illusions.

Cobra: Whenever you contact your own soul, you go beyond that. So the more you have your soul contact the more you go beyond that.

Rob: OK. Iíd like to go into another question here. A couple more minutes here. Weíve got a few more minutes. How is the best way to contact your soul?

Cobra: The first thing is to be absolutely sincere with yourself.
The second thing is to allow yourself to feel your emotions and integrate.
Third is to appreciate beauty.
Fourth is meditation.

Rob: OK. I guess thatís good. Someone has some other questions in regards to what is going on with the compression breakthrough. Is it still at the same distance? If so, why hasnít it come down and removed them out of the inner earth or anything. Is this the final one, it wonít get any lower will it.

Cobra: We have now entered the breakthrough phase which means the actual process of the compression breakthrough has started. It is not an instant process. It is not an instant event. It is a certain process that has been initialized with this portal activation and will culminate in the event.

Rob: OK. From what you see there, folks, and tell me if this is kind of an interesting analogy here; from what youíve described thereís a layer around the earth, like an onion that is the compression breakthrough field. It seems to be, what you are describing, is if we could imagine, not in any one place, not all at once is the veil being lifted, but in little areas all over the planet, little Nano viruses of light are penetrating it and eventually itís going to shine through completely. Is that right. Itís kind of a general wispy, kind of like smoke coming out from various places, right?

Cobra: This is exactly what is happening.

Rob: Yea, This is what I was visualizing myself. Is the Bovis scale a reliable indicator of increased energy levels?

Cobra: I would say this is a very crude and not very exact. But, yes, itís something you can use to, I would say, guess the vibrational frequency. Itís not very accurate, but itís something that many people use in their measurement.

Rob: OK , thank you. Some people are wondering, they spend many hours in meditation and are trying to connect to their inner selves and stuff. They start feeling these day -dreaming and these morphogenic fields, they start getting information. They are unable to tap it consciously. Can you expect this information to be much clearer once the event happens?

Cobra: Yes, of course.

Rob: OK. Hereís an interesting little tid-bit. We got maybe 2 more then weíre going to have to let you go. Whatís the installation near the Tungsten, Siberia. Is there installation, a government situation?

Cobra: Yes, there are quite many installations, many, I would say, military complexes in that area. It was an area of a lot of activity in developing Russian Nuclear program and some secret military projects were going on in that area as well.

Rob: OK. And, I want to ask . . .. Here in regards to the DNA. Can the DNA be manipulated and can we establish a more powerful DNA connection with Soul verbally and what is the best way to do this. By toning mantras, is there a way to make a connection to forge a light connection between the soul and the physical body.

Cobra: People are so focused on DNA they forget the key aspect which is consciousness. What is the most important here is the state of consciousness. Whatever you can do to raise your consciousness to keep higher vibrational frequency the consciousness is the way to go. .

Rob: And the DNA is going to respond, itís a living flame. (Exactly). Cobra, we have a lot of more questions here I didnít get to. I want to thank you for your time. Itís been very informative. If you could leave us with one more little good news information that you feel is important that I possibly didnítí ask, in regards to your activation and the positive changes. Is there anything else you want to share with our guests today about the positive breakthroughs that are coming and what we can do?

Cobra: As I have said, we have entered the breakthrough phase and the light forces have instructed us to start visualizing our life after the event. Have that focus, not so much the dark stuff that is appearing on the planet. Not so much on what has happened but more on what we want to create, what we want to manifest. What in the world we would like to have. Visualize this. Visualize this accelerates itís manifestation. I would invite everybody to go to my blog and read the report that is quite interesting.

Rob: Cobra, once again thank you so much for your help today. Itís been an honor and and privilege to have you on the Victory of the light radio show, we look forward to having you again next month. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you out there: All of you Cobra followers, Victory to the light, all the Light workers Ė PFC people especially, our hearts go out to you. Visit that site, we can use donations, we need some upgrades. God bless you all.

Cobra: Thank you everybody, I wish you Happy Holidays and Victory of the light

Rob: Thank you so much Cobra. For those of you in the audience who would like to buy any of the laser technologies for healing or are interested in supporting my website through a puchase or a donation it would be very much appreciated. I will also ask you all to check to become involved in positive change through peaceful and non violent actions to support truth.

Victory to the Light

Warm Regards

Rob Potter

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